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    Hey ZDers, is Anyone from London or Near? Heading Over for from Ireland for Orchestra

    hey guys, me and a friend are heading over from ireland to the symphony orchestra, and we will be arriving in gatwick at around 8am. trouble is i have no idea what to do in the meantime while we wait for the show. so i am hoping that someone would be able to recommend some places to visit...
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    Most Underrated Game of All Time.

    i picked up my copy of it a couple of weeks ago for the ps3, and i literally just finished the final boss 5 mins ago. truly was a highly enjoyable game. its not the kind of game id normally go for but seeing that it was supposedly like zelda, i said id give it a go, so picked it up second hand...
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    Spoiler Ocarina of Time Vs. Majora's Mask

    this is one thing i usually cant decide. i think that oot has the better replay value and layout of the land. MM though has a much more involved story. the only reason i dont replay it as much is the length of the dungeons and their difficulty. no matter how many times i play them, i still get...
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    Show Us Your Zelda Collection

    hey guys, im quite new to the whole zelda forum thing, but im a long time fan if zelda. my collection is quite small atm, as i am only now able to afford to build a collection after finishing up in college. it consists of: OOT and MM that i bought brand new back when the games were...
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    What Was the Inspiration for Your Username/user Title?

    its my name. simple and effective :) not a huge fan of having usernames like "im great" and so on, cos its not you. its a "pretend" you. so i like to keep it simple
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    So Skyward Sword Is...

    i feel the same as you. the story kind of held back for me. there was a beginning and an end, and 40 hours of gameplay in the middle, which i thought held it back a bit for me
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    You DO NOT Have to Re-calibrate All the Time

    thats what ive been doing, cant understand how nobody else hasnt figured this out!
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    What Skyward Sword Has Become of the Zelda Franchise.

    well having completed the game i dont want to ruin it with any spoilers, so i wont say much, but wasnt it a new team that did work on zelda? remember reading that somewhere where it was a bunch of "young folk" who grew up playing the game. the other problem is that now we're older. im 23, i...
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    What Skyward Sword Has Become of the Zelda Franchise.

    agreed. you were thrown in the deep end, and given this odd green stone that you didnt know what it was for, so you had to find that out. SS is a great game, but still not the best zelda ever made. as for the side quests... meh... theyre there but theres no real reward for em unlike being able...
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    Skyward Sword Upgrade Items and Treasure Chest

    for the sling shot afaik you need items like tumbleweed, and not to be a spoiler but we all know tumbleweed is found in deserts. so you havent really gotten far enough to upgrade all the items
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    So That Baby's Rattle

    yeah i had some difficulty with this myself, but i got it after about 5 or 6 tries. just make sure that when you jump that the wiimote is perfectly horizontal and when you jump point it to the ground just about as much as you can without going into a nose dive. it is possible but hard
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    Skyward Sword I Can't Fly Loftwing!

    hold out your arm and flap as if you were a bird. keep doing it, he will gain height then
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