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  1. J

    Music Orchestrations Question

    Oh yeah they are kinda strict about things like these aren't they?
  2. J

    Music Orchestrations Question

    I plan on being a composer when a grow up. One of the things I like to do now is reorchestrate music for a string orchestra. So here's my question. If I were to reorchestrate the Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley would I be able to sell the reorchestration?
  3. J

    Favorite Moments in Gaming

    Oops. I haven't played in a while.
  4. J

    Favorite Moments in Gaming

    Oh yeah that whole battle was great and especially challenging if you're taking a three heart challenge. Another moment I just remembered a few minutes ago is from Legend of Mana. It's at the end of the Jumi Arc and it's when your character, the "silent" protagonist, actually speaks dialogue...
  5. J

    Favorite Moments in Gaming

    Yeah the opera scene was my favorite moment in the game. Such a beautiful song. The scene in SS was one I liked too. I liked how Link actually showed emotion, something that he didn't do much, if at all, in Twilight Princess.
  6. J

    Favorite Moments in Gaming

    You know those moments that'll just make your jaw drop? What are your favorites. My favorite would have to be all of the cutscenes after Goku turns Super Saiyan in the Frieza Saga of Dragon Ball Z Budokai. Goku just seems so angry in those cutscenes and it really left a lasting impression...
  7. J

    Pandora's Tower

    Thanks guys
  8. J

    What We Know About Super Smash Bros. 4

    Oh. I thought I read it somewhere but I may have misread it.
  9. J

    What We Know About Super Smash Bros. 4

    I thought Capcom was also helping with the development of the game. So a Capcom character can't be too out of the question.
  10. J

    Pandora's Tower

    Ah thanks for the tips. I have a question. I had barely managed to beat the tower with enough time and my gauge only had about 1/8 of the time left. So then when I went to give Elena the meat I encountered a cutscene in the cellar. Did this happen because I was so low on time or does it always...
  11. J

    Pandora's Tower

    Thanks for the advice and believe it or not, I was actually look for The Last Story but I got this because they didn't have it.
  12. J

    Pandora's Tower

    Hey guys. I just bought Pandora's Tower yesterday and so far I've enjoyed the game and I've gotten to the third tower. What do you guys think of the game? Also, do you have any tips that could help me?
  13. J

    Males Vs Females Game

  14. J

    Toilet Paper: Over Or Under

    Over. I remember watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends when I was younger and for some reason "over not under" stuck with me.
  15. J

    General Zelda Best 3D Zelda

    I would say Skyward Sword is the best to me gameplay wise. I'd say Wind Waker has more content than Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. So out of the three Id choose Skyward Sword and out of all of them I'd choose Majors's Mask
  16. J

    Gender Majorities Among Your Friends

    I hang out with the guys mostly. I get shy around girls.
  17. J

    Rate the Title

    Strange... 7/10
  18. J

    Your Favorite Fire Type

    Arcanine has always been my favorite fire type.
  19. J

    Favorite Pokémon From Each Generation

    Gen 1: Pidgeot I always thought Pidgeot was a beautiful bird. Gen 2: Aipom No real reason here. Gen 3: Salamence Ever since reading Cornelia Funke's "Dragon Rider", I've been a huge fan of dragons. He seemed to me like he resembled a dragon more than any other pokemon. Gen 4: Lucario I just...
  20. J

    Biggest Problem?

    I really hated how things were still explained in Hero Mode.
  21. J

    Lanayru Cutscene

    I love this cutscene. It's my favorite one and one of the only ones I didn't skip in Hero Mode.
  22. J

    Dueling Groose

    When I started playing Skyward Sword, I was psyched about the motion controls. I couldn't wait to fight another sword-wielding opponent. So when I was searching for my loftwing, I met Groose who seems to hate me. I knew immediately that he did something to my loftwing, so I was ready to fight...
  23. J

    Did You Like the Imprisoned?

    He seemed like a pretty cool boss when I fought him the first time. The other times were just annoying, so I sorta liked the Imprisoned.
  24. J

    Brawler's Corner

    I added you to the first post. Sorry I missed you two. Just post here when you want to brawl again. I won't be available to brawl tomorrow though.
  25. J

    Sheikah Stone: Thankful or Exasperated?

    What's a Sheikah Stone? I'm just kidding. I didn't use it at all. At the beginning of hero mode I looked at it just to see what it looked like. Aren't there only 2 anyway?
  26. J

    Can I Call This 100% Skyward Sword Completion?

    I think upgrades should be included but not the bomb bag, quiver, and seed bag upgrade
  27. J

    Boss Ideas for Next Zelda Game.

    I would love to fight Dark Link as a boss. Fighting a swordsman with the same skills as you will surely be challenging. And other than that, I would like to fight a huge fire breathing dragon.
  28. J

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    My favorite season is Fall. It's not too hot. It's not too cold. And my allergies don't seem to affect me then.
  29. J

    What is You Favorite Quote from Any Video Game?

    These are by memory so they may not be right. "I will make your death so painful, you will be driven deaf by the sound of your own screams." Ghirahim in Skyward Sword "You've done enough kid, but I can take it from here." Goku in Dragon Ball Z Budokai
  30. J

    Brawler's Corner

    Do you play Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Have you ever wanted to show off your skills and exchange strategies with others? Have you ever wanted to play an online brawl with a member of Zelda Dungeon? Well this is the place for you. Here, you can organize battles with other players at Zelda Dungeon...
  31. J

    "Duh" Moments in Zelda

    At the beginning of SS, I couldn't find the professor to tell him about my missing loftwing. It took me about an hour to figure out it was the guy who told me to get the cat.
  32. J

    Spoiler Do You Think Fi Has a "human" Form Like Ghirahim?

    I think Fi was already in her humanlike form. I don't see why she would have to be any more human than she already is.
  33. J

    Skyward Sword Smash Bros. Course

    I think the Isle of Songs and the puzzle island next to it would make a great stage. You could hit the puzzle to move platforms on and off the screen. The dragons and Levias could fly in the background and the Song of the Hero could play. And to the person above, I believe Groose and his...
  34. J

    Ultimate Hero Mode Question

    Thanks guys. I tried to beat it that way on normal first. It's a bit hard since I usually depend on my shield a lot.
  35. J

    Link in Super Smash Bros 4

    This may be a little off topic, but Link's home stage could be the Isle of Songs(After the parasite is gone) It could be on the island where the puzzle is and you can actually hit switches to create platforms on the side of the island. And in the background, the Dragons and Levias could be...
  36. J

    Ultimate Hero Mode Question

    Is it possible to beat Skyward Sword without: Maps Potions More Than One Bottle Heart Pieces and Containers A Shield Item Upgrades (Besides the beetle to hook beetle) I was just wondering because I plan to attempt this, just to see if I can do it.
  37. J

    Link in Super Smash Bros 4

    That whole customisable moveset thing is a good idea. I think a good costume change would be what Link wears at the beginning of Skyward Sword. And the sword could look more like the practice sword.
  38. J

    Link in Super Smash Bros 4

    I think the sail cloth would make a better up special. A gust of wind would shoot link upwards and he would glide slowly to the ground, sort of like Peach. This would greatly aid his recovery. The way you say the weapons change with the Down Special reminds me of Sora and Megaman from Super...
  39. J

    Link in Super Smash Bros 4

    That could work. Link could grab and tether with the whip.
  40. J

    Link in Super Smash Bros 4

    Maybe the beetle would carry a bomb and replace the boomerang. However, I don't know what would become of his down special.
  41. J

    Link in Super Smash Bros 4

    How would the beetle work? Would it be sort of like Dyn's Fire?
  42. J

    Link in Super Smash Bros 4

    How do you guys think Link is going to change in the newest Super Smash Bros? Do you have any suggestions for his moveset. What are they?
  43. J

    Can You Identify Each Link Represented In the Picture?

    That makes a lot of sense. Thanks.
  44. J

    Can You Identify Each Link Represented In the Picture?

    Brawl in the Family » Archive » 380 – The Legend of Zelda Tribute I know where each one comes from with the exception of the Link that's under water. I need help with that one. Is it me or does it lack a link for the Oracle games. (I haven't played them so it could very well be the one under...
  45. J

    Links Last Name?

    I think Link's last name would be a bit like Eragon's (Shadeslayer) in that it is based on his accomplishments or skill. Maybe Link's last name would be Demonslayer or Timehero. Something like those.
  46. J

    Legend of Zelda Awards - Voting Time

    Best Incarnation of Link: Twilight Princess Best Incarnation of Zelda: Skyward Sword Best Item: Hookshot/Longshot Funniest Moment: Groose arrives on the surface Best Boss: Ganon from OoT/TP Best Guide: Midna Best Dungeon: Forest Temple from OoT Best Character: Groose Best...
  47. J

    Did You Set Your Expectations too High?

    During the time I heard about Skyward Sword, I had just finished Ocarina of Time. Knowing that Ocarina of Time was the best game in the series, I decided not to set my expectations too high. Then I played Majora's Mask which was better than I expected. I then set my expectations a bit higher...
  48. J

    Favorite Main Boss in Skyward Sword

    I'd have to say Demise was my favorite boss. Him along with Ghirahim. What I was really looking forward to in Skyward was a 1 on 1 swordfight and I got it when fighting these two.
  49. J

    Favorite Song of Hero Quest Portion

    My favorite would have to be be Faron woods. I really enjoy swimming in the game and the woods felt so peaceful when it was flooded.
  50. J

    SSBB Online Battle

    Does anyone want to face me in Brawl? My friend code is 1163-4519-9684.
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