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  1. Majora's Wrath

    Where Will Zelda Go from Here?

    Now that The Legend of Zelda has out done themselves two times now (OOT and SS) i want to know what you think about where the Legend is going.
  2. Majora's Wrath

    Zelda Villians

    Hey guys girls or others i have been thinking about the villians of zelda and i ask this Question....if you where a zelda villian what would your motivation be? :suspicious:
  3. Majora's Wrath

    The Most Fun Boss Fight Ever?

    Well for me it would have to be Phantom Ganon from OoT or Zant from TP or of course Majora what say you?
  4. Majora's Wrath

    Fav Quest Item

    For me it would be the medallons from OoT or the boss remains from MM what do you guys think?
  5. Majora's Wrath

    Insane New Ideas for Zelda Wii

    Lets hear em'. What are some really creative and unique ideas that can be implemented in the new zelda game that we're all going to see at e3 this year? They might just have a chance at being true. Don't be shy. Here's some of mine: -You start off with all of the items (bombs, bow & arrow...
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