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  1. dazzsheil

    Is There Any Character Changes Additions That You Feel Should Be Added to Zelda U

    Personall- OH WAIT HAI GAIZ I AM BACK. Anyways, personally I'd want a more AoL styled Link (In design not actual character) and a more mature Zelda, sort of like TP's but not as serious if you get what i'm trying to say.
  2. dazzsheil

    ZOMBI U- A Horror/action Title from Ubisoft for Wii U

    For those who haven't seen, here's the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fvtOS8U9F0&feature=g-all-u What genre do you think Zombi U will fall under? FPS? FPSRPG Like Dead Island? Do you like the setting? (The UK)
  3. dazzsheil

    The Rise and Eventual Fall of SEGA

    I'm sure you've all heard about it, it's one of the saddest storys in the history of gaming. How one company that once dominated the entire market became just a little speck in the gaming world. This is SEGA. Master Hardware, Poor Sales I thought the Master System was a neat little...
  4. dazzsheil

    Favourite First Level in a Video Game?

    What's your Favourite First Level in a Video Game? Mine is Skyview Temple from SS
  5. dazzsheil

    Favourite Songs

    What are your favourite Pokemon songs? Mine are: Lavender Town- Pokemon Red/Blue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLFW2t3JDzY&feature=related Pokémon Anime Sound Collection- Johto Wild Pokémon Battle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hDHkfWLrNo Pallet Town- Pokemon Red/Blue...
  6. dazzsheil

    Favourite Sonic Song(s) :D

    Hello Dungeon Network! How y'all doin? So I'm doing another Sonic thread and this time, it's the series best aspect (in my opinion ^_^); the music. What's your favourite Sonic song, vocal or not? Green Hill? Open Your Heart? My 5 favourites are: All Hail Shadow by Magna-Fi- Shadow The Hedgehog...
  7. dazzsheil

    Do You Think There Should Be Staurn/Dreamcast Ga,mes on Wii U's VC?

    I Do. I love Sonic Adventure 2 and Panzer Dragoon!
  8. dazzsheil

    Favourite "Battle" Theme Song.

    My favourites are: Blinded by Light- Final Fantasy XIII http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyXKqLKv9Jg&list=PL6EBCDCD306B3DAEC&index=6&feature=plpp_video Those who fight....-Final Fantasy VII http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdn7w4o6H-c&list=PLA0AB33E6FBAC642F&index=4&feature=plpp_video...
  9. dazzsheil

    Favourite Sonic Level :D

    What is your Favourite Sonic level? Emerald Coast? City Escape? Crisis City? Was it the music, the look or the feel that made it your favourite? Personally, Casino Night Zone(Mega Drive), City Escape(Modern) and Rooftop Run (Wii/PS2) are my favourites.
  10. dazzsheil

    Favourite MK Clone?

    Mario Kart is undoubtedly the most popular kart racer in the world and it has lots of imatators. All I ask is, which is your favourite? Now a Mario kart clone is by design: A racing game with items and wacky courses. So with that in mind, tell me what is your favourite? Mine is Sonic and SEGA...
  11. dazzsheil

    Adventure of Link Would You Like to See a 3D Remake?

    I Certainly would, and if it were going to be remade in the viewpoint of OoT, I would like the following Difficulty options: Easy, Normal, Hard and Original Random encounters but with a turn based/ATB system, like Final Fantasy VII Revamped music( duh) More intriguing story with more...
  12. dazzsheil

    Do You Think There Should Be a "Zelda Generations" Game for the Wii U?

    I think it would be a great idea if it is executed well. They could have each games gamneplay style for that part of the game......but there would be so many Links and it would f up the timeline big time
  13. dazzsheil

    General Modern Anyone Still Play ST?

    I Still do, I am right now in fact.
  14. dazzsheil

    Spoiler General Resident Evil 6 Discussion Thread

    Resident Evil 6 is set to release in November for PS3, PC & X360. What did you think of the debut trailer? Will it be good or bad?
  15. dazzsheil

    Funny YouTube Comments

    Yo God, I know you're creating the world and all, and I'mma let you finish... ...But Sega had the best Genesis of all time. ~victryismin89
  16. dazzsheil

    Did SEGA Finally Save Sonic?

    Sonic,ever since the Dreamcast days,has quite honestly sucked. The 2006 "reboot" of Sonic the Hedgehog was brutal. While the music was awesome, good music cannot save a game. The graphics were meh to say the least and the gameplay was HORRID. Sonic and the Secret Rings was Okay I guess, from...
  17. dazzsheil

    Do You Think There Should Be a Zelda Fighter?

    I'm neutral on the subject,but do you think it would be a good/bad idea?A Zelda fighter in the style of Soul Calibur?
  18. dazzsheil

    Wors Game You've Ever Played?

    For me,It's Temple Run.I HATE IT.Tis very boring
  19. dazzsheil

    3DS Vs Vita

    Eh.....war commence I guess? Whats better;Nintendo's Eye mel-3DS or Sony's easily hacka-Vita
  20. dazzsheil

    Rating the Star Wars

    Because everyone loves rating things :L MY OPINION(1 is best,6 is worst) 1).Empire Strikes Back 2).Revenge of the Sith 3).Star Wars(A New Hope) 4).Return of the Jedi(Has the best ending ever) 5).Attack of the Clones 6).The Pantom Menace
  21. dazzsheil

    General Art Windy and Ripply (CHAPTER ONE)

    ~Windy and Ripply(Chapter One)~ A Sonic the Hedgehog fanstory by dazzsheil ~~~~~~~~~~~CHAPTER ONE~~~~~~~~~ -------Windy and Ripply.....for Green Hill Zone-------- LOCATION:Green Hill Zone "Ugh....where....where am I? This place feels awfully familliar to me......it's distant but there...
  22. dazzsheil

    Favourite Final Fantasy Game(I-XIV Only)

    Mines,without a doubt,VI.It's just so good,it's too good for words!
  23. dazzsheil

    Do You Think LoZ and AoL Should Be Re-made?

    Personally,yes.They are nostalgic but,since OoT got one,why can't LoZ or AoL get one?
  24. dazzsheil

    Favourite Sonic Game

    You have to admit,Sonic's been sucking lately but 2010 and '11 were great for the blue bullet.Whats your favourite Sonic of all time? Mine is Sonic Colours
  25. dazzsheil

    Favourite Novel.

    What is you're favourite novel?Mine is the 1954 classic,The Lord of the Flies by William Golding.It is the ultimate tale of what can go wrong when you're on a desert island.......and you're only 12.
  26. dazzsheil

    Favourite "Master Sword Get" Theme.

    What is your favourite MSG Theme? My favourite is the One from Twilight Princess. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqkfvojy3D8&feature=related
  27. dazzsheil

    The Yogscast

    This is a thread to talk about the awesomness that is the Yogscast.They have awesome Minecraft videos AND WoW vids. PRAISE THE JAFFA CAKE!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SivNmX-Xq4E
  28. dazzsheil

    Is Zelda Dungeon Following the SOPA Protests Like Google?

    I'd just like to know in case the site might be down for a while because alot of sites(Facebook included) are going down for protest reasons
  29. dazzsheil

    Twilight Princess Easiest Final Dungeon.

    Now,I'm not talking about dungeons in General but FINAL Dungeons.For me,the Easiest one would have to be Hyrule Castle from Twilight Princess(Hating on an epic game FTW). Made a mistake on the thread title,should be general games,not Twilight Princess.Can Mods Change that for me please?
  30. dazzsheil

    Best Opening to a Zelda Game

    Honestly,Skyward Sword's is just amazingly epic.The music and the way it looks are just fantastic.
  31. dazzsheil

    Skywrd Sword Review by Gamewise.ie

    An independent gaming website,Gamewise.ie has had a Skyward Sword review up for some time now(It's not overly deep like IGN'S,But it goes over the basics)and I'd thought I'd share it woth you guys! http://gamewise.ie/news/2011/12/legend-of-zelda-skyward-sword-review/
  32. dazzsheil

    Favourite Mario Kart 7 Track

    What was your favourite track from Mario Kart 7? Mine was undoubtedly the 2 Rainbow Roads(More the new one than the old one) because they felt....calm and peaceful.The music is fantastic and one of a kind(Well,not really :P)
  33. dazzsheil

    Favourite Dungeon in SS?

    My personal faourite has to be Skyview Temple.I love the music there and the boss....just EPIC
  34. dazzsheil

    Why Do You Think Men Are Attracted to Breasts?

    Why do you think Men are attracted to breasts?Is it because it is something We Males do not have?
  35. dazzsheil

    General Classic Minish Cap Has a Zelda Song You May Not Know......

    The Mini boss theme from Minish Cao was epic,but did you know that it was inspired by a song no European/American Zelda player had heard before? Heres The Minish Cap version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIr_-xp1uvw And the Original one from Zelda: Link No Bouken...
  36. dazzsheil

    Spoiler How Zelda II Could Split the Timeline Again for Future Games

    AoL's backstory is clear as day.If Ganon's Minions Got to Link and drained him of his blood,Ganon WOULD Be revived,causing a new split(Link is defeated and Ganon is revived).What do you think?Do you think that AoL is the last game in it's respective timeline?Do you think if Ganon's minons got to...
  37. dazzsheil

    The New WORLD Order(nWo)

    The nWo were a wrestling stabe(team) that existed from 1996 to 2002 and existred in the WCW and WWF/E Organisations.They were the greatest(in my opinion) stable of all time because of their havoc they caused in WCW And oddness in the WWF/E.What do you think of the nWo? Are they Better than DX Or...
  38. dazzsheil

    How Do I Install Minecraft Mods-What Should I Use?

    So,I've been watching some of the ZeldaAdventure mod for a while and I just wanted to know how to install Minecraft mods(Particulary AdventureCraft and the Zelda Adventure Mod) Thanks :D
  39. dazzsheil

    Arrow to the Knee-I Don't Get It :P

    Ever since Skyrim hit store shelves I've been wondering.....WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ARROW TO THE KNEE CRAP?I Mean,I don't understand it? Someone explain it to me! This meme is making me Furious,Outraged,Sick With Anger!........lol
  40. dazzsheil

    What Did You Think of the 25th Anniversary?What else Did You Do to Celebrate?

    I think Nintendo have outdone themselves,as always.They gave us a year that will never be forgotten.7 WHOLE Games were put out during the celebration(The 3 3DS Ambassador games,Skyward,OoT 3D,LADX3D,And FSAE) and it was true Nintendo fan-service.I Decided to downlaod every Wii VC Game that...
  41. dazzsheil

    From Aquamentus to ... -Who is the Best and Worst Boss in Zelda?

    Personally,I found Shadow Link from Zelda II To be the absoulute best boss in the Zelda Canon,whereas I thought the Dodongo from Legend of Zelda was the worst
  42. dazzsheil

    The Largest Hyrule-WHICH ONE IS IT?

    SINCE Twilight Princess's release everyone started to complain about the world size and how there was not alot in it but this brings me a question-wht about Zelda II's Hyrule? That too was overly large and had little in it.Which one do you think is bigger and more baren?
  43. dazzsheil

    General Classic AoL And OoT Are Quite Similar.

    So,apart from the towns in AoL Being the Sages in OoT,there are a few similarities between the two games.One fine example is Links animation in OoT When he gets caught by a blade trap.He bends hs body slightly forward and jumps backward,just like in Zelda II.Also,they both have spells,two of...
  44. dazzsheil

    If a Majora's Mask Scenario Occured,which Zelda Song Would You Listen To?

    So,lets say it's te end of the world.You're with you family.They let you put on a zelda song.What one would you pick,I'd pick The lst 6 hours from Majora's mask :£
  45. dazzsheil

    Favourite Voice of Link in Zelda?

    Fujiko Takimoto(Young Link of OoT,MM,SSBM Fame) Nobuyuki Hiyama(Adult Link,OoT,MM(Fierce Dieity),Soul Calibur II) Sachi Matsumoto(All Toon Links EXCEPT for Spirit Tracks) Akira Sasanuma(TP And SS) Yūki Kodaira(Spirit Tacks)
  46. dazzsheil

    Adventure of Link Favourite Song in Zelda II

    So guys,whats everyones faourite tune from Zelda II? My personal favourite had to be the final boss theme.It's just a great song that sets the mood fr the Final Battle and is just EPIC!
  47. dazzsheil

    A Link to the Past Swordplay.

    IF They ever remade A Link to the Past on 3DS,One thing I Hope is improved is the swordplay.I Never liked swordplay especially in the Light World,as you had to get really close to attack all the soilders and I Just dont like the feel of it. What do you guys think of it?
  48. dazzsheil

    What Do You Think is the Most Underrated Zelda?

    Zelda II Is just overly underrated because the Zelda community,some without even playing it,just label it as Hard and Bad? Whats your opinion? I Also thought 4 Swords was heavily underrated aswell.
  49. dazzsheil

    Rate the Person Above You Description of Their Favourite Zelda Moment

    Right the Rules Are Simple: 1) You must post a ZELDA Related memory 2)Follow standard ZD Rules when posting 3) Only one Memory per person 4) You must both rate AND Give a description,not one or the other(This is for the n00bs) 5)Can be From ANY Zelda game(Including Satellaview,Game and...
  50. dazzsheil

    Do You Think AoL Is the End?What Happens Next?

    So,after Link defeats Shadow Link,wakes Zelda Up and Ganon's still dead.....so if Link dies by natural means,and Ganon's minions cannot get his blood,does this mean that AoL is at the end? If so,what could possibly happen next?The only way I see the Saga continuing is Link being Murdered by A...
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