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  1. BakerGuy

    Majora's Mask Which Boss Looked the Weirdest?

    Which boss in majora's mask looked the weirdest. Im not talking about their difficulty, but their actual appearance. Mine would have to be Odolwa. Hes a weirdo with those clothes. Now im not talking about mini-bosses, im talking about real bosses.
  2. BakerGuy

    What Do You Do First?

    In terms of getting cool upgrades, do you like to do the dungeons first and wait until the end to get the special stuff? (ex: getting all the gold skullatas at the end of OOT, or getting the magic tunic at the end of TP. I personally get so involved in the actual story more than getting the...
  3. BakerGuy

    Masturbation: Should Parents Be Concerned?

    On the topic of masturbation, should parents be concerned whether or not their kids masturbate. I know in some cultures, its wrong to masturbate, but do you think that it is morally wrong for a teen to masterbate. Your thoughts.
  4. BakerGuy

    Ideas for Getting Money by the 20th

    Ok so i need help! I want to go get the skyward sword bundle on the day it comes out. I have a 20 dollar gamestop gift card, im going to get 26 dollars from the chores i have done so far, and i have 7 dollars in cash at the moment. i forgot how much the bundle pack is but i know its more than...
  5. BakerGuy

    Most Suspensful TV Episode

    So what is the one episode of that one show that is just so freaky but you have to watch it? Well, my favorite most suspensfull episode ever was from Doctor Who in an episode called Blink. I cannot find it online but you have got to watch it! Wats your most suspensfull episode?
  6. BakerGuy

    Ocarina of Time Tunic Colors: Which Games' Tunics Did You Prefer?

    By the way this is not just a favorite tunic thing. In this thread i wanted to ask this because the styles of the N64 tunics related to the 3DS version have different shades of the tunic colors. My nintendo 64 favorite is the red color, but 3ds is blue. Why? Because the shades of what i...
  7. BakerGuy

    Are You Going to Go On?

    Now since Zelda Dungeon has linked with Pokemon Dungeon, Are you going to start going over there and join the site? Share thoughts
  8. BakerGuy

    What Would Your Sword Be Like?

    So the main swords that symbolize The Legend of Zelda are The Master Sword, The Four Sword, and now the Skyward Sword. These are all Great swords, but if you could create a sword for link, what would it be called, how would it look, and would it be a powerful sword? Share your thoughts!
  9. BakerGuy

    History of the Hylian Shield

    What i noticed the other day about the Hylian Shield is that it only appears in 3 of the many zelda games: Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and the soon to be Skyward Sword (not including MM, that was the Hero's Shield). Whats funny about that is that Link has his adventures in Hyrule in...
  10. BakerGuy

    Xbox or Playstation

    Other than nintendo, which we all know is awesome, which system do you think is better? Xbox or Playstation?
  11. BakerGuy

    For Every 10 Posts

    Ok so here's the object of the game: You will post a question that is bound to have a wacky answer, and when you get to ten posts of that answer for the question, start another wacky question. Ex. So what did you do today? Ex. 1) I took a cookie. Get it? Got it? Good. If Spongebob was a...
  12. BakerGuy

    General Art Stolen Shoes

    Ok hi guys this is my first story, so tell me if you like it! It started like any normal day. Got up, took a shower, put some clothes on, ate breakfast, brushed teeth, all that jazz. As I walked out the front door with my backpack, I noticed that I didn’t have shoes on. I always have my...
  13. BakerGuy

    Ocarina of Time External and Internal Changes in the Sages

    let's discuss how the Sages change in the game. Only princess Ruto gets a physical change, but everyone else has an internal change. So how do you think the Sages change? I think Saria changes because she realizes that she and Link will never be together, by saying "we will allways be...
  14. BakerGuy

    If You Had to Dance With...

    Ok, in MM there are those two dancing girls and the juggler guys and the post man. And in TP there is Barnes, Darbus, and The Mayor. And in OoT there is the Cucco Lady, Malon, Happy mask salesman, a guard, and Darunia Now which of these 15 people would you want as a partner in a game of...
  15. BakerGuy

    If I Had a Nickel...

    So basically the object of this game is to start off "If i had a nickel" and then add something funny like this: If I had a nickel for every brain you didn't have, i'd have 3 nickels...
  16. BakerGuy

    Thoughts About The Skyward Sword Tunic

    How does the tunic that Link wears in SS compare to the one he wears in TP? Is one more stylish than the other? Does one seem more suit for battle than the other? Which one seems the better image of "Link"? Oh and I would bring some pictures up of the two but they are quite small when they...
  17. BakerGuy

    What's Your Favorite Guide?

    The choices are clear. I don't know if zelda's ghost from Spirit Tracks would be considered as a guide but i added that anyway. My Favorite would have to be Midna, She has a cool way of doing things.
  18. BakerGuy

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Favorite Tunic Color?

    What color tunic from OoT is your favorite. I'm not talking about what powers it has. What color do you like the best?
  19. BakerGuy

    Were the Earrings Really Necessary?

    I don't that the earings on link were quite neccesary. Ok we get it your a swordsman yur all manly but the earings dont fit. Thats just what i think, and i dont see how it could help or relate to anything in the story. Unless they made a game called Earings of Mystery or something.
  20. BakerGuy

    Bring Navi Back??

    Ok judge me if you want to but i think it would be cool to have Navi as a character again. Let me explain, Let's say there's a later game in the series where u have Link realizing that he's a descendent of the Hero of Time and goes to Castle Town in Hyrule. There on his way he encounters a...
  21. BakerGuy

    Ocarina of Time OoC Vs. MM. How Does It Relate?

    OK hi guys this is my first thread. Anyway, i love Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask but i cant help asking questions about how stuff would happen in between them. For example: In Ocarina of Time when Gannondorf takes over, all the townsfolk run away. The Happy Mask Salesman, for example...
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