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  1. BakerGuy

    Zelda Art The Legend of Crap: Ocarina of Time

    Wow this is great! You're really good :)
  2. BakerGuy

    Link Obviously Isnt Mute

    It's pretty much the same with some other Nintendo characters. Mario does talk, but he doesn't say much excepts "Here weya go!" Link might be a mute, doubt it, but he does communicate in different ways. The "SCRAGGGGHHHH!!!" is kind of his trademark, like mario's catch phrase is Here we Go!
  3. BakerGuy

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Ending Discussion Thread (OoT and SS Spoilers)

    This was actually making alot of sense and you had me going SilentLink. . . until he posted this. Then i got the logic of his idea in my head and it makes more sense. Your thesis though was very well done. (for a silent link that was loud :)) I can see how you could see the possibilites. It...
  4. BakerGuy

    The Little Thing That Annoyed Me

    That would make sense to have electrical beams rather than laser, cause it is a past imaginary world if you get my drift. But nontheless I was afraid to use the Iron Shield because of the risk of getting electrocuted. I didnt want to take a chance
  5. BakerGuy

    A Question for Those Who Are Religious. Why Haven't You Guys Questioned Your Beliefs?

    I believe what i believe and i dont question it. Im trying not to say anything mean right now because i dont see why you would make a post like this.
  6. BakerGuy

    What Zelda Games Have You Completed/Beaten?

    ok first off, calm down. Games ive beaten: LoZ, ALttP,OoT, MM, FS, TP, and PH.
  7. BakerGuy

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^Boom!! <Bang!! V Badda Bing!!!
  8. BakerGuy

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    and the number that is after 28.9 and before 29.1
  9. BakerGuy

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    fifteen plus twelve eqeuls twenty seven
  10. BakerGuy

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

  11. BakerGuy

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^Wont stop complaining <Is a baker V Shall never be a baker
  12. BakerGuy

    Favourite Voice of Link in Zelda?

    I definatly like Akira. He has a cool voice.
  13. BakerGuy

    The Color Combo Game

    PURPLE??????????????? Is that it?
  14. BakerGuy

    Link's Loftwing

    i did not notice that. Interesting, but maybe its someone elses bird
  15. BakerGuy

    Majora's Mask Which Boss Looked the Weirdest?

    Which boss in majora's mask looked the weirdest. Im not talking about their difficulty, but their actual appearance. Mine would have to be Odolwa. Hes a weirdo with those clothes. Now im not talking about mini-bosses, im talking about real bosses.
  16. BakerGuy

    If You Could Have Any Music Play when Marshalling an Army...

    i dont got a video, but id definatly go into battle with Through The Fire And Flames by Dragon force
  17. BakerGuy

    Wiiu Home Menu Speculation.

    Ditto on Wolf Sage. I would love different colors and skins. Another cool thing would be to be able to have themes like mario, samus, or link
  18. BakerGuy

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Banned because it was really the turkey eating you
  19. BakerGuy

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned because that was a really interesting Pokemon
  20. BakerGuy

    What Do You Do First?

    In terms of getting cool upgrades, do you like to do the dungeons first and wait until the end to get the special stuff? (ex: getting all the gold skullatas at the end of OOT, or getting the magic tunic at the end of TP. I personally get so involved in the actual story more than getting the...
  21. BakerGuy

    Not Getting into the Game

    I felt the same way the first time i played Majora's Mask, but i continued on and it is one of my favorite games to date. Just keep going.
  22. BakerGuy

    Do You Think in God We Trust Should Be on United States Currency?

    Well whats the problem in doing that? A bunch of cultures believe in some kind of god, right? If we did have it on there (which im not sure if we do) then Instead of just saying "In God we trust", why not say "In a god we trust". Now yes, yes i can see how that could upset people, because yes...
  23. BakerGuy

    Zelda Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time Map Almost Identical! MAYBE SPOILERS??

    Lol, a Hyrule Continental Drift. It would make sense though, because the series takes place over hundreds of years.
  24. BakerGuy

    Ocarina Vs Harp

    One thing i like about the ocarina is that it has vibrato in the sound, unlike the lyre which is just a simple note.
  25. BakerGuy

    Spoiler Zelda's Dad...?

    It definatly would make sense that he is indeed the owl (dont know how to spell it), knowing that this is before Ocarina of Time. and old people always have good advice and wisdom, which is exactly how the owl is. PS. oh by the way, shouldnt there have been a spoiler thingy attached to the...
  26. BakerGuy

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your totally not banned because i made a huge mistake....hee.hee :rolleyes:
  27. BakerGuy

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    Your banned because you banned her for banning him.:dry:
  28. BakerGuy

    Favorite Princess Zelda?

    IVe mostly noticed that it is indeed the newest Zeldas that make the top 5 on peoples list. AKA usually from SS,TP,OoT,or WW. Lol: my favorite is the one from SS. Shes pretty.................:rolleyes:
  29. BakerGuy

    Wii Fifth Anniversary

    Ive always been a Nintendo fan, so when the wii came out, i was extremely excited! Although i could not get it until last year, my experience with it has been amazing. I love the awesomeness of Nintendo. :)
  30. BakerGuy

    Masturbation: Should Parents Be Concerned?

    On the topic of masturbation, should parents be concerned whether or not their kids masturbate. I know in some cultures, its wrong to masturbate, but do you think that it is morally wrong for a teen to masterbate. Your thoughts.
  31. BakerGuy

    What is Your Favorite Link?

    I would have to say the link from TP. He is the most realistic that ive seen and i think hes pretty cool. His clothes actually look real compared to "others"
  32. BakerGuy

    What Bosses/enemies Do You Want to See Return?

    I would love to see Kotake and Koume. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!
  33. BakerGuy

    Spoiler Mid Game Cutscene!

    I would actually not want to know what she says, just to make it more magical.
  34. BakerGuy

    Spoiler Really Funny Cutscene!

    Wow that is hilarious. he is such an idiot. :lol:
  35. BakerGuy

    Spoiler Skyward Sword Ending Video Link Vs. Demise!!

    Ugh. it says that the video has been deleted due to copyright. Now i cant see it. :(
  36. BakerGuy

    Spoiler More on the Mysterious Sheikah Woman

    I am so glad of that, Although i like characters being in other games, i think that me thinking about Impa in Ocarina of Time as an old lady would have been weird. Im glad we cleared that up.
  37. BakerGuy

    Spoiler Demise Is....

    I hope this isnt as easy as it sounds, i want this to be more fun than Ganon.
  38. BakerGuy

    Ideas for Getting Money by the 20th

    Is the bundle availible for buy after release?
  39. BakerGuy

    Ideas for Getting Money by the 20th

    I actually did do that and all they could give me for my extra chores was 8 bucks, which added with my allowance is 26
  40. BakerGuy

    Do You Want Dark Link to Appear in SS?

    i think that a different game with dark link would be cool, but not with SS. I think that if dark link was in the game, hed have to be more difficult than in OoT
  41. BakerGuy

    Ideas for Getting Money by the 20th

    Ok so i need help! I want to go get the skyward sword bundle on the day it comes out. I have a 20 dollar gamestop gift card, im going to get 26 dollars from the chores i have done so far, and i have 7 dollars in cash at the moment. i forgot how much the bundle pack is but i know its more than...
  42. BakerGuy

    The Sword Beam or Spin Attack??

    spin attacks, i think are better, mostly because of what Crash said and because if i get overwhelmed by enemies, i can defeat them in a flash. plus it looks cool:)
  43. BakerGuy

    3DS Update Questions

    i heard about the video recording, but wats new with mii plaza?
  44. BakerGuy

    Spoiler OoT, Saria and Link

    I had infered that she did because of the way she always wanted to talk to you. In a way, when she gave you the fairy ocarina, she gave u a phone. and then later gives you her 'number'
  45. BakerGuy

    Favorite Skyward Sword Music So Far

    Definatly the Ballad of The Goddess. The first time i heard it, i got shivers up my spine (the good kind, not the bad kind where you think that theres a man with a knife behind you).
  46. BakerGuy

    Starter Type

    Ive allways loved fire starters. They are cool and have really powerfull attacks. Just look at Torchic, my favorite Pokemon, who evolves into Blazekin.
  47. BakerGuy

    Most Suspensful TV Episode

    So what is the one episode of that one show that is just so freaky but you have to watch it? Well, my favorite most suspensfull episode ever was from Doctor Who in an episode called Blink. I cannot find it online but you have got to watch it! Wats your most suspensfull episode?
  48. BakerGuy

    Nintendo Would Ruin Skyward Sword if (be Creative Guys)

    There are no extra hearts or fairies in this game, the doctors dont know anything, and theres no medical supplies... so once you die... youre dead...permanently When you go into someones house, a security system comes on and you get sent to jail.
  49. BakerGuy

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    I like summer, not just because school is out, but because i live in Texas and im used to heat... its my "home heat" should i call it. :)
  50. BakerGuy

    Alcohol & Condom Commercials

    I believe that Having condom comercials is stupid, especially for a teenage mind. Their minds have allready been screwed up by whats been discovered by them (if you know what i mean). Sex is for adults (my opinion), nuff said. Alchohol comercials?...well i really dont care if they are played...
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