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  1. Tavoriel

    Twilight Princess TP and FOOD

    Midna comes from the Twilight Relam and is so incompatible with the World of Light that she cannot even assume her actual shape. What in the world would she find to eat??? This line of thought goes both ways--what did all of the Hylian people eat when Twilight covered Hyrule? I think I just...
  2. Tavoriel

    Spoiler Tav's New Hero's Shade Theory

    A while ago, I posted a thread about how I thought Rusl might be the Hero's Shade. But now I'm thinking that the Hero's Shade is the cursed warrior from Hyrule Castle, possibly sent by Zelda. For reference: look at the ZD Video Walkthrough for the Hyrule Castle dungeon, second video on the...
  3. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Snowpeak

    Hi Zelda Dungeoners! I journeyed to Snowpeak in Twilight princess just after I finished reading Stephen King's The Shining and then bam, I had to write this story. I hope you like it. Rating: PG-13 (Unsettling at times but nothing horrible or gory) Summary: Separated from Midna and...
  4. Tavoriel

    The Substitutes-- Sign Ups

    I've never written one of these sign-up stories; sounds like fun! (I hope people sign up :B) Here's the plot so far: ---------------------------- There was an old prophecy that spoke of a party of heroes slaying fearsome Rharg the dragon. It spoke of eight brave companions, describing them...
  5. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Trail of Shards (A Twilight Princess Fan Fic)

    I start all kinds of fan works and never finish them, but we can have fun with this one while it lasts. Without further ado, Trail of Shards. ---------------------------------------------------------Chapter 1------- It was strange, being back home. Link lay in bed for a while...
  6. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Tavoriel's Zelda Art

    I figured I might as well have one thread and keep updating it instead of a new thread every time I make something new. Moderators, feel free to lock any and all other of my fanart threads before this one. Here's Lord "Fabulous Debbie" Ghirahim...
  7. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Quickie Fanart Comic

    I just had to draw something after seeing all the new news from E3. The drawings are not very polished, but hopefully you guys will find it amusing anyway. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Tlr0Sot6SwM/Te_7dLLEKZI/AAAAAAAAAGo/kQUUYpWWZGY/s1600/Cosplayers+of+Doom.jpg I can't wait for this game to...
  8. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Comic :D

    Who is that mysterious character from the trailer? Link has an idea! Rated G https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-MEwMVFm3pIc/TXK-xiu6NtI/AAAAAAAAAF8/bluwwT8VNHM/s1600/Skyward+Sword+Breakroom_blogversion.jpg
  9. Tavoriel

    Sub-Atomic Particles :D

    So... In nature, exact copies of things are rare, right? No two zebras have the same stripes, no two snowflakes are exactly alike, etc. Even if you looked at hugely zoomed-in images of grains of sand, you wouldn't expect two of them to be identical, right? People try and find ways to...
  10. Tavoriel

    Spoiler Link and the Skyward Sword

    Spoilers! The Skyward Sword is actually a female purple thing! And the Skyward Sword turns into the Master Sword! Haha, I love how we know spoilers already and the game's not even out :D Anyway, onto my post, which relates my thoughts on why Link and the Skyward Sword girl will probably not...
  11. Tavoriel

    Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass: Draw on the Maps Much?

    When I played Spirit Tracks for the first time and found out that the maps also served as memo pads, I was THRILLED. "Oooh, I'm gonna draw Link!" "I'm gonna draw Link again!" "...Link worried about Zelda!" "...Link blowing the train whistle!" "...Link singing Crazy Train!" ...And...
  12. Tavoriel

    Another Theory Pertaining to Rusl

    I didn't want to get too off-topic on the other Rusl thread XD Here's my (crazy, off-the-wall, highly speculative) theory about Rusl: What if Rusl is the Hero's Shade? It would mean that Rusl continues to mentor Link throughout the whole game, which would be very fitting. The known facts...
  13. Tavoriel

    SS Oocca Not Ugly?

    I just had this crazy idea after reading one of the news articles on the main site. What if the oocca used to be a race of graceful bird things (possibly the kind of bird thing that is on the royal family's crest) and then get corrupted by evil and turn ugly? Maybe once they turned good again...
  14. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art OoT Comic

    http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bGpY__frjIQ/TQ0NpVBeqVI/AAAAAAAAAEs/aXh1ecpWFpk/s1600/Time+Travel.jpg LOL kersplode :D
  15. Tavoriel

    Just a Dream?

    I have only started/played through five Zelda games, so I don't know if my idea applies to all of them, but still... In four of the Zelda games I've played (OoT, WW, ALttP, and OoS), the game starts with Link asleep. Near the very beginning of the fifth, TP, Link is briefly knocked out by bad...
  16. Tavoriel

    Zelda Art Wolf Link Fanart

    I drew Wolf Link! http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_bGpY__frjIQ/TPG3WJ4eXtI/AAAAAAAAAEY/6ZO4lq6qGdA/s1600/YAY+WOLFIE+LINK_Blog_version.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_bGpY__frjIQ/TKJrsZzlP4I/AAAAAAAAAC4/_XgT-5aLcAk/s1600/link+midna+dig+treasure+w+url.JPG...
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