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  1. Sage of Darkness

    The Best ________ You've Ever Seen

    So I found a forum game called "The Worst ______ You've Ever Seen" so I thought that I might make a game with "best." The rules are simple: You answer the person above you depending on what he/she is asking. After that you ask the person that will commnt below you. Let me give you an example...
  2. Sage of Darkness

    Phantom Hourglass HELP!!!

    Ok, so I amost completed Phantom Hourglass, but one final thing remains: catching the legendary swordfish- Neptoona!! I just cannot find it! Please, how can I fast and easily catch Neptoona? Any advice would help.
  3. Sage of Darkness

    Ocarina of Time HELP!!!

    Ok, so I've almost finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I just have one single thing left: the final quiver upgrade. I just cannot beat the Gerudo Archery Horseback. I know that I need to hit all the bottles (maybe on the first time riding past it) but I don't know how I can score 100...
  4. Sage of Darkness

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Villain?

    I want to know wat Zelda villain is your favourite. If you could choose a top 3 list, how should it be? Here's mine: 3. Ganondorf or Agahnim. 2. Byrne/Staven. 1. Ghirahim.
  5. Sage of Darkness

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Heart Pieces HELP!!

    I've 5 heart pieces left in Majora's Mask: 1. Play the beaver's game the second time(This is in Great Bay). 2. The fisherman's game(This is also in Great Bay). 3. The one when your playing with Goth's child(This is in the moon). 4. The Deku Playground (This one is in North Clock Town)...
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