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  1. LinkandZelda<3

    In Your Opinion, What Exactly Was Zelda Going to Say?

    In the beginning, before that tornado comes and steals our precious Zelda away, she was going to tell us something. She says, and I quote, "You know... Link..." "There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about..." If you could put into words what you think Zelda was going to say...
  2. LinkandZelda<3

    An Orginal Story, for Rpgers! Sign Up!

    hey all! i decided to start a story... BUT YOU are going to be the cast! heres the idea.... you need to tell me a few things about the character, and then we'll find a way to work it into this story! YOU have to play the character you create, so make it someone you would enjoy playing. please...
  3. LinkandZelda<3

    The Legend of Zelda: Roleplay

    Hey guys! if you were in this group before please post here instead! hugothekokiri loftwwingrider jbkarate9 lukelookslike kidnintendus peeps1080 lil'link picori elder redead12 linkdude74 toonlink linkedthrulife zeldaballer linklover zellinkda<3 were not forgetting about her ever! linkXdark...
  4. LinkandZelda<3

    Kid Icarus:Uprising Voice Acting= Cheesy, or Fitting?

    Hey all, me and my sister have been having a debate about the new kid icarus game. She hates him in brawl because hes annoying, and " The fight is on!" she also dislikes the forreal game becuse she says the voice acting is cheesy and the graphics are slightly too cartoonish. I love it, and am...
  5. LinkandZelda<3

    Ordered Some Merch from Much Needed Merch...

    hey guys, ahile back me and LoftwingRider ordered some tshirts from Much needed merch, an amazing online store. if anone else has, how long does it usually take for them to arrive? only one out of like, six has arrived. so how long do they usually take?
  6. LinkandZelda<3

    What Knight Academy Student Are You?

    JUST FOR KICKS. Before you start, know that I know you'll be able to tell who they are. This is only for fun, and if you're honest you might be surprised!(; 1.) whats your favorite passtime? 1.)dreaming, all day. 2.) i like to play harp. 3.)idk, hit on... her. or punch my punching bag! 4.)stare...
  7. LinkandZelda<3

    Zelda Art My Link and Zelda Picture

    Flying on clouds, dreaming . THIS IS MY ART. feedback?<3 colored one soon, if you want?
  8. LinkandZelda<3

    Goddess to Goddesses?

    I have a serious question, and you will think i am an idiot, maybe. In Skyward Sword, there is one goddes and one goddes only-- Hylia. But, in the very next game in the timeline, Ocarina of Time, there are three goddesses-- Din, Nayru, Farore. Anyone want to explain this to me?
  9. LinkandZelda<3

    Groose... Reincarnated?

    I have a theory. Being that Skyward Sword is the first Legend of Zelda, then all the heavenly people of Skyloft are reincarnated along with Link. Zelda, headmaster Gaepora... even Groose. And my theory for Groose reincarnated into The WindWaker is that he is reincarnated into Gonzo, one of the...
  10. LinkandZelda<3

    Poll: Favorite Minor Character

    Favorite minor character. Yes, i realize not everyone is on there, especially not groose. I love him, but if he was on there everyone would pick him. I put some people together if they are in a relationship or are related in some way. Happy voting!(:
  11. LinkandZelda<3

    Spoiler The Ending.

    Heyy guys. You remember in the ending when Zelda asks Link, " What about you, Link? What will you do now?" Obviously, he chooses to stay with Zelda. But a few things here. Do you think he'll ever choose to go back into Skyloft? I don't see why he wouldn't, but what about you. ALSO. The birds...
  12. LinkandZelda<3

    S.S. Ghirahim and Fi?

    in the beginning, you dont really notice any similarities between ghirahim and fi. but, near the end, it turns out ghirahim is ALOT like her. He is a sword too, has the diamond on his chest, the same hair shape, ect. So do you think ghirahim is the dark version of fi? as we know, fi was created...
  13. LinkandZelda<3

    I Need Help Figuring Out the Sheikah.

    :)Okay, initially I loved Sheik, I thoug he was a great character. But now that Skyward sword is done, I have alot of questions about this raceof people. Does anyone have some background theories or information they can give me? I have been wanting to know for awhile. Also Sheik's gender.:lol:
  14. LinkandZelda<3

    Zelda Art Until The Word Ends. a Skyward Sword Romance.

    .Until The World Ends. "Zelda, what's number 26?" "m equals two x over two." Link quickly scribbled down the answer to the last answer of his math homework. "Now, " he thought, " some freetime." At least until nine thirty, which was curfew for the knights in training. Except for the...
  15. LinkandZelda<3

    A Zelda Movie?

    well, i know many people are opposed to the idea. I for one am not sure how to feel if that ever happened. I mean, on the upside I'm sure they would do a fantastic job of the storyline, the people ect.,etc., but ... Link is just to amazing a person to have a human replace. I mean, how could Link...
  16. LinkandZelda<3

    Skyward Sword: The Manga

    hey guys, brand new here. I've been anticpating the manga for skyward sword to come out for a long time. Still waiting, but the pages I previewed... were skillfully drawn but the story wasn't very right. Like the were saying there was a hero before the skyward sword Link. If anyone knows more...
  17. LinkandZelda<3

    Zelda Art My Story!

    hey guys, im brand new to ZeldaDungeon, although ive been using the site for along time. well, i have been writng a skyward sword romance story, and heres the link if you want to be my best friend and check it out. much appreciated! http://www.wittyprofiles.com/author/littlemermaid
  18. LinkandZelda<3

    Favorite Cutscene!

    hey guys, brand new to zelda dungeon. much lovvee if you just let me know youre favorite cutscene. Mine was definitely when Link caught Zelda right after she awoke<3 :)
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