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  1. Mamfi1908

    Twilight Princess TP Is, to Me, the Best Game on the Wii, and the Best Zelda Game. Your Thoughts?

    That is all I have to say. I just played through it again. The erie atmosphere is of the best and most immersive in gaming history, only topped by games like Dark Souls and Demon Souls. The music is absolutely amazing (as expected from a Zelda-title), it suits the atmosphere perfectly. The...
  2. Mamfi1908

    Why is It Called a Stamina Fruit?

    I'm just poking on some weird stuff in SS that i wonder about... So yeah.. Why is it called a stamina "fruit"? it grows on the ground or on walls or vines... Isn't a "fruit" something that grows on trees? I guess it's a stamina "vegetable". because they grow in fields and such.. or most likely...
  3. Mamfi1908

    Fall to Your Death?

    I was thinking. In order to call the Loftwing when in free fall you would have to press the down button on the D-pad or something, right? So what do you think would happen if you didn't call it and just fell? I can think of three possibilities. 1. The screen turns black and you spawn back on...
  4. Mamfi1908

    Cat Monsters

    "Enemies such as bats, slimes or cats are found in Skyloft at night" CATS?! REALLY? This is gonna be wierd. Imagine slicing up small kittens at night... disturbing much? :S Is this one of them? That's a scary cat... o_o Can you even call it a cat? what do you think of killing cats...
  5. Mamfi1908

    Other Floating Islands

    I just saw the intro video and a thought popped up. When the goddess made skyloft, why did she bother to throw in all those other small floating islands? I believe there are no people on them, so why? :thinking:
  6. Mamfi1908

    I Noticed Something...

    I don't know if you have noticed, but a lot of new Nintendo products is being released 2 days early in Europe. especially the LoZ franchise. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. examples: Skyward sword is 20th November in north america, but in Europe it is set to release at 18th November. the...
  7. Mamfi1908

    Update the Enemy Guide Please?

    We have now gotten a lot of new information on Skyward Sword!!! Thats great! We have official names, new enemies and so on. I was wondering if some moderators, or whatever they call them, could update the enemy guide for SS among other things. just a question.
  8. Mamfi1908

    Did They Anounce It Too Soon?

    I think that maybe Nintendo anounced Skyward Sword too soon. People get excited over the game, me included. but they keep on pushing the release date further and further... I remember the time when they said that it would be released March or April. Now we have to wait even more!? I am...
  9. Mamfi1908

    Which Will You Get?

    I'm curious. We all know that the 3DS looks great and seems to be the best handheld yet. but have you guys heard about NGP? It stands for Next Generation Portable and is the upcoming "psp2" it has the graphics of a ps3 and I think that it is 3D as well, it has two touchpads, one on each side...
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