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  1. thePlinko

    How does the Zelda manga compare to the games?

    I’ve only read the LttP, MM, and the first half of the OoT mangas. They’re interesting reads for hardcore fans, but nothing I’d overly recommend. They take a bunch of liberties with the story in them, for instance the LttP manga adds an entirely new thief character that’s never seen in game, and...
  2. thePlinko

    What if BotW2 is just a 'rehash'?

    I actually had an idea similar to this a while back. you know how Zelda tends to have a running theme of exploring two different worlds (light and dark, past and future, surface and sky, etc)? What if we had a game where one world is your normal Zelda overworld, and the underworld is like a...
  3. thePlinko

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    This past Christmas my uncle gave me his framed painting of General Robert E. Lee (the confederate general during the American civil war) on his horse, Traveller. I hung it up in my bedroom but my mom has been somewhat vocal about her not liking it. She’s clearly uncomfortable with it but I...
  4. thePlinko

    Avatar: What element would you choose?

    I’ll be the element of surprise! I never watched ATLA....
  5. thePlinko

    Rank the Smash Bros Games

    I used to think that every smash game was better than the last but after thinking about it... 5. Smash 64- great game, bare bones compared to later entries, yadda yadda yadda moving on. I will say that this is the last smash Bros to have an appropriate amount of fire emblem reps. 4. 3DS/Wii U-...
  6. thePlinko

    What if BotW2 is just a 'rehash'?

    While BotW is a great game, it is deeply flawed, and BotW 2 being the exact same might make it my new least favorite Zelda. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine, when a series refuses to improve upon its predecessor and just makes more of the same. In order for me to truly enjoy BotW 2 it needs to...
  7. thePlinko

    Most Iconic Zelda Quote.

    Obviously the most iconic quote is “it’s dangerous to go alone, take this!” But there are other quotes that I think are even better. Windwaker in particular has some amazing quotes towards the end. Ganondorf and King Daphnes Nohanson Hyrule both have amazing monologues, and I’d argue that “this...
  8. thePlinko

    Are your favourite gaming franchises in a good place at the moment?

    Tbh I’m not very optimistic about this. Zelda- BotW was a good game, but it simply didn’t fit the series. I really hope this isn’t the new direction for the series, but that’s doubtful considering how well it did. Pokémon- sword and shield were embarrassments to the legacy of the franchise...
  9. thePlinko

    Nintendo Who is THE most annoying minion/boss/enemy in any Nintendo game ever?

    if you’re gonna say gohdan you might as well lump in bongo bongo, the boss in the desert level of Mario 64, sigma from mega man x, and a few others. singling out gohdan specifically is a little unfair. I know, I’m specifically surprised that Spirit is recommending SS. I too think it’s a good...
  10. thePlinko

    Thank you!

    Thank you!
  11. thePlinko

    Nintendo Who is THE most annoying minion/boss/enemy in any Nintendo game ever?

    wait wait wait....did you just... recommend skyward sword? Am I in bizarro world?
  12. thePlinko

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much!
  13. thePlinko

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 409!

    Out of all of them, the transformation masks and four sword splitting are the only ones that are really handled well. All of the others are either only useful in scripted situations or full of clunk (Or in wolf links case both). Of the two the masks are cooler one so I’m gonna go with that.
  14. thePlinko

    What town in The Zelda Series would you want to live at?

    Sure, as long as you’re fine with living with the constant threat of global annihilation by celestial being.:D I would love to live in windfall. Sure it’s not as big as clock town, which is a close second, but you can’t beat that view of the occean. skyloft is another close contender for the...
  15. thePlinko

    Nintendo Who is THE most annoying minion/boss/enemy in any Nintendo game ever?

    The wizrobes in Majoras Mask aren’t necessarily annoying to fight, but they show up all the dang time. That’s honestly the worst part of the entire game, which says a lot about how nearly perfect the game is otherwise. Any enemy that chases you around for an extended period of time. Phantos...
  16. thePlinko

    BotW2 linear and gated progression

    I wouldn’t mind it. Like I’ve said on multiple occasions, linearity isn’t a bad thing. In fact it’s required in order to have a story, no matter how simplistic. That’s why BotW was such a narrative disaster. Even from a gameplay perspective linearity is needed in some regard. BotW still has...
  17. thePlinko

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 406!

    I don’t downright hate him in SS or BotW like others do, but I’m not particularly fond of him in those games either. While WW beedle is definitely my favorite (and I think the helmet version is ridiculous and funny so I chose that), I actually did enjoy him in PH/ST. He acted very similarly to...
  18. thePlinko

    Should some future Zelda Games have a different main playable character?

    I’d be fine if it was a side game, like Luigi’s mansion or wario land. I’d even be fine if it was canon, just don’t call it “the Legend of Zelda.” I want that name to signify that you’re playing as the legendary hero.
  19. thePlinko

    Mario Kart 9/Nintendo Kart

    I want a reason to choose Waluigi other than him being the holy one. Give the characters stats, give them unique items like in double dash, give them special abilities, make me want to play as Pink Gold Dry Metal Baby Morton Koopa. I’m with spirit on Nintendo kart, we already have a competitive...
  20. thePlinko

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 405!

    Almost every item in TP was completely worthless. It’s incredibly different to narrow it down to one item. It’s honestly a tie between the spinner and the dominion rod, but at least the spinner was kinda fun to use. So I’m gonna have to say the rod. I’m actually going to defend the bomblings...
  21. thePlinko

    Skyward Sword vs Majoras Mask

    Definitely do Skyward Sword first, or at least try to play Ocarina of Time before Majoras Mask
  22. thePlinko


    i love using glitches to do things faster in games, but I tend to only do it with games I’ve played before. Most recently I used a glitch to cheat at that stupid jump rope minigame in Mario Odyssey.
  23. thePlinko

    Super Mario Maker 2 final major update

    Wait, what was the second update? I remember the one with link, but that’s it. Either way this looks pretty cool. It’s probably not enough to get me to play the game a whole lot more, but I’m happy for those who have been wanting this stuff for a while. It’s a little disappointing that this’ll...
  24. thePlinko

    What has been the worst thing to happen to your favourite franchise/series?

    Twili... you know what? No. I’ve talked trash about TP too much recently. I’m gonna complain about something different. Growing up I adored adventure time. It was where Zelda is for me now. It was such an amazing show.... until the last two seasons. Everything I loved about the show slowly...
  25. thePlinko

    Your Favourite Nintendo Game on Each Console

    NES: Zelda 1 SNES: Lttp N64: MM GameCube: Windwaker Wii: Super Mario Galaxy Wii U: uhhhh..... WWHD? If that doesn’t count than Super Mario 3D World Switch: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gameboy: either Links Awakening or Super Mario Land 2 Gameboy color: Pokemon Crystal maybe? GBA: Minish cap...
  26. thePlinko

    Getting rid of...

    I’d get rid of the fact that I’m not a billionaire
  27. thePlinko

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    Here the quote of you saying it. The reason Korl chose link to begin with was because he was looking for the person to fill the role of the hero who never returned. Throughout the entire game he’s being compared to the hero of time. The entire story of the game is literally based around link...
  28. thePlinko

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    In terms of additions to the lore the twili didn’t exist until TP. TP never gives a good reason why they are never mentioned until then, as it acts as if the twilight realm was a known thing as early as OoT Both of these instances are described in game as it being “the sacred animal.”
  29. thePlinko

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    Ok. How about alien Vs predator: the last of his clan? That was a game released the same year as LA. So each of our examples contribute to the style equally? Even if you wanted to exclude the first 4 games, there is plenty of goofy parts in OoT and MM. This isn’t a new thing. I will admit...
  30. thePlinko

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    The concept art. That was the intended look of the game. Especially considering most promotional art was changed to have a less cartoony style in North America, I’d say that it was supposed to look cartoony. I’ll give you the dream part, but the way the game presents itself outside of artstyle...
  31. thePlinko

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    Every single one of the images you posted are from pre-ocarina of time games. By your logic they shouldn’t count because they vary in style. It’s more than just an art style that makes LA cartoony, its the entire game. Talking animals, dancing fish, singing frog, even if you made the artstyle...
  32. thePlinko

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    Ok you just lost me there with the links Awakening artwork. LA is arguably the most toon-like game in the series, even more so than Windwaker I’d say. The Zelda series has always been cartoon like. Ever since the very first entry. I mean just take a look at the concept art: LttP and OoT you...
  33. thePlinko

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    By definition you can’t have a series without some kind of “formula.” How much of a formula needed is up for debate. Personally I think the formula was one of the best features of the series. It’s one that’s fairly unique compared to other games, even of the same genre. To see BotW resort to a...
  34. thePlinko

    The Elder Scrolls Series

    There’s certainly a lot of content in it. Unfortunately I had no desire to play much more than the main quest. The most fun I had with the game was looting and murdering, and even that got old after a while. The ending was trash, but I did enjoy the part where
  35. thePlinko

    Nintendo Quiz

    I only did the ones I knew/had a good idea of.
  36. thePlinko

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    My Nintendo: the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Picross. 11/10 best thing to come from TP
  37. thePlinko

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 404!

    Assuming the corpse in the BotW 2 trailer is not only ganon but also the main villain (you never know, it might not be), 47% of Zelda games have ganon as the villain, if we consider the oracle games to be a singular entry. Towards the beginning of the series Nintendo seemed keen on alternating...
  38. thePlinko

    Birthday surprise

    Does she like the happy mask salesman at all? Because that’s the only character I have a costume of. If not I’ll try to think of something.
  39. thePlinko

    Any Majora's mask tips?

    Yeah, play the N64 version instead :D. No but seriously at this point in the game you should be fine. If I had to suggest things to get I’d say get the great fairy mask (it helps with the stray fairies in dungeons, something you’re definitely going to want to collect to get the full experience...
  40. thePlinko

    Hypothetical WW & TP Switch question

    I wouldnt mind a mix of both WWHD and WWSD. HD has the QOL and brighter colors, but I honestly prefer the triforce quest in the original. Plus since miiverse is dead now wouldn’t be the worst time to bring back the tingle tuner and have your phone connect to it.
  41. thePlinko

    Best Zelda Waifu?

    Zelda, Saria, and Malon are the only ones here that don’t absolutely suck. Either way I can’t vote here because my girl Medli isn’t an option.
  42. thePlinko

    Do dungeons open without keys?

    What happens is that there is only one grid that you play on, and when you enter a dungeon the grid just changes itself so that it looks different. Basically when you enter/exit the dungeon you don’t actually go anywhere it just looks like you do. So when you exit the dungeon you are always...
  43. thePlinko

    Majora's Mask vs Wind Waker: What was your preferred sequel?

    As individual games, Majoras Mask is a clear victor. As sequels... Windwaker is better by a mile. It’s not that Majoras Mask doesnt work or anything, it’s just that this could’ve happened to nearly anyone. OoT link just happens to be the one they chose, and though his reason for being there is...
  44. thePlinko

    Where do you stand on Skyward Sword HD?

    I’d rather have it than a port of WWHD or TPHD. SS was incredibly flawed, but it was far from the worst game in the series. (Not that it’s hard to be better than Toilet Princess). Personally I dont think the controls are the problem. The technology has come a long way since the Wii motion...
  45. thePlinko

    Do we need a cheery, upbeat and light-hearted Zelda game next?

    A cheery artstyle and dark tone aren’t mutually exclusive things. Neither are a dark artstyle and a goofy tone. Twilight Princess easily had the darkest artstyle (dark as in I can’t see what I’m doing) yet is full of goofy moments and is quite hard to take seriously at times. Conversely...
  46. thePlinko


    I had an entire thread in my blog dedicated to this. Basically the summary is that the world needs major items (ie hookshot, iron boots, etc.), but multiply the amount of each item by however many people can play at max. In addition make each player independent of one another so they can...
  47. thePlinko

    Your favourite version of Impa

    I never liked impa as a character. It’s not that she didn’t have potential, it’s just that she was never done in a way that I liked. I especially hated Skyward swords impa, I just saved your ass from a giant rock monster and you repay me by telling me I took too long? I did enjoy the bracelet...
  48. thePlinko

    Zelda: New Horizons

    How about a better idea: Zelda crossing, but instead of being in a time of piece ganon is constantly being reborn like every month, and you peacefully keep repairing the damages and building dungeons and stuff. It sounds intense until you realize that everything’s happening really subtlety, and...
  49. thePlinko

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 402!

    Don’t worry, I’m doing all I can to fight that evil.
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