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  1. Vault Boy

    Biggest Quiver Minigame, I Need Some Tips

    Whats up guys, I was casually browsing the Zelda Dungeon website, and I found out that I had not beat Ocarina of Time 100% yet. I still need to complete the Gerudo archery challenge and receive the largest quiver! (1500 points). I always go for the pots in the beginning, but I am never able to...
  2. Vault Boy

    WW-Wii U Simple Questio: Do You Consider Puppet Ganon a Boss or a Mini Boss?

    The question is the thread title. I just would like to hear opinions on this.
  3. Vault Boy

    Does Anyone Know if Nintendo is Gonna Fix the Treasure Chest Rupees?

    I'm not sure if you guys know or not, I don't really follow all the news for SS so if anyone has any info I'd appreciate it. You know how in TP if your wallet was full you couldn't get rid of rupee treasure chests in dungeons? I hope they fixed this in SS. It really defeated the purpose of the...
  4. Vault Boy

    Can You Play Four Swords Alone.

    I'm not talking about Four Swords Adventure. Edit: This is for the Game Boy Advance.
  5. Vault Boy

    Adventure of Link How in the World Do People Beat Adventure of Link?

    This game is so hard! The hardest Zelda game in the series! Now, I am not terrible at Zelda games. I have beaten every single other game in the series, and did not have any trouble with games that are usually considered hard by other players (MM, TLOZ). I have done the 3 heart challenge for OOT...
  6. Vault Boy

    Anyone else Really Hoping for Hard Bosses?

    Seriously, in OOT and MM, the bosses were acceptable, some were easy, but others were hard towards the end, and it was a good challenge with the occasional death, like bosses should be. In WW, the bosses were easier, but it wasn't that bad. In TP, the bosses were easy as hell and I never died...
  7. Vault Boy

    Which Link, Based Purely on Art Style/graphics, Did You Think Looked the Coolest?(3D)

    Make your choice based purely on how the characters look, in both art and official game. Please do not let the game they are in, the story involved with them, or any other factors effect your answer. :) 1. Young Link (Ocarina of Time) 2. Adult Link (Ocarina of Time) 3. Link (Majora's Mask) 4...
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