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  1. DragonEleven

    Spoiler Zelda's Power

    There's a lot of uncertainty about whether the power Zelda uses in BotW is the power of Hylia or the power of the Triforce, as it's only referred to as a 'sealing power' that she had inherited, which could technically be either... and there are also details that point towards both (bathing in...
  2. DragonEleven

    Possible identities in BotW

    Figured I'd just put these in one thread, but it's actually two theories about the true identities of several characters. 1. The masked individual is the King of the Gerudo. We know the Gerudo are in the game, we know a male (their king) is born once every 100 years, and we know that it has...
  3. DragonEleven

    TPHD carvings depict an adult timeline split?

    Hey, so this the newest addition I've found to an ongoing theory I have for the timeline placement of BotW... I might post that theory in full at some point, but for now I'll just keep it to this. I'm sure you'd all have seen the mysterious carvings that were added to the HD remake of Twilight...
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