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  1. thePlinko

    What is the rarest, coolest, or most interesting piece of Zelda merchandise you own?

    I’m a collector by nature. I think there’s nothing cooler than having a wall-to-wall collection of memorabilia of a certain series. So what is the coolest piece of Zelda merch you own? Later today I’m gonna go to my local post office to pick up something: the Legend of Zelda Game & Watch...
  2. thePlinko

    Ultimate Is hero broken?

    All over the internet people seem to be in high debate over whether or not hero should be banned. I’ve seen people say things like (and I’m paraphrasing here): “hero has got to be the worst designed fighting game character ever” and “alright we get it sakurai, we’ll stop complaining about swords...
  3. thePlinko

    What’s next?

    So I’ve beaten the first real Zelda game on switch (Links Awakening) and I’ve been wondering what we’re likely to see next in terms of remakes/ports. Of course there are the obvious contenders - SSHD, a port of WWHD and TPHD - but what else could we see? Personally I would love to see the...
  4. thePlinko

    Spoiler Random theories

    This thread is for really dumb theories you’ve come up with or ones that don’t really deserve their own thread. I was told this thread didn’t exist already so here it is. My random theory: Happy mask salesman teaches you the song of healing Saria teaches you sarias song Sarias song = song...
  5. thePlinko

    What new Amiibo are you expecting?

    I know not everyone here likes amiibo, but I personally love them and am trying to collect every link amiibo made. Obviously there is going to be new amiibo released, the question is what will the new amiibo be, and more importantly what will they do? My guess is that they’re going to make...
  6. thePlinko

    What is the most useless item in the series?

    I’m not asking what the worst item is, that would require a combination of uselessness, how annoying it is to use, and how lame it is. I just wanna know the item that is never helpful in any situation, or if it is helpful it is very limited and situational. For me it would have to be the...
  7. thePlinko

    Spoiler Cadence of Hyrules non-canon timeline placement

    So I beat cadence of hyrule. First of all I absolutely love it, as it’s the closest thing to a real Zelda game we have on the switch for now. But something stuck out to me. In Hyrule Castle one of the items you can get is the Kokiri sword. It’s description states that it was meant for a future...
  8. thePlinko

    What’s one forgotten mechanic you wish they brought back?

    It’s always kinda sad to see a mechanic that was really fun never come back, especially when it’s a forgotten one. What is your favorite forgotten mechanic and why? My personal favorite were the reward orbs from Windwaker that occasionally dropped from defeated enemies. It was always fun...
  9. thePlinko

    How do you level up in AoL?

    lm replaying AoL, and I was just curious as to what people did for levels, did you focus on attack, defense, magic, or a mix of the three? Currently I’m on palace 5 and my levels are: Attack 7 Magic 4 Defense 2 I like maxing my attack, as it’s the most expensive, passing the threshold of the...
  10. thePlinko

    Describe each Zelda game with a Spongebob quote.

    I love describing things with spongebob quotes, and I want to see what you all have. Please don’t use quotes to describe based on you feelings toward the game. For instance if you hated Skyward Sword, don’t describe it using “too bad that didn’t kill me.” Just describe the game itself. Here are...
  11. thePlinko

    Which do you consider canon?

    I was wondering what the consensus was on remakes to the zelda canon. Do you consider the added features of remakes like the color dungeon and the Swift sail canon? Or do you think that the original is the only version that should be canon.
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