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  1. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Shoes

    So I made these shoes a while ago: But... now they're too small so I made a new pair. So... I was wondering if anyone knew of some way to sell the old ones, and/or if someone wanted to buy them and knew how. I was thinking of maybe setting up an etsy account or something? Anyway, here they...
  2. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art The Legend of Hyrule

    This is a collection of the stories of many people, important and unimportant, of the lands of Hyrule and its sub-countries and continents throughout the millenia. It's going to continue for as long as people are still interested. If you like the premise, please, sign up! This is one story that...
  3. MikauIncarnate

    The Lost Legends Sign-Ups

    Okay, so I just had this idea. I really want to write a fanfic, but I'm really suckish at thinking of plots. So: This is going to be a very creative sort of fan-fic, and very loosely a "fan-fic" at that. I'm planning on basically just using the world to build a story from. But anyway, this is...
  4. MikauIncarnate

    The Legend of Zelda- The Iron War (Game Thread)

    Okay, so we're ready to finally start playing the game, but before all that fun stuff, we have some things to take care of. First the rules Second here's a map along with a small set of rules regarding cities and some other stuff. Now that that's all out of the way, it's time to start. Many...
  5. MikauIncarnate

    Majora's Mask Majora-Kamaro ?!?!

    Has anybody else realized that "Majora's theme" which is used for the final battles is nearly the same as Kamaro's dance song? Do you think there's supposed to be any connection there or is it just plain coincidence. It's also possible that "Majora's theme" is simply a popular song (perhaps from...
  6. MikauIncarnate

    Twilight Princess The Light Spirits' Names

    Has anyone else noticed that the light spirits have really similar names to the godesses? Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru. Do they somehow have a connection to the goddess whose name they almost share? Or was it just that the game designers thought they sounded more 'spirity' than making up brand new...
  7. MikauIncarnate

    Majora's Mask Do Zelda Characters Actually Have To Go To the Bathroom?

    You know ??? in the bathroom at Stock Pot Inn right? Well what if ??? is actually Tortus, Anju's dad. :) He never really died, he just got so fed up with his wife that he hid in the bathroom and fell in love with the toilet. :) His mother helps him keep up the illusion. Do you agree, disagree...
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