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  1. Chiraku

    DarkSiders Section?

    Aaah... Gotcha. That does make a lot of sense.
  2. Chiraku

    DarkSiders Section?

    I remember a few years back when DarkSiders was added to the Dungeon Network, it had a forum section too. Or so I think. It might've never been there. But still, would it be okay to add/restore the section, or will there not be enough activity? Or is that the reason there isn't one? XD
  3. Chiraku

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I made off with Darksiders, SystemShock2 and Fallout 3 from the Steam Halloween sale... two weeks ago.
  4. Chiraku

    Etrian Odyssey: Guardians of Peace RP THREAD

    Maadlus contemplated again. He looked down at Raios who was giving him some sort of 'she said the magic word...!' look. "Fine. For now."
  5. Chiraku

    Etrian Odyssey: Guardians of Peace RP THREAD

    Maadlus glared down at Raios and shifted his gaze back to the girl. He carefully pulled his hand from her grip and stopped to contemplate. "...Is your guild for the Labyrinth?" He asked.
  6. Chiraku

    Etrian Odyssey: Guardians of Peace RP THREAD

    Maadlus waited for Raios to finish and then marched over to him and seized his shoulder once more. "Sorry." He said briefly back to the two before tugging his partner away.
  7. Chiraku

    Etrian Odyssey: Guardians of Peace RP THREAD

    ((Again, with FD's permission.)) Maadlus dragged Raios back towards the Gyild, and as they approachec Raios' ears perked up as he caught word of a guild looking for members.
  8. Chiraku

    Etrian Odyssey: Guardians of Peace RP THREAD

    ((Sorry for taking so long!)) Maadlus noticed the Guildmaster and saw the chance to quickly seize a chance at registration. Raios however had started to wander off again right as Maadlus had released his grip. As Maadlus stepped forward he instinctively reached for Raios' shoulder, but found...
  9. Chiraku

    Etrian Odyssey: Guardians of Peace RP THREAD

    The man's response was a sharp look and a firm hold on his shoulder. "No time wasted." Maadlus said. "Not a second." He looked back at the large tree punctuating the city's backdrop, chancing to notice that the two from earlier seemed to be headed in the same direction.
  10. Chiraku

    Etrian Odyssey: Guardians of Peace RP THREAD

    ((Should I wait...?)) The kid was approached from behind by a dark figure. He simply glared down upon him. "Stay close." He enunciated as if already stated. He gave the two a glance, and with a nod of his head lead the kid down the path leading to the guild. ((Too late. I posted.))
  11. Chiraku

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    ...It doesn't matter what I choose, all I'll get in the long run is madness... JK I choose to dream of bacon. Why are buses fat cars?
  12. Chiraku

    If You Have a Choice, What Would Your Sexual Orientation Be?

    Gee, thanks! I'll let my mom and dad know! Let us know when you get to the airport so we can come pick you up!
  13. Chiraku

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Moon Chronicles... big mistake. Not nearly long enough for the nine dollars I was charged.
  14. Chiraku

    Etrian Odyssey: Guardians of Peace SU THREAD

    I sketched my impression of Maadlus for better visualization.
  15. Chiraku

    If You Have a Choice, What Would Your Sexual Orientation Be?

    @Jimmy So... I don't have the authority to point out a fallacy, but you have the authority to declare I have no authority? How does that work? @Batman You're not giving me cold, hard evidence, you're giving me a bunch of words. It's still a fallacy.
  16. Chiraku

    RPG Maker VX Ace Help Please

    I'm no expert at the thing, but I think to change the size of the text box you need to go into the source script and change a few things up.
  17. Chiraku

    Do Trade Evoluions Annoy You?

    I don't mind 'em (then again I have two bros who play it), but I'd only trade if I knew I was getting one that trade-evolved back. Sometimes the games remedy this by having npcs trade you evolving pokemon, unless I'm mistaken.
  18. Chiraku

    Do You Like Jokes Because of What They Are or Because Of The Actual Joke Itself?

    From E.B. White and I paraphrase; 'You can dissect humor just as you could a frog, but they both die in the process'. Seriously, don't overthink it. Big mistake.
  19. Chiraku

    Etrian Odyssey: Guardians of Peace SU THREAD

    Here ya go. Me and my brother are kinda in cahoots, is that okay? Name: Maadlus Gender: Male Age: 17 Class: Sniper Appearance: Grey Hair, tied off into a braid that hangs right at the neck. Wears a dark long-coat with sniper armor, left arm more covered than the right. Fur-cuffed boots and...
  20. Chiraku

    If You Have a Choice, What Would Your Sexual Orientation Be?

    What's that fallacy called... Appeal to Authority? Why yes, you are a Male, and what do you mean 'what's the point?' You just admitted a difference and then you go and say 'What's that got to do with anything?'
  21. Chiraku

    If You Have a Choice, What Would Your Sexual Orientation Be?

    People always have a choice. Whatever 'sexuality' you are is your own decision and that's really all there is to it.
  22. Chiraku

    Do You Eat Meat?

    Animals do two things for us. 1) They look amazing and appealing to us people who like cute things 2) They taste delicious. So, yes, yes I do.
  23. Chiraku

    The Oversexualized Samus

    Lol, though seriously. Fact of the matter is, Samus looks pretty, and she only looks too pretty if you let her be. She's not showing skin, and she certainly doesn't... do what Team Ninja could have made her done. She's A-Ok. Anything else is just a double-standard thing.
  24. Chiraku

    The Morals of The Christian God and Projected Values

    What's messed up is human perception. We are so tiny in comparison we couldn't hope to bring God's understanding to our own. For some reason, man assumes that he is important enough to accuse things he doesn't understand and label them by worldly terms for what he thinks are worldly crimes. God...
  25. Chiraku

    What is Your Favorite Type of Cake?

    Whatever my mom makes. ^_^
  26. Chiraku

    Multiple Consoles

    See, I don't have multiple consoles... yet. But when I do, both will probably be left out for convenience's sake.
  27. Chiraku

    Do You Use Caps or Shift Whenever You Want to Capitalize Letters?

    I do caps. Dunno why. Hard for me to think while holding down another key to start off a conversation.
  28. Chiraku

    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    I prefer Star Wars, simply because Star Trek is more mature a series and I grew up with the former.
  29. Chiraku


    I learned how not to have fun, and now I think too mechanically about everything. I talk without thinking and I am haunted by anything I might've said that was wrong. Let's leave it at the appropriate stuff, yeah?
  30. Chiraku

    Games You're Planning On Purchasing

    Maybe Bravely Default... But for sure, Shovel Knight, Monster Hunter 3, and Fractured Soul.
  31. Chiraku

    Do You Prefer Walmart or Target?

    I like 'em both! I'm not in America enough, so whenever we go shopping, I just bask in the glory of an American Supermarket.
  32. Chiraku

    What Color is Your 3ds?

    I have it red. Wouldn't have it any other way. Red is my fave.
  33. Chiraku

    Have You Ever Dropped Your Precious 3ds or Other Handhelds?

    I remember when I was little I fell down the ladder for our village house with my Gameboy Advance in hand. The battery case broke off, but the system was still perfectly functional. I probably dropped it countless other times as well, not like I would remember. As for my 3DS, the answer is...
  34. Chiraku

    In God We(*) Trust

    Why on earth bother? The people who built this country believed in God, but it's not like today's Government cares about the Constitution anyway. Seriously, man.
  35. Chiraku

    Food You Hate?

    Salads. The dressings are weird and the veggies aren't cooked. Not my thing.
  36. Chiraku

    "Selective Service"

    If a war was coming up, I wouldn't mind being drafted for my country. After all, drafting is a rather minuscule issue when you think about a third world war that you could help end quickly.
  37. Chiraku

    Rhythm Gaming?

    Harmoknight... that's about it.
  38. Chiraku

    "Selective Service"

    Nobody has been drafted since the 70s, so... is this an issue?
  39. Chiraku

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    'Cause... Anime art! Why does my Avy stink?
  40. Chiraku

    Ask a Serious Question Get a Serious Answer

    Cloudy and windy. Cannot stand sun at all. What size of dog do you prefer?
  41. Chiraku

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    1/10 And that's stretching it.
  42. Chiraku

    The Confession Thread *SERIOUS REPLIES*

    Who'd really wanna confess something to the internet? Anyone can read it, and one track-down to your social page and they'll find something out about you. On the other hand, I used a calculator for math today.
  43. Chiraku

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    No, I like to feed my pudding with pandas, fresh from China. Is life like a Tennis game?
  44. Chiraku

    Which Political Party Do You Agree With Most?

    Dern happy with my results. That is all.
  45. Chiraku

    Lack of Selfesteem

    'Lack of Selfesteem' as the issue is labeled is just a natural occurrence of a person seeking acceptance and not getting the type he/she wants and thinking too hard about it. It's not as easy as snapping your fingers, but letting go and not caring what others think can help. Or you know, talking...
  46. Chiraku

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Pokemon X. Haven't completed it yet (the horror!). Do puzzle games count? In that case Tetris Axis. I play it like every day.
  47. Chiraku

    Reviving Older Franchises

    Pulseman and Bravoman come to mind (the bravo app game don't count). Maybe some old Sega games like Vectorman, that would be neat.
  48. Chiraku

    Males Vs Females Game

    35 ...I got nothin. Oh wait! Guys're in the lead!
  49. Chiraku

    Who Has Seen The LEGO Movie, and What Do You Think/expect of It?

    It wasn't groundbreaking, but it wasn't as weak as I thought. Some of the humor was dumb, and the whole thing was a bit cliched. It's like it was thought up by a kid. Oh wait...
  50. Chiraku

    Geometry or Algebra?

    Algebra. Hands down. I dare actually call algebra fun. Fun fact: at one point in history, people practiced algebra as a form of art.
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