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    Pronunciation Thread

    This is a fun thread I saw on another forum. Basically, you pronounce different words in English and compare your accent to other community members. It can be really interesting to see how people from different areas of the country and the globe pronounce words differently. If English is not...
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    Windows 8

    I realize there are older threads on this topic but they haven't been responded to in several months and are off the front page. I think it's time for a fresh thread. My own experience is below. wot i like I really like the new visual style. It seems like they went for a more simplistic...
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    Minecraft Creations

    Just a thread to post screenshots of your favorite Minecraft creations in. I'll start out with a few pictures of the towns we've started building on a server I play on. These represent about a week's worth of work. That sandstone wall took forever by the way. Just a reminder, you can...
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    Mafia F: iDOLM@FIA *All Players Welcome!*

    With Mafia E concluded, we're moving right on to Mafia F, this time with a theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine iDOLM@STER! Unlike past lettered games however, which were billed as "advanced games", this game is open to *all players*, whether you've been playing in all the regular games or only...
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    JJ Abrams and Valve to Work on Movies

    I confess I have no idea how old this news is, but it's the first I've heard of it. Apparently JJ Abrams met with Gabe Newell to discuss video game and movie collaborations between Valve and Bad Robot (Abram's studio). From what I can tell they're released no specifics, but the two IPs being...
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    Do You Use Left Shift or Right Shift?

    Just an argument I'm in right now. Which shift key do you hit most frequently?
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    Star Trek Into Darkness

    Slated to come out May 2013, Into Darkness is the most recent entry into the epic sci fi franchise and the second movie Star Trek movie to be directed by JJ Abrams. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ia4aqkyAnUk What are your thoughts? Personally, I don't really...
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    How Much RAM Do You Have?

    Yayyyyy for survey threads! If you want to keep it interesting, mention the speed, type, brand, whatever. RAM discussion is quite interesting. I have 8GB of DDR3-1333 RAM from Crucial. Cost about $40. If you're weird and have an odd number, round up.
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    The Official "How Do I Build a Computer" Thread

    It's been brought to my attention that the images do not size correctly in the default ZD theme or the Pokemon Dungeon theme. If you'd like to view the images in full size, either temporarily switch your style to ZD Brown or Darksiders, or right click the images and click "View Image". Thanks...
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    How Often Do You Use the Command Prompt?

    *Open to users of all operating systems, despite what different name yours may call it by* Simple thread with a simple question. I had a phase where I just stopped using Windows Explorer entirely and used the command prompt instead because I'm so hardcore, but these days I mainly just use it...
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    Alternatives to Popular Software

    We've all been in a situation where as much as we despise a certain program, we have trouble finding a suitable replacement for it. This is a thread where you can recommend to the rest of the community alternative to popular software. To start with, I'll suggest Foxit Reader, a PDF reader...
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    American Chinese Food Vs. American Sushi

    The ultimate question.
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    Mafia D: The Sith Lords

    -DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHERS ABOUT YOUR ROLES THROUGH FORUM PM, SKYPE, WORD OF MOUTH OR OTHERWISE. It destroys the point of the game. Any discussion about the game must take place in the thread unless otherwise indicated to you by the game mod. -DON'T POST INFORMATION FROM OUTSIDE THE...
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    Mafia D: The Sith Lords (sign-up thread)

    Welcome back to the lettered Mafia series! This next game will have a theme of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 The Sith Lords! I'm looking for about 15-20 people although depending on turnout this limit may be raised/lowered. Please have some prior experience with Mafia games before...
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    Visiting Other Regions?

    Would you like to visit old regions with Pokemon X and Y? We have not seen something like this since Gen II, but personally I would love for it to return. In a perfect world I'd like to be able to visit every region but such a thing is not likely at all. Short of this, I think it would be...
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    Visible IVs/EVs: Yes or No?

    Many of us into competitive battling or otherwise obsessive training are familiar with individual values and effort values, colloquially known as IVs and EVs. Anyone who has attempted to perfect their Pokemon's IVs and EVs know what an annoying task this can be, and it mostly boils down to one...
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    Franchises That Failed to Make the Leap into 3D

    This is a thread to discuss games that you thought were fantastic in 2D, but when the market started to shift towards 3D, the franchise began to lose what made it magical. What comes to mind first for me is Castlevania. I love Castlevania games, especially the NES ones, although my favorite...
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    Headphones Thread

    They're either counted as technology or so often connected to technology it doesn't matter. What headphones do you use? I personally use a pair of Sony MDR-V6s. They're incredibly comfy once you break them in and the sound quality is pretty great. They're also pretty cheap compared to other...
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    General Feelings on Rocks

    What are your feelings on rocks? I see a lot of rocks daily, I just thought we'd talk about them.
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    A Certain Magical Round of Mafia

    Rules - DO NOT PM EACH OTHER ABOUT YOUR ROLES. Mystery and assumptions are the point of this game, so if all the Townies band together through PMs you will ruin this game. Play with integrity. Lying is fine though. Mafia members may lie that they are Townie. Deception is a major aspect of this...
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    How Long Has Brendan's Hair Been a Hat

    Someone tell me this is a lie.
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    Mafia 10: Sign-up Thread

    New round of mafia coming up. We're looking for 17 (possibly more) players and replacements, please note that you must have prior experience to sign up. If you're new to the game, try Beginner's Mafia instead to get the hang of the game first. The theme will be based Toaru Majutsu no Index...
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    Life Sentence for Child Pornography?

    Last Thursday, Daniel Enrique Guevara Vilca, a 26 year old male found with several hundreds pornographic images depicting children on his home computer, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Source is here. The most interesting, and concerning, part of the article I...
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    American Stupidity and Other Negative Stereotypes of the American People

    I noticed there was a thread on American Exceptionalism in this forum. This is more or less the inverse of that thread. Although the American people hold themselves in high regard, I've noticed that much of the world seems to think much less of us. It's a common stereotype that the average...
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    Obamacare "Individual Mandate" Overturned in the 11th Circuit Court

    Last Friday, the 11th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals overturned the individual mandate provision of Obamacare, the health insurance reform law passed a while ago. This provision mandates that all Americans must obtain health insurance, and unless they are under a certain level of income...
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    The Future of the Article Members and the Past SB Members.

    I've made a recent change due to the change of the shoutbox. I've removed the usergroup "USERS TO MOVE TO SB". This was an usergroup of members who made a post and rank qualification for shoutbox access. Once in this group, they got individually selected to be moved to the "SB USERS". Here...
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    Twilight Princess Why I Only Partially Agree with Benzaie's Video About Twilight Princess

    In one of our recent news post there is a video review of Twilight Princess by Benzaie (who does video reviews for GameTrailers). The ~16 minute video is mostly a rant about how Twilight Princess Sucks. He says a lot of things that I agree with, but there exists a fair portion of things that I...
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    The Drug Thread

    This thread is not for discussing personal drug experiences unless they add an insightful point to the thread. This is a thread meant to discuss the political and moral aspects of drugs. I remember a thread like this existing a while back, but I haven't seen it revived, so it's probably time...
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    Union Head Claims That Anyone Opposed to Collective Bargaining Rights is a Nazi

    During a rally in New Jersey protesting Governor Chris Christie's anti-union stances, the head of a national union organization proclaimed that New Jersey was now Nazi Germany. He further went on to claim that "Any politician who stands up against collective bargaining, in this state or any...
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    FDA Raids an Amish Farm for Selling Unpasteurized Milk Over State Lines

    Last month, after observing the property for quite a bit beforehand, armed policemen raided an Amish farmer's property for the crime of selling unpasteurized milk over state lines. Apparently, the sale of unpasteurized milk over state lines was made illegal by the federal government in 1987...
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    Official E3 Predictions Thread

    Some of you may know, but Nintendo's and Sony's press conference are up to come in the next few days. We've heard various rumors and predictions from Axle the Beast and other sites. However, I bet quite a few of you guys have your own predictions. That being said please share them here and...
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    Community Portal Volunteering Thread

    If you recall The Community Portal Project thread. I first introduced an idea of having a news section strictly for our community. After reviewing the replies and comments, I was able to formulate what kind of things we can have. I want to sort of formulate a tentative schedule before doing...
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    The Community Portal Project

    Introduction: Zelda Dungeon has a front page for Zelda related news. This gives reason for our Zelda fans to keep visiting our site. However, this doesn't award our true fans (the users of the community). They not only visit our front page, but keep our community active. For this, they...
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    Tentative Rule Vote

    I've been reading some of the newer post in the tentative rules about spoilers. That being said there has been two tentative rules that seem to stick out. I fear that if I do a conversational vote, that it will go on and on for a long time. My school year is about to end so my free time will...
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    The Geek Zodiact Signs

    We are all familiar of Zodiac signs based off your birth date. For example Leo, is mine. Surfing Digg.com, I came upon a Zodiac sign based off your year of birth. However, this something unique from other Zodiac calenders. This one determines the type of "geek" you are. We all play Legend...
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    Stats Project Help

    I have a stats project that requires a small poll. We are measuring the percentage of recycled based off Gender, GPA, living on Own or with Parents. Please format your GPa to a 4.0 scale. Thankyou: http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Justin/statproject/index.php
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    New Users, No Signatures?

    We get a lot of spam bots that will register just for the sole purpose of having their links in their signatures. Other the this, they're harmless. When they do this, they pretty much mooch off our google ranks. Google bots will go through our forums and visit their profiles. When they visit...
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    Spoiler Infraction Policy - Keep It or Loose It?

    It has come to my concern that there are issues with the the spoiler infraction policy, and I was asked to make a thread about it. As of currently, the spoiler infraction policy is pretty lenient, and it is to be used for rare occasions. There arises debate with the agreement of what is a...
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    User Profile Blogs?

    One of the things I wanted to implement is user profile blogs. They would let users to host blogs on their profiles for various topics they would like share. I personally may write a few coding/tech blogs/tutorials, opinionated blogs, etc. We have users who like to share off their writing and...
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    No Gaming For You!

    Some of you may remember a featured thread last year. It was my "Why Zelda Should Incorporate Controller Option". The thread talked about why Skyward Sword should have a controller option, and one of the main points was about discrimination against handicapped people. In a recent article that...
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    New BB Code: Spoiler Tag.

    With the upcoming release of Skyward Sword, that has been some worry about users reading spoilers. I've added a new bbcode that will be used for spoilers. This will hide the text inside the spoiler tags. With the new Skyward Sword release, these tags must be used to hide anything that can be...
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    Spoiler Parallel World Theory

    A famous fad in time line development is the use of of splits or forks. These splits allow time line theorists to create complex time lines that can make up for the many mysteries of Hyrule. However, some of these mysteries can't be solved by considering time line splits. In ways we'll see...
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    Recent TSA News: Is America Truly a Free Nation?

    Some of you may know, that the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) has been doing ridiculous searches. Making some people go through security checks practically naked, and they still get patted down by TSA agents. Even more recently, an American Soldier had his nail clippers taken away, while...
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    The Individual and Society

    What comes first, the rights of the individual or the wants/needs of society? What exactly does one man owe to another? What obligations does any person have towards their community? As civilized human beings, to what degree should we be expected to work together? This is a broad topic that...
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    Spoiler The Four Swords Dilemma

    One of the most controversial games in Legend of Zelda are the Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures. When first released these games weren't even acknowledge by most Zelda fans. Mostly because Four Swords wasn't playable without multiple people, who owned the game and GBA. The negative view...
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    Anyone else love this series? I bought the first game on the virtual console over the summer, and it was pretty awesome. The controls were a little frustrating but that's most likely due to the time period, and the music was absolutely amazing. Still haven't been able to beat the damn thing, but...
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    The Deadly Sins and You?

    Some of you may heard of the Seven Deadly Sins. This an old folklore accepted in several languages that deals with seven particular sins, and they are believed to be worse of all sins. I'm pretty certain we're guilty of at least one of these sins. If you're a Fullmetal Alchemist fan, then...
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    User Profile Now Customizable!

    If you've visit yours or someone's user profile you'll notice that they got a blend background color. However, that is changeable, along with other things. This thread will teach you how to customize your profile! 1) A top of the forums click the "My Profile" link. --Once you're there you...
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    Mafia Round 3 (Game Thread)

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop me a PM. Procedure: The game will begin in the “Day” period. This will last around a week, most of the time. At this time everyone will post in this thread to share evidence and discuss who they believe is Scum, a word used for...
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    Mafia Round 3 (Sign-up Thread)

    Okay, Round Three of Mafia is here! You can take a look at the last game thread if you need an explanation of what the game is. If you've played before, make sure you read below because there are going to be a few changes this time around. The biggest change this time is that this will be a...
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