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  1. Atheistbigred

    What if the Villain Won?

    The Zelda Series has one major flaw i guess. It can be a win, yet it is something that is getting too old. Link always wins in the end, it is the main problem, it is getting too old for my taste. I love zelda for what it is but they need to step it up a bit. If they change it to where the...
  2. Atheistbigred

    Too Old to Play Zelda?

    This is what i get most of the time, when playing any Zelda game, whether it is by peers or by people on the internet. I have taken this for too long and it is really getting on my nerves, and I finally flew off the handle when "Anonymous" asked me that simple yet complicated question. Now...
  3. Atheistbigred

    Ryan Dunn Dead

    We all know the jackass star "Ryan Dunn", i come bearing bad news. Around 3am this morning Ryan Dunn Died in a car crash at Route 322 and New Street in West Goshen Township. The crash was so bad the bodies were burnt up and the only way they could identify him was by his tattoos and facial hair...
  4. Atheistbigred

    Pokemon: How Do You Raise Your Pokemon?

    Some people train them all equally and some not so much. I train my pokemon like this, First off i raise them equally, the one with the most experience points to the next level goes into battle first until they are raised a level, i repeat this over and over again. It makes a strong team and it...
  5. Atheistbigred

    Spoiler Oracle Of Seasons and Ages Help

    I have beaten both the games regularly, but the 100%ing part is what is getting me. I don't have a problem with the Heart containers and such, it is just the confusion of getting all of the rings. There are quite a few that require you to link the games together, those are the ones i am stuck...
  6. Atheistbigred

    Second Bill of Rights?

    I was watching an interesting movie it is called Capitalism:A Love Story and in that movie i Learned about the Second Bill of Rights which was given in the state of the union address by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in America but FDR died before he could make it possible. The Second Bill of Rights...
  7. Atheistbigred

    Skull Kids in Skyward Sword?

    Wouldn't it be interesting to see Skull kids in Skyward Sword? I would love to see them in the game and i would like to have a little more story about them and more details of how they came to be. What are your thoughts? Would you like to see them in the game?
  8. Atheistbigred

    General Classic Does It Make Me Less of a Legend of Zelda Fan?

    I have played the oracle games about 3 times each, I have yet to 100% them. I have tired to like the games by beating them 3 times each but each time i lose all motivation to beat them right after the third dungeon I really am trying to like these games but it is difficult for me. Does...
  9. Atheistbigred

    Is This Considered Genocide?

    Reminder this is mature discussion and will be treated as such, if it offends you i am sorry. I have been splitting wood for nearly 5 years using a split maw, eventually my father got a log splitter. We always split the wood and let it dry out until we burn it but these past 2 winters have been...
  10. Atheistbigred

    Spoiler For All You Pokemon Fans

    I have recently obtained a list of all the event Pokemon that will be available in 2011. a couple has passed and i missed them. here is the list of upcoming Pokemon and their dates...
  11. Atheistbigred

    Satellite Internet

    This is a little thing I wrote after dealing with satellite internet for nearly 2 years, there is nothing else but dial up in my area until century link comes by area, They have been holding it off for nearly 5 years now, they have the lines up and everything but they haven’t activated the...
  12. Atheistbigred

    Very Annoying!

    What i find very annoying is when someone says that a huge franchise in a gaming company should be made for their competetors, i mean come on people, why would they give out their best selling product to their rivals? an example of this was when i head someone say they should make halo for the...
  13. Atheistbigred

    My Signatures

    http://i964.photobucket.com/albums/ae125/anarchistbigred/rain.jpg hey all i made my own siggy, thanks to the wonderful word of gimp, i was wondering if the siggy i made looks offensive to anyone before using it heres the link i put in the correct link this time, i failed to double check where it...
  14. Atheistbigred

    Should They Make a New Animated Series?

    i recently watched that video of the four swords links around a campfire, and it got me thinking, what if they made an animated series on this? heres the link....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=414Zo2vYsog
  15. Atheistbigred

    What Legend of Zelda Game Got You into the Franchise?

    my first zelda game was windwaker i remember waiting for my mom at walmart and i was in the electronics section i got bored and decided to play a demo of the windwaker it was the first boss of the game, the thing that looks like gohma on steroids. when my mom came to get me i told her i must...
  16. Atheistbigred

    Spoiler Links Awakening Had a Messed Up Storyline

    Links awakening had a messed up storyline it involved you waking the Windfish and waking up yourself the most messed up part of it was that all the characters that you came in contact with were just a dream and vanished into thin air. i found this very disturbing because the way that Marin...
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