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  1. RHhylian

    General Zelda Something You Used to Dislike Yet Have Grown to Like Now.

    The Temple of The Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass. When I first got it, I HATED it. It actually caused me to stop playing the game halfway through. Recently, I restarted the game and decided to give the temple another chance. I love it now. While it was sometimes annoying and gave me a bit of...
  2. RHhylian

    Should The Last Boss Stay Dead?

    I do like the idea of post-game content, like extra dungeons, quests and knowing about Link's further life, but I can't help but think this would kind of ruin the epic fantasy ending Zelda games usually have. You're all like: "Yeah I beat the game, I'm the Hero, I beat Ganon" and then: "Ow...
  3. RHhylian

    Favorite Zelda Cover/Remix

    What's your favorte Zelda cover or remix? I'm sure everyone has at least one favorite. It can be anything: fan made, or more official like something from the symphony of the godesses. My favorite changes all the time, but I'll give you my current favorite cover and remix. Cover...
  4. RHhylian

    What is Your Hylian Name?

    Rondel Nirü.... Maybe it's just me, but that name doesn't sound Hylian at all lol. Still a neat generator thingie though :D
  5. RHhylian

    What Are Some of Your Favorite Nicknames for Pokemon and What Pokemon Are They?

    Typhlosion: Zuko (from Avatar) Lapras: Katara (same) Flygon: Bolin (from Korra) Empoleon: Nautilus (a famous submarine) Golem: Tektite (Zelda enemy of course) Luxray: Tonner (from the French word for thunder) Emboar: Darmani (Zelda MM) Snorlax: Geoffrey (I dunno xD) Slowbro: Bruno (I still dunno...
  6. RHhylian

    Zelda Music Rocks! What's Your Favorite?

    Dang it's hard to choose ONE. I'm going tot do them by game... Zelda I: Main theme (duuh) Dungeon theme is close second Zelda II: Dungeon Theme (SO CATCHY!) aLttP: Dark World theme (epic :D) LA: Tal Tal Heights, Ballad of the wind fish is close second OoT: Either Song of Storms or Gerudo...
  7. RHhylian

    Most Underrated Pokemon

    Golem. I used one in Platinum and it was totally boss. It's only downside is it's many weaknesses. But it's a great damage dealing tank. Also, Gigalith. It's like Golem with less weaknesses, so I reallly don't het why it's underrated, but it is :(.
  8. RHhylian

    Favorite Johto Gym Leader

    Morty. He looks cool and is one of the few ghost type gym leaders. Too bad he only uses the Ghastly line....
  9. RHhylian

    Who is the Strongest and Weakest Pokemon Ever

    Strongest: Deoxys. He's an awesome DNA-alien thing. How awesome can it get? Weakest: When speaking about stats: Sunkern, when speaking about movepool: Magikarp.
  10. RHhylian

    Stupid Things You Did While Playing Pokemon.

    Running from a shiny in Pokémon Black.... Argh.... A friend of mine actually restarted his FireRed once because he couldn't find the 8th gym.
  11. RHhylian

    Spoiler Kyouhei's English Name Is..........

    Nate??? Seriously? Wow. Well, at least it's better than Hilbert...
  12. RHhylian

    Best Poke Mon Villian

    Giovanni. Stereotypical Italian mafia leaders for the win!!!!! xD
  13. RHhylian

    Did You Like the Poketch?

    No, I didn't really like it. While some of the apps were convenient, most of them felt unnecessary and/or stupid. The Pokètch was overall kinda 'meh' for me.
  14. RHhylian

    Staff Needed: Pokémon Dungeon Pokédex

    Ok this is quite awesome and stuff, and maybe i'll volunteer, but I wonder: what point does it have making our own pokédex if we're going to copy everything from Bulbapedia? I don't want to be rude, but it seems kinda pointless to me then...
  15. RHhylian

    If You Were a Gym Leader, What Would Be Your Specialty?

    Hm probably Water, Electric or Psychic. My 3 fav types.
  16. RHhylian

    Your Favorite Steel Types

    My two fav Steel types are definitely Excadrill and Empoleon with (ingame) movesets: Excadriil: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace and X-Scissor Empoleon: Surf, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam and Grass Knot.
  17. RHhylian

    Would You Like to See a 3D-style Pokemon?

    Yes, the battle animations and battles in general seemed quite epic in the GCN games. But I think they need to change a lot of these games in order to make an awesome 3D Pokémon game. Imo, they need to: - Make the battles Single Battles, NOT Double Battles. They become repititive and tedious...
  18. RHhylian

    Favorite Pokémon From Each Generation

    Gen 1: Wartortle/Gengar I love Gengar and it's abilty to be an amazing special sweeper. But the Squirtle line is my fav Pokémon evolution line ever... Designwise I love Wartortle the most. Gen 2: Typhlosion O God this thing kicks so much butt. When you have a Typhlosion on your team, especially...
  19. RHhylian

    Your Favorite Champion

    Hm let me think about it for a sec.... Blue: jerk. Didn't like him too much. Lance: I love how he helped you at the Lake of Rage and is an awesome courageous guy overall. However, I don't like how he uses like 3 dragonites, kinda boring. Steven: Awesome guy with an awesome team. C'mon a steel...
  20. RHhylian

    How Do You Level Up Your Pokemon?

    I almost never powergrind during the story of the games, but I've been working on a full pokédex on Black for some time now. When I train Pokémon for the dex, I give them the Lucky Egg, go to Village Bridge (my fav grinding spot for some reason) and do the EXP. sharing-swithing-tactic-thingie...
  21. RHhylian

    Favorite Unimportant Character?

    Guru-Guru! He's (except for Happy Mask Salesman and Tingle) the most WTF-like character in the games. I always lol at his story in MM and his paradox thingie in OoT is quite interesting. And of course there is the song of storms....
  22. RHhylian

    Twilight Princess What Could Now Be Improved in Twilight Princess? What Did the Game Do Wrong?

    I love twilight princess and I think it has one of the best dungeon designs in the series, but it did have A LOT of flaws. -First of all, the game was RIDICOUSLY easy, when talking about combat at least. The enemies' AI was quite bad, combat was repetitive (especially the bosses) and the...
  23. RHhylian

    Your Favorite Fire Type

    Typhlosion (a freaking beastly sweeper and my starter on soulsilver) Chandelure (Special sweeper with a pretty big movepool, I love its evolutionary line designwise)
  24. RHhylian

    Least Favorite Pokemon Game

    It's a tie between Platinum and Ranger for me. For Platinum, I didn't like Gen IV too much (wait, actually I love HGSS, so I don't hate all of Gen IV). I didn't like most of the new Pokémon, except for the new evolutions to older Pokémon (like weavile, gallade and Magnezone). The graphics...
  25. RHhylian

    How Many Hours Have You Clocked on a Single Game

    182 hours and counting on Black. I'm filling the Pokédex.... It takes a while XD
  26. RHhylian

    Favorite Console?

    Gameboy Advance for the win! The GBA was my first console. I feel nostalgic when playing it. Also, some of my favorite games are on the GBA: Zelda Minish Cap, WarioWare Inc., Metroid Fusion and two IMO very underrated Avatar: The Last Airbender games.
  27. RHhylian

    Twilight Princess What is One of the Best Songs in Twilight Princess

    Even though I like Sacred Grove, Temple of Time and Kakariko Village Theme and I absolutely love Midna's Lament and the Hyrule Field Day Theme, my favorite is Hidden Village. It's very epic and catchy in my opinion. I like the hyrule Field theme for the same reasons. I can see why most people...
  28. RHhylian

    What Zelda Games Got You Into The Series?

    Even though Spirit Tracks and Twilight Princess were my first games (I know I got introduced a bit late to the series in comparison to most of the people here), what me really got hooked on the series was Minish Cap. The GBA was my first and favorite game console and The Minish Cap is my...
  29. RHhylian

    How Quickly Can You Beat Any Pokemon Game ?

    Hm I think most of the time I beat the E4 around 30 hours in. It usually takes 2 weeks. Platinum however took me a month, I didn't reallly like it as much as other games like SoulSilver and Black.
  30. RHhylian

    Pokémon Trainer Red: A Tragic Story Of A Forgotten Legend

    This thread made me realize something: this forum community is one of the best out there. On many other forums, you can't say things like this witohut being called a wimp or a crybaby or even worse. I swear, this is the freaking awesomest community ever... I hope life gets easier on you very...
  31. RHhylian

    Your First Pokemon

    The first Pokémon I ever saw was probably Pikachu, like most people. The first card I got was a male nidoran. A friend gave it to me. Around that time I also almost became obsessed with Seedot, because it was one of the first Pokémon I ever saw in the anime and I thought it acted and looked...
  32. RHhylian

    Favorite / Least Favorite Rival

    Silver is my favorite rival because he has a very interesting backstory. he is the only rival that has this. He also has some character development going on. Really intruiging character in my opinion. I really hate Barry, Cheren and Bianca. They're just way to happy and enthusiastic and are just...
  33. RHhylian

    Pokemon Theory: Kangaskhan is an Evolution of Cubone/Marrowak

    I agree 100% with you. Fix this in Gen. 6, Nintendo!
  34. RHhylian

    Which is the Better Starter Pokemon?

    I almost always choose the water starter in Pokémon games because i think they're the most balanced. Oshawott is my second favorite starter (Squirtle is my favorite btw) for numerous reasons. Design wise, Dewott is one of my favorite pokémon in existence. I mean, a blue karate ottern, how...
  35. RHhylian

    Best Ice Dungeon

    Minish Cap is my favorite Zelda game and the Temple of Droplets is one of my favorite dungeons (maybe even my favorite) in it. I really like the music and atmosphere in it. the sunshine/melt ice mechanic was a very fun and clever mechanic in my opinion. Also, I love how the game fools you into...
  36. RHhylian

    The Battle Subway

    I thiink the Battle Subway is gine the way it is. It's enjoyable, but a downgrade from the Battle Frontier. The thing I love the most about it is probably the remixed battle theme. It's awesome !
  37. RHhylian

    Funniest Moment in Zelda? (New Version)

    The bathroom hand from SS and MM are both strangely funny and messed up. GROOSELAND ! is also hilarious.
  38. RHhylian

    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    5. Xenoblade Chronicles/ Skyward Sword (so hard to choose!) 4. Super Paper Mario 3. Pokémon HG/SS 2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 1. Zelda: The Minish Cap
  39. RHhylian

    What Zelda Town Would You Live In?

    Skyloft is, in my opinion, one of the awesomest towns in Zelda history, so that's my choice. It just has a great atmosphere to it and I could chill at the Plaza, the Bazaar and the Knight's Academy all day long.
  40. RHhylian

    Minish Cap on 3ds

    DUDE, IT'S ON THE 3DS, only for ambassadors though... However, you maybe mean MC for all 3DS owners. In that case, I would love to have this game on the 3DS e-shop for everybody and I think everyone over here agrees with that. Why would any Zelda fan not want that ?
  41. RHhylian

    Spoiler Which Zelda Game Would You Make Better and How?

    Phantom Hourglass...Don't make you backtrack through the Temple of the Ocean King ! I hate that so much about Phantom Hourglass.
  42. RHhylian

    Minish Cap:Missed Gold?

    Yes, I started around 6 playthroughs of it the past 2 years and I finally managed to beat it. It's my favorite zelda so far, but I haven't played the Oracles, Link's Awakening and A Link to the Past yet, so maybe that'sthe reason why it's my fav
  43. RHhylian

    Your Pokedex

    I currently have 526 pokémon species obtained, according to my black's pokédex. And I'm actually not only filling my pokédex, but also making sure I have one of each pokémon species in my boxes. At this time, I have all Kanto and Johto pokémon except Mew, the Chikorita and Totodile families...
  44. RHhylian

    Which Gen. I Starter Do You Choose the Most?

    Squirtle is one of my fav pokémon of all time, so for me, it's not that hard of a choice to make to choose a starter.
  45. RHhylian

    Poll: Favorite Hero

    Gold/Ethan for the win ! I really like his sprite in HGSS. He has done way more for the Pokémon world than Red. I'll make a side by side comparison: - Gold has 16 badges, Red only 8 - Gold has defeated Team Rocket 3 times (Slowpoke Well, HQ, Radio Tower), Red only 2 times - Gold has defeated...
  46. RHhylian

    B/W and 5th Generation Thoughts?

    I thought B/W had some good and bad pokémon design, awesome type combinations and a great atmoshere, story and villains. Graphics were ok (love the player sprite, way better than previous ones) and the soundtrack was gorgeous: from the happy go lucky rival battle theme (way to much rival battles...
  47. RHhylian

    Ultimate Team?

    1. Typhlsion 2. Dragonite 3. Metagross 4. Scrafty 5. Lapras 6. Magnezone
  48. RHhylian

    Least Favorite Pokemon?

    trubbish and garbodor: ugh. so uncreative and ugly (like some others *cough Vullaby cough*) Uhm... thats about it, I think. Oh wait, Skuntank and Purugly ! Ugh ugh ugh Yeah I agree with you there. Crunch is about the best move they have
  49. RHhylian

    What Makes You Play Pokemon?

    Probably because it's so addicting... I really like that there are so many options to choose from throughout the games: which Pokémon, which nicknames, what level, special challenges etc.
  50. RHhylian

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    Temple of the Ocean King in PH. I really despise this dungeon. Time trial + stealth + backtracking = frustration. I really hate time trials most of the time. They get on my nerves very quickly >:(
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