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  1. RedDekuScrub

    WW-Wii U Extra Treasure Charts

    Excellent. Glad I could help out.
  2. RedDekuScrub

    WW-Wii U Extra Treasure Charts

    Thanks Mases. If I hear anything, I will be sure to let you know. Mases, you can obtain Treasure Chart #42 by completing the Pig Mini-Game on Windfall Island.
  3. RedDekuScrub

    Last One to Post Wins.

  4. RedDekuScrub

    Poll: Should There Be a Game Where the Current Link Gets Killed and a New One Comes?

    This Idea COULD create an excellent plot for a Zelda game, but I do not think this will happen As we know Link is supposed to "link" the player into the game. If you are playing the game and Link dies for good, and another Link comes along, then the link connects the player to the game is...
  5. RedDekuScrub

    Most Impossible Catch on Legendary Pokemon

    I caught Kyurem by throwing a Dusk Ball on the first turn
  6. RedDekuScrub

    Korra Updates-Season 2 spoilers ahead

    Excellent! I cannot wait for Season 2!
  7. RedDekuScrub

    Poll: Should There Be a 'Zelda Day'

    No, there should not be a "Zelda Day". I love the series, but it would not work out.
  8. RedDekuScrub

    Zelda Hangman

    are there any "E"s?
  9. RedDekuScrub

    Rate the Siggy!

    7/10 pretty good
  10. RedDekuScrub

    18 Year Old Dies After 40 Hours of Gaming

    Hmmm, he was very foolish for attempting that. Going nearly two days without sleep is bad enough and when you do that AND don't eat or drink anything it's even worse.
  11. RedDekuScrub

    What Have You Gotten from Club Nintendo?

  12. RedDekuScrub

    Rate the Avatar!

    6/10 it's okay
  13. RedDekuScrub

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ Is wrong < 7300! V has a toaster that toasts toast!
  14. RedDekuScrub

    Have You Heard of a Little Game Called SLENDER?

    No, I have never heard of that game before. It sounds like a very scary game though! I am not particularly fond of Horror games, so I will pass up on this.
  15. RedDekuScrub


    Sabertooth Tiger
  16. RedDekuScrub

    If You Had One Week Left to Live What Zelda Game Would You Play

    If I only had one week to live I would NOT be playing Zelda. BUT! If I HAD to choose, I would have to say Majora's Mask Majora's Mask has always been my favorite Zelda Game.
  17. RedDekuScrub

    Spoiler Did Skyward Sword Ever Make You Cry?

    Skyward Sword never made me full-out cry, but I did tear up a bit when Zelda and Link re-united and when Fi left.
  18. RedDekuScrub

    Just What Is HyruleCraft

    It is a 1:1 re-creation of the Ocarina of Time World.
  19. RedDekuScrub

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    8/10 I see you sometimes.
  20. RedDekuScrub

    Which Links Would You Like to See in the New SSB Games?

    I would like to have Young Link from Majora's Mask. He could use the Pokemon Mechanic where he switches between Deku, Zora, Goron, and regular by pressing B Down. The Final Smash could be Fierce Deity Link.
  21. RedDekuScrub

    What Device Do You Use to Post on the Forums?

    I use my laptop. It has a more sturdy connection. I also have other sites that I visit regularly, so I can have multiple tabs open.
  22. RedDekuScrub

    Deku Vs Zora Who Will Win?

    The only Zora known to have those skills was Mikau, and he died a long time ago. He was the only one that Went after the Pirates, Because he was the only one that COULD...... And he failed. It wasn't until Link (Savior of Termina) dawned his Spirit, that the Pirates were taken down.
  23. RedDekuScrub

    Deku Vs Zora Who Will Win?

    Deku Scrubs win. Seriously, I watch my knights train all the time. If the Zora ever attacked the palce, all that would happen was that we would get to eat fish for dinner! Have you ever seen the Zora train? No. Have you ever seen Zora Guards? NO! the Zora are lazy, chillin' out there in the...
  24. RedDekuScrub

    NPC Who Should Get Their Own Game. (Does not Include Zelda, Ganondorf or Sheik)

    As I said before: Beedle Tycoon - Help Beedle sell over-priced goods Also, I would love to have a game that featured Deku Scrubs, Come on, these Anti-allies need some love! .............. My subjects did NOT force me to say that.......
  25. RedDekuScrub

    Black 2 and White 2 Version Exclusives.

    Hah, Luckily they have the Global Link. So you can trade for exclusives.
  26. RedDekuScrub

    How The Zoras Go From Good To Bad

    I like to think that there are three branches of Zora. Those that are "Good", those that are "Bad" and those that are "Neutral". Just like Humans. We have good, bad, and neutral people. I like to call the "Bad" Zoras, "Zolas". (even though this is a miss-translation, but it helps to...
  27. RedDekuScrub

    Sonic the Hedgehog is Getting His Own Hyrule Historia

    I do not believe I will be buying this, at least right now. I might pick it up in the future though.... Wait I just got a text from my future self.... Uh...... No, I will not ever get this book. Oh well. Hyrule Historia is much better anyway!
  28. RedDekuScrub

    Cutest Kikwi?

    Bucha! I mean seriously have you seen him? And those camouflage skills?!? Intense, I mean seriously. That is pure awesomeness. Those skills, are off the hook. Those skill don't even want anything to DO with that hook. Those skills just filed a divorce against that hook! Those skills just won...
  29. RedDekuScrub

    Shadow Pokemon, Should They Be Continued?

    Hmmmm. Shadow Pokemon WERE a rather interesting twist. I liked the feeling of getting to capture other Trainer's Pokemon, but not when that is the ONLY way to obtain Pokemon. If they ever decided to bring back Shadow Pokemon again, I would like them to have a game where there is BOTH Wild AND...
  30. RedDekuScrub

    Black 2 and White 2 Version Exclusives.

    Well, obviously White Version 2 will have Minun and Caterpie. I will most likely get Black Version 2 at launch because I have Black Version now.
  31. RedDekuScrub

    Boss Gauntlet Strategies

    You will ALWAYS want to have as many Hearts as you can (the most you can have when you go into the Lightning Roun is 19). The makes it much easier. The stragety I uses whenever I feel like killing a bunch of bosses is as follows: Go into the Guntlet with full hearts (no damage) Make sure you a...
  32. RedDekuScrub

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^Mmmmmmhmmmm <Likes orchestrated Zelda Music V Same?
  33. RedDekuScrub

    Rate the Siggy!

    10/10 I like it!
  34. RedDekuScrub

    Rate the Avatar!

    7/10 very nice, but it is hard to tell what it is.
  35. RedDekuScrub

    Favorite Rival Of All Time

    Blue, because he is Classic and Cliche! Although, Silver was also really good.
  36. RedDekuScrub

    Majora's Mask Milk Makes You Drunk? The Placebo Effect

    I think that Chateau Romani is an alcoholic beverage.
  37. RedDekuScrub

    Does Anyone Want to Play EVERY Legend of Zelda Game?

    Been there, done that.
  38. RedDekuScrub

    How Long Do You Think It Takes an Adventure in Zelda? (in Game)

    Next time you play a Zelda game that has "game time" Time how long it takes for one Day to Cycle by. Then after you beat the game, take your play time and divide it by said number. Then you will know!
  39. RedDekuScrub

    Describe Your Perfect Burger

    It's got buns. Buns made of magic found in the furthest reaches of the Heavens. It would have meat! Meat taken from the Cow King of the Bovine Kingdom, located on the Hidden Island of Cattleainia. It would contain pickles. Pickles picked from the most picky pickle person in all of Pickle...
  40. RedDekuScrub

    Original Consoles? or Doesn't Matter?

    It honestly does not matter. If you want to play on the original consoles for nostalgia's sake, then go ahead. If you want to play them on the Virtual Console on the Wii then: For Zelda, Zelda II, and A Link to the Past: Use the Wii Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro. For Ocarina...
  41. RedDekuScrub

    What Headphones Do You Use?

    I use a rather crappy pair of Ear-buds that I happened to find a drawer in my house. I used to have some really nice Ear-Buds, but I lost the squishy things that go on the end of each bud. I could always buy some more squishy things, but I always forget.
  42. RedDekuScrub

    Majora's Mask Circus Leaders Mask

    I am truly sorry, but there is no way to get the Circus Leaders Mask before the Romani's Mask. The Circus Leader's Mask can sadly only be used against the bandits if you decide to go back and escort Romani again.
  43. RedDekuScrub

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    5/10 I think I remember your name....
  44. RedDekuScrub

    OoT Water Temple Is It Easy?

    I never particularly thought that the Water Temple was extremely hard. I really think that its lable "The Hard Dungeon that makes you go crazy" is only a fun little joke between fans of the series. There are many, many harder dungeons in the series that make the Water Temple seem like a child’s...
  45. RedDekuScrub

    Bought Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Today.

    Ah, 358/2 days! One of my favorite DS games! I love playing along with the Main Antagonists of KH:II! I quite enjoyed having Roxas as the main character (My favorite character) and taking a break from Sora. The game is very fun and contains many power-ups, weapons, and items that you can try out...
  46. RedDekuScrub

    General Art A Game I Made

    Good work. Looks like a fun game! How did it do in the contest?
  47. RedDekuScrub

    General Art Aurelia's Art Thread II

    Bunnies make verything happy and cute. Excellent work.
  48. RedDekuScrub

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

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