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  1. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    Ack, I JUST threw mine out after I got my ants lol. But Daisy Mae is here now. I’ll be able to play later if you want to come over and get some.
  2. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    AAAAA I love Stella because of Pocket Camp but I already have two normal villagers... And Dom is a jock... I really need a smug because I'm kicking Pietro out and he's my only smug one. I want at least one of each type.
  3. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    Who are they? I am looking for a smug villager.
  4. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    Today at long last I unlocked terraforming in all its glory. I am super happy about this. I've been going ham all day long. So far I have: set down tons of paths. I have used almost every kind available at least once somewhere. I made roads throughout my town proper, plazas for the park areas...
  5. Azure Sage

    Is AC:NH handling the 'egg event' well?

    Honestly I agree with most here in that they are way too common. I was able to craft every recipe for Bunny Day and it's only the third day of the event. That's kind of ridiculous for a 12-day event. So now for the next nine days I'm going to be harassed by unwanted eggs and the annoyingly...
  6. Azure Sage


    Honestly I think they could pull off a mix of both. Leave the companion to their own devices when you want, but maybe you could sync up attacks and possibly give them orders like focus on attacking or defending and so on, but I feel like that'd be a lot more in depth than combat has ever been in...
  7. Azure Sage

    Birthday Wishes

    I don't usually ask for much for my birthday. I've taken to asking for Barnes & Noble gift cards these so I can easily order books online, though. I don't ask for games because I prefer to buy them myself (lots of bad memories of parents and aunts getting the wrong game because they don't...
  8. Azure Sage


    I'd like them to take the Astral Chain route with that, where you have a partner with you all the time and a second player can jump in and control them. Of course, I would want that to be online multi with friends, but that's extremely unlikely, so I wouldn't be able to use it much. A Zelda...
  9. Azure Sage

    Where do you stand on Skyward Sword HD?

    I would really love to have it. It's one of my favorite Zelda games and to be honest if I could stand to sit in front of my TV with my Wii longer I would probably replay it more than I have. Being able to sit on my bed and play it would be a game changer, motion controls or not. I don't think...
  10. Azure Sage

    Zelda: New Horizons

    I would absolutely love to have this as a spin-off entry. Especially if it models after New Horizons. I would buy that in a heartbeat. I think setting it in the 10,000 years of peace prior to BotW's story would be ideal. I can imagine lots of Zelda universe bugs and fish for a museum, plenty of...
  11. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    Got all the bridges and the only incline I can do right now up. I should get my 8th villager tomorrow which means island evals will finally do something. I should be getting terraforming any day now. In the meantime, I'm destroying my original bridge and replacing it with a stone bridge for the...
  12. Azure Sage

    Ride the Winds!

    Sorry for the wait! Chapter Six is finally finished! I've been deep in ACNH since it came out, and that's probably not going to change for a while yet. I'll be doing my best to write when I can. Enjoy the new chapter, and look forward to seeing how the rest of this arc unfolds! :) Chapter...
  13. Azure Sage

    Money Making Tips Thread

    I’ve got a whole lot of blue flowers around my house, so I’ve been catching tons of peacock butterflies. They sell for 2500 which ain’t bad at all for how many of them spawn around my house. I can usually make a hundred thousand or two by the end of the day, which is usually enough to cover...
  14. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    Very frustrated to discover that the first person in your camp stays there until you invite them. Pietro was still there this morning and Nook did not acknowledge that yesterday where I ignored him ever happened, so I’m forced into having that ugly clown bastard in my town in order to keep...
  15. Azure Sage

    Aspects of AC-NH you don’t like or find dumb (spoilers)

    Mid tier tools have 100 uses in them. No idea if misses count for their durability but it shouldn’t be too hard to use your best judgement on when to recustomize.
  16. Azure Sage

    Aspects of AC-NH you don’t like or find dumb (spoilers)

    Just a tip; customizing your tools resets their durability. Do what you will with that information.
  17. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    If anyone has the iron garden bench recipe, I really want 3 of those for my town. Idk what I can trade in return. I have a bamboo wand, that’s pretty rare I guess. EDIT: @funnier6 hooked me up, I’m good now.
  18. Azure Sage

    What's your favourite type of cake?

    I love ice cream cake the most. I love the creamy delight of ice cream, I love the spongy goodness of cake, and put together it's pure heaven. My favorite flavor of cake tends to be vanilla, as it is with most things. I like marble quite a bit, too, though.
  19. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    The first person to visit my campsite was Pietro. No thanks, gonna make a hard pass on inviting him, lol. I’m still unable to find any villagers on tours either, so I’m gonna wait and see about that tomorrow. I paid off another bridge and already have enough to pay off the one I’m gonna set up...
  20. Azure Sage

    Are you gonna 100% the museum?

    I always try to but there have always been certain critters I was never able to get in past games. NH seems to make getting them all a lot easier, though. I would love to finally fill out a museum.
  21. Azure Sage

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    This is easily one of my new favorite hourly tunes in the series.
  22. Azure Sage

    Taka's Tale

    You're doing a great job at making Taka's life miserable, haha. I always prefer happy stories, but it can be interesting to read stuff like this from time to time where the main character's development takes a negative turn. You're doing a great job at twisting such a tale. :)
  23. Azure Sage

    Have you got any villagers you recognize from previous games in the series?

    Most of my villagers are entirely new to me this time around. Only exception is Erik, whom I had in my original copy of New Leaf, the one that got wiped with all the data from my first 3DS. Although I've never had Tabby personally before, my friend had her in her town once, so she's not...
  24. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    Since I got town hall, I've been going ham on projects. I moved my museum, set up a bridge to the museum's new spot, and set up the campsite. Today I've set Nana's house to move to a new spot so I could fix my spacing error between her house and the plaza, and I've paid off a new bridge that...
  25. Azure Sage

    Aspects of AC-NH you don’t like or find dumb (spoilers)

    This was to avoid people cheating by time traveling. I think I’ve finally found the one thing that really bothers me about this game; inclines. The concept is great, but they are waaaay too limited in function. This is what I wanted to do: But apparently the top part can’t connect from the...
  26. Azure Sage

    I can't be alone here...

    I do think it’s got a few green tints in there but the dominant color is absolutely yellow. She’s a blonde with a slight tinge of green.
  27. Azure Sage

    Are you going to give ARMS a second chance?

    Nah. I tried the network test back in the day and I didn’t hate it, but it’s also not really my kind of game. I really don’t like fighting games. Smash is the only one I like. I think ARMS is a really cool concept, but as a game it’s not for me.
  28. Azure Sage

    Nature Paradise or Total Industrialization?

    I’m doing both. I definitely want to keep a good chunk of my island forested, but the area around my town hall is gonna be paved and full of homes and buildings. I have a really nice setup going, can’t wait until it all comes together.
  29. Azure Sage

    Are you happy about an ARMS rep as the first fighter of the second pass?

    I could never get into the game itself but I did always think it was a cool concept. This is an interesting way to revive the series. I’m looking forward to seeing who it is.
  30. Azure Sage

    Aspects of AC-NH you don’t like or find dumb (spoilers)

    Honestly, I'm kind of frustrated by doing the big things one day at a time. Nook doesn't know how to multitask I guess. I want to be able to set up multiple projects at once and honestly the three new villagers did not have to move in one day at a time. On the other hand, it's been giving me so...
  31. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    Yeah. You can swap them between files on the same island, but you can't give them to other players. (and swapping between files doesn't actually add them to the critterpedia.) I caught a stringfish pretty fast the other night by throwing bait into the river on the cliffs. Farm manila clams...
  32. Azure Sage

    Best fishing in gaming history

    Honestly, I think Animal Crossing has it down perfectly. It's so simple and easy and quick. I really hate the involved minigames, especially the ones in Zelda games. As far as Zelda goes, BotW has the best fishing because its not a minigame and you can acquire the fish however you want. Games...
  33. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    I have apples and oranges in my storage, I can share some with you later!
  34. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    I’m talking about the music that goes in stereos.
  35. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    Since I have to wait until the three new villagers all move in before I can develop the town further, I’ve been plotting land for future houses and shops. I also upgraded both my houses and I set up a cool beach hangout and plotted out land for an orchard, now that I finally have all the fruit...
  36. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    If anyone gets their hands on DJ K.K or K.K Funk, I’d love a copy. Not sure what I can give in return, but we’ll figure something out.
  37. Azure Sage

    Did Animal Crossings landmark success surprise you?

    Not surprising in the least. Animal Crossing is a special kind of game. It's literally a home away from home. It's a comfort to many people, myself included. Of course the biggest release in the series would do this well.
  38. Azure Sage

    What in the game do you enjoy the most?

    I think what I've spent the most time doing so far is planning. I am planning a lot. I'm clearing land and marking down the sizes of potential buildings, leaving space for paths, and coming up with terraforming ideas. I am having so much fun walking around, imagining the possibilities, and...
  39. Azure Sage

    Maxing the tunic of the wild

    They’re found all over the place, but Satori Mountain’s forests probably have a good concentration of them.
  40. Azure Sage

    Maxing the tunic of the wild

    The woods inside Fort Hateno with the cabin has a lot of bee hives. That’s a good place to start.
  41. Azure Sage

    Suggestion - create an Animal Crossing sub forum in the gaming forum.

    Yeah I agree moving them up there would be better. That’s a good idea.
  42. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    Third day progress: in the course of three hours, I got one bridge ready to go tomorrow and three villager homes set up for them to move in tomorrow. I'll be getting Nana and Tabby from island tour invites, and Erik decided to pop in, too. The museum will finally go up tomorrow, as well. Also...
  43. Azure Sage

    Animal Crossing chat (Spoilers inside)

    I named my island Polaris and I’m making imagery from my Astral Flow stuff. I’m using my two main OCs, Azure and Silvia, as my villagers. I want to make their daughter Korra as a third villager eventually once the town gets off the ground more.
  44. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    Anyone want to give me a few pears or oranges? I have cherries, coconuts, and peaches.
  45. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    @MapelSerup i do in fact have 5 iron to spare. :) I’ll be around all day, just @ me when you’re ready. Don’t forget to add me on Switch, too, my friend code is in the Neighborhood Association thread.
  46. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Item Trade

    Here’s a place for us to help each other find things we need. Of course, it’s up to the individual if they wanna trade for something or just give them away. I’ll start us off: If any of you guys fish up a boot and you don’t want it, please give it to me. I’ll make a trade with you if I have...
  47. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    Blathers is opening the museum tomorrow I believe, I have lots of donations ready to go when he does. Nook’s Cranny will be ready if I can just get 20 more iron nuggets. Both my files are about equal in house progress and miles+ rewards.
  48. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    So far I have paid off my moving fee and got a spot for Blathers. I can't wait to get the step ladder and vaulting pole because I really want to move him and myself to different spots across the river and on the second tier.
  49. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Activity Logs

    This is a thread to talk about what you've been doing and what you plan to do! Might be a god way to share ideas and things like DIY recipes, and help your friends figure out how to unlock things and so on. Have a blast!
  50. Azure Sage

    New Horizons Neighborhood Association

    This is a thread to set times to play with your friends, if you guys are interested! Leave your friend code and island details below and if you wanna play with someone, @ them and see if they feel the same! My info is: SW-4774-1677-0982
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