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  1. ThePurpleKnight

    [SPOILER] Zelda Breath of the Wild Weapon Discussion

    I haven't got BOTW yet, but I've wanted to know about weapons for a while but the deeper I look the more questions I get and not finding many to answer them. So I figured I'd start a discussion here, so I can get some answered maybe, and watch others talk to gain even more information. Can you...
  2. ThePurpleKnight

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple Warping Song

    What is your favorite song wise (forget the temple or the usefulness of the song) I like Minuet of Forest. (Making a poll for this be sure to vote in about one minute after this post is made)
  3. ThePurpleKnight

    Groudon Vs Kyogre

    I know this convo is so 7 years ago or something, but I am more interested in it than I am in Dialga Vs Palkia or Reshiram Vs Zekrom, I think the whole Magma Vs Aqua thing was cool (Magma girls are hot!) and I always loved these pokemon, as a kid I favored Groudon but as I got older and much...
  4. ThePurpleKnight

    Your Favorite Pokemons Pokeball.

    I search google "Skitty Pokeball" and "Glaceon Pokeball" Hoping to find stuff like this but while doing that I kept seeing like this So I came up with an idea for a thread, 10+ gold for me and I get to see some nice pictures, so please google your favorite pokemon and then pokeball...
  5. ThePurpleKnight

    Code Geass Abridged

    No not the one by purpleeyeswtf, this one is much better, a friend of mine is in it, well a couple actually, here are the links to anyone who wants to check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIO_RuL2jeQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiFYsXkpaJ4...
  6. ThePurpleKnight

    Which Pokemon Games Do You Own? (That can connect to wifi)

    Someone wanted to start a pokemon league and was planning to use fourth generation games for it, problem is a lot of people arn't able to connect to wifi with fourth generation. I wanna see how many possible players in this forum league thing there can possibly be, so vote only if you can...
  7. ThePurpleKnight

    How Did We Not Know This the Minute We Saw Tobi (Naruto Thread)

    I was just looking at different sharingans, and Kakashi and Tobi share the same Mangekyo, now it's common knowledge Tobi is Obito, fans knew it for the longest time and being told he was Madara there were still skeptics, it couldn't have been anyone other than Obito, that hair, the only showing...
  8. ThePurpleKnight

    The Rarest Pokemon

    I been thinking about how I am gonna get all the pokemon, I have started playing the games a lot now incase of a remake of my favoite R/S/E (technacally second favorite, soul silver is better than the originals of R/S/E but I doubt it'd be better than remakes of them if you could have pokemon...
  9. ThePurpleKnight


    Was so excited for this and it was worth it, love her sword, anyone else planning to watch this series? http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?sid=rwby&v=more
  10. ThePurpleKnight

    The Best Fight Ever - What is It?

    Think hard about this before answering, what is the best fight you have ever seen in any anime, game, or anything else? Also what do you think would make the best fight if anyone could fight anyone?
  11. ThePurpleKnight

    General Zelda Create Your Own Zelda Boss

    I got mine, if ever they came out with a zelda game with real multiplayer the dungeon bosses could all have a character kept captive, one of them could be an evil Keaton, it would take Keatons form and there would be grass everywhere, that can be destroyed but it will come back within 5 seconds...
  12. ThePurpleKnight

    Mario Vs Luigi

    I wanna know who you all think wins in overall greatness, Mario from Sunshine using his water gun F.L.U.D.D or Luigi from Luigi's Mansion with his Poltergust 3000. Maybe it's about fighting or racing or just who is funner, but overall who is better?
  13. ThePurpleKnight

    Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Girls

    Which girl do you think Kodaka should end up with? I've always been a little tied between Sena and Yukimura even when I thought Yukimura was a male, but I still don't know who I'm rooting for in all this. (Let it be noted that I do not read Manga as it is harder to like the characters in manga...
  14. ThePurpleKnight

    Any Plans for Valentines?

    Normally I wouldn't think of stuff like this, Valentines is an event that makes animes even better and a day to get free cinnamon hearts, but this year for me it is a little different, I am gonna try and do some work around my house for money and if that is successful, I am gonna send a girl I...
  15. ThePurpleKnight

    Game Help Tales of Vesperia Second Playthrough

    Alright so recently I got Tales of Vesperia, beat it and am about to do the second playthrough I've heard weapons are kept during the second playthrough so I am going to get the 3 remaining fell weapons and Judiths spear if still possible, but I started thinking I probably missed a lot of extras...
  16. ThePurpleKnight

    Top 3 Games You Would Wanna Be In.

    If you got sucked in the game and lived inside for the rest of your life what games would you choose? Rules: Be specific about the game, some games such as Zelda have a long timeline if you chose something like OoT you would exist in Majoras mask as well, but you would be dead in winder...
  17. ThePurpleKnight

    Why Are You All So Boring

    There is no discussions in any of these threads. It's always a question is asked and you all reply and that's were in ends, ocassional replys to something someone said happens, but are you all that uninterested that you just post what you like/think and then are done with a topic?
  18. ThePurpleKnight

    Anyone Here Like Code Geass?

    A couple of friends of mine made this, episode 3 will be out shortly, it's pretty good, so if any of you need something to do and have seen Code Geass, enjoy. Code Geass abridged: Pilot - YouTube Code Geass Abridged Episode 2: Devil - YouTube
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