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  1. Kirito

    Dead man Wonderland rp sign ups

    I plan on taking DW as a completely oc series where a small group of students survive the wretched eggs attack and are all implanted with a branch of sin. You may if you so choose to play as a normal person like yō or you can be a deadman. You can choose to already be in G block or be in gen pop...
  2. Kirito

    Naruto Rp Interest Check

    Is there anyone willing to do a naruto rp with me? The story will depend on how many people sign up
  3. Kirito

    Resident Evil Mafia Su

    This will be relatively small only 12 people. I will go owe the night day mechanics in the games opening post
  4. Kirito

    Bleach Rp Intest Check

    I'm looking for a few people to run a bleach rp. It will e complwtly OC.
  5. Kirito

    General Art Kiritos Manga and Art Gallery

    Hi I just got into drawing so I will post them here for feedback
  6. Kirito

    Blue Exorsist SU

    I'm hosting an rp based on the anime Blue Exorsist. You will all be pages and will be working your way up the ranks. I am exorsist first class and I will be teaching you the skills needed for the job. Su sheet Name Caesar Valentin Age 37 Rank exorsist first class Appearance tall about...
  7. Kirito

    Attack on Titan Interest Check

    Is there anyone that finds this appealing. I need at least 3 people's interest before I post an su
  8. Kirito

    Naruto Rp Su

    This is an rp based off naruto. If we get mor than 12 people we can have a chunin exams. If we can't then I just need three people to be a genin training squad. We will train in the ways of the ninja and fight real enemies from the series. Once we have a rhythm I will start the exams. I myself...
  9. Kirito

    SAO RP

    James was relaxing in the feild outside the town of begginings. It was the day after Sao Became all to real. He was waiting for the inital panic To die down before he moved on. He knew the secrets to level quickly. He was a beta tester. He knew if the others found out theyd never leave him...
  10. Kirito

    Sword Art Online SU

    I just finished SAO and now wish to RP it. So lets get to it. SU name: James Aldrich age 17 (i'm making 22 the max) gender male appearance White about 6'1 lean and muscular blonde shoulder length hair blue eves lvl. 1 beta tester: Yes (Depending on how many sign up I may have 1 or 2...
  11. Kirito

    Best Advice You Ever Got

    "Just roll with the punches" -my Dad
  12. Kirito

    Ash's Pikachu Vs. Sub Zero

    Who is deadlier
  13. Kirito

    Naruto Vs. Black☆star

    No holds barred death match
  14. Kirito

    Hottest Female Game Characters

    Who do you think deserves this titel. There have been many Zelda, Peach, Samus, Yuna, and so many more. They dont have to be nintendo. Out of all the women in gaming who is hotter. In my own opinion Mrs. Pac-man is pretty damn sexy.
  15. Kirito

    Dantè's Redemption SU

    In this Rp if it gets at least 3 people you will play as demons trying to become mortal. You are given this opportunity by Dantè (Me) from the devil may cry series. We will go through hell (Literally) to become mortals. But we will face many challenges along the way. (My weapons at start are...
  16. Kirito

    General Art Fan Story

    As I'm not currently writing anything right now I'm going to let you decide what I write next
  17. Kirito

    DBZ Interest Check

    Before i make the SU thread I want to know if anyone would actually join
  18. Kirito

    Majora's Mask Should It Have a MasterQuest

    I Think it should. I enjoyed the challenge now I want more
  19. Kirito

    Pacific Rim RP Su

    welcome to the Jager program my btother (Emerald) and I will be teaching you to fight kaiju. But first who are you Name sex age height weight side (Left or right eye color hair color clothes backstory personality
  20. Kirito

    Ocarina of Time Masterquest for the Masterquest

    In my opinion (Yes i have my own opinion) masterquest for OoT was still too easy. What are your thoughts
  21. Kirito

    Naruto RP

    As james Squatted in a tree by the training area reading make out paradise. He wondered where his trainees were. "Late as always" He mused
  22. Kirito

    Who Wants to See Majora As a Playable Char in Ssb4

    yes or no
  23. Kirito

    Naruto RPsu

    This is an RP for 3 genin of the village hidden in the leaves I will be your Jonin leader. our RP will be completeing mission that you suggest or i make up. after i know it wont die I'll reccomend you for the chunin exams. Then ill bring forth an antagonist for us to defeat. SU name James...
  24. Kirito

    General Classic Zelda Food Chain

    not counting humans or boss monsters who do you think is top of the food chain in zelda
  25. Kirito

    Cloud Strife VS Link

    Who would win and why
  26. Kirito

    General Art Story Request

    does anyone have a story they just cant word right? Then send the basic idea and char names and I'll write it for you
  27. Kirito

    Light Quest (Rp)

    As james stalked silently though the woods he thought of the old man who approached him "You have much harmonic energy even though you dwell in the shadows. Go to the caves under komonikai village there you will meet four other harmonic warriors And will start the quest to save kihona." before...
  28. Kirito

    Light Quest

    Im looking for four worthy adventurers to go questing for the five weapons of light choose your class we can only have one of each rouge archer berserker mage swordsman SU name James age 18 (16 is youngest 32 is oldest) race elf (Races human elf orc goblin troll and ogre) class rouge...
  29. Kirito

    Symbolistic Song

    my life is like that song 'goin through hell' cause nothings going right my GF dumped me my family hates me and it]seems i cant do anything right
  30. Kirito

    Zabuza Momochi VS Ichigo Kurosaki

    Who whould win in a strait swordfight no bankai no hoolowfication and no jutsu just swords
  31. Kirito

    Have You Ever Dated a Friend then Ruiened Your Friendship

    all i can say is 'more than once'
  32. Kirito

    Majora's Mask Zora Solution

    Why didnt the zora singer just write down wnat was wrong with her
  33. Kirito

    Ocarina of Time I Just Realized This

    if link had never opend the door to the sacred realm and pulled the master sword ganon would have never gotten the triforce of power and taken over hyrule. What are your opinions did link cause hyrules downfall
  34. Kirito

    OoT RP

    as link woke up and climbed out of his tree house he thought of his strange dream he had he was going to ask the deku tree about it sion
  35. Kirito

    Oot Rp Su

    im looking for 5 people to be in an Rp version of Oot I need 1 of each race not including me SU Name age race weapon 2 max will get more as we go bio personality heres whats avalible main: BANKAI!!! kokiri Feirce Deity hylian Raindrop14 goron zora imogen gerudoDarkLink7 each...
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