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  1. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    A good example of homophobic slurs are: ***, Gay, Queer, Homo, etc. The real definition of these words: *** - a bundle of sticks Gay - full of life, happy Queer - strange, out of the ordinary Homo - short for homosexual, homozygous Why do kids feel the need to continue saying...
  2. GerudoDesert

    Legend of Zelda Series Coming to an End?

    What would you do if this series finally came to a successful end?
  3. GerudoDesert

    Banjo & Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie?

    Which would you prefer playing and why?
  4. GerudoDesert

    What You Like About The Person Above

    [Pardon me if a similar post has been made] Whether you know this person, or whether you just see him/her around the forums, write something you like about them.
  5. GerudoDesert

    Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda Elaborating on the Ocarina?

    Do you feel that the Legend of Zelda should elaborate on the creation of the Ocarina of Time in the up-coming games? We do not exactly have a good idea on where the Ocarina of Time came from or why it was made. (Correct me if I am wrong)
  6. GerudoDesert

    Why Does America Help Other Countries?

    America has sent so much money to other countries like Haiti and Japan, but what can Haiti do with millions and millions of dollars? And our economy is doing terrible right now. So, why can't we use that money for ourselves until our economy is actually improving? Why are we wasting money...
  7. GerudoDesert

    Kids and Their Opinions

    Why do kid's act like they are entitled to their own opinion on a certain subject, when they clearly can't even grasp the subject, anyway?! Before you are even entitled to an opinion, do some research and actually know what you are talking about. [This is a general mention, not to anyone...
  8. GerudoDesert

    Spoiler About the Stools That Are Found Everywhere..

    How long did it take you all to realize that the stools could actually recover your hearts? I was on the ship, and after seeing them multiple times throughout countless places, I theorized that possibly they could recover a couple of hearts. No, they recovered all of my hearts and I was an awe...
  9. GerudoDesert

    Have the Games Helped You in Real Life?

    The reason why I made this topic is because one of my Vocab words we had to memorize for our test was Pinnacle. And I could not stop thinking of Great Bay in Majora's Mask. Discuss!
  10. GerudoDesert

    Zombie Apocalypse

    What would you do if this ever happened? NOTE: Be creative!
  11. GerudoDesert

    Stop Spoiling..

    It really does not matter whether you are giving the slightest bit of detail for Skyward Sword, put the "Spoiler" prefix on the topic. Other people obviously have not played it yet. And it isn't like the topic is obviously about Skyward Sword. You read the paragraph and before you know it, you...
  12. GerudoDesert

    Ocarina of Time OoT; Tad Bit Over-rated?

    Does it ever bother you that people are always saying what a great game Ocarina of Time is? Believe me, I've played it and it is a great game, but people need to understand that we got the message.. five(+) years ago.
  13. GerudoDesert

    Gay Marriage

    Do you feel that the remaining states should allow Gay marriage? NOTE: Opinions are ALWAYS respected but keep it clean and respectful.
  14. GerudoDesert


    Vote for Operation Gruntilda. Hopefully Nintendo brings this back for the Wii's Virtual Console! http://www.change.org/petitions/operation-gruntilda
  15. GerudoDesert

    The Whole Point of "Reputation"

    The whole point of the "reputation" system is to show how much you agree with that person on a certain topic. You don't give someone bad reputation for an opinion. If it's a hate post, ex; "omg. zelda is so stupid trololol.", then you give them bad reputation. Also, don't give someone bad...
  16. GerudoDesert

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time N64 Cover?

    Is it just me, or does it look a little too.. bland? The gold is kind of unflattering..
  17. GerudoDesert

    Pikmin 3

    [Apologies if anyone has made this post yet] But I saw on wikipedia that Pikmin 3 was going to be on the Wii U. :OOO!
  18. GerudoDesert


    I had a talk with my religion teacher the other day and I asked point-blank whether homosexuality is a sin. He just blabs on and on about how you can be saved as long as you are still believing in God and asking for forgiveness. And he also said that God's design wasn't meant for homosexuals. So...
  19. GerudoDesert

    Ocarina of Time Theory of Bongo Bongo

    I've actually been thinking because I'm such a nerd.. Bongo Bongo was an actual man that lived in Kakariko Village and his house was where the Well is now. He was incarcerated for making such a powerful item as the lens-of-truth, and for his punishment, his arms were cut off. I also theorized...
  20. GerudoDesert

    General Classic 2d v. 3d?

    Is it just me or are the 2D games much harder than the 3D ones? Ex; A Link to the Past v. Ocarina of Time
  21. GerudoDesert

    Why Does It Matter?

    I know that a lot of you are OCD when it comes to correcting someone if they have the time-line wrong. And believe me, I've gone over plenty of time-lines myself that I have made. But just a thought, why does it matter if their is even a time-line? They are just games. Extremely good games, if I...
  22. GerudoDesert

    Romani Ranch + Kakariko Village

    I read from some where that apparently Romani Ranch has the same arch as the one in Kakriko, both at the entrance. This is the only picture I have of the arch from Romani Ranch:
  23. GerudoDesert

    General Classic One Game You Would Take Out

    Name one game you would throw out of the Legend of Zelda series, starting from NES through Gameboy, to make it better. [Note: DO NOT judge one others opinion and DO NOT turn this into a realistic argument!]
  24. GerudoDesert

    Post Your Phobia!

    If you do not have a phobia, post something you would never want to happen to you!
  25. GerudoDesert

    Same Elemental Temples..

    In almost ALL of the Legend of Zelda games, it always starts off with a forest-themed temple. And than afterwords, it's most likely fire. Do you like having to do the forest temple first, or would you rather it be something different?
  26. GerudoDesert

    Exceptions of Free Speech

    I won't make this a poll only because I think it's unnecessary and because I want to know how you guys feel. Should their be an exception to having the right of free speech? The reason why I started this topic because I strongly hate the Westboro Baptist Church because of the horrible things...
  27. GerudoDesert

    After the Events of Ocarina of Time..

    I wonder.. As stated in Wind Waker, when Ganondorf returns and causes havoc in Hyrule, the people pray to the Gods that the Hero of Time returns to defeat Ganondorf. But when the Hero of Time fails to return, the God's flood the earth. Could this have been during the time of when Link goes...
  28. GerudoDesert

    Ocarina of Time Kakariko Village Pronunciation

    I have had such a terrible time with this.. How do you actually pronounce Kakariko?! [Please Note: If this has been posted before, please politely tell me. Thank You]
  29. GerudoDesert


    Apparently, his account has been suspended and all of his videos have been removed because of three copyright infrigments. His videos consisted of basicly all of the Legend of Zelda songs, and were loved by everyone... But now, they are just gone..
  30. GerudoDesert

    Does Age Really Matter?

    **Pardon me if their has already been a post similar People argue over what Link's age was in Ocarina of Time, or Wind Waker, and even Majora's Mask.. Is his age really worth arguing over?
  31. GerudoDesert

    Favorite Lady Gaga Song?

    And I do know that their is another post quite a few scrolls down. But that has nothing to with this one.
  32. GerudoDesert

    General Classic How You Would Change Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask

    Yes, I know that Ocarina of Time and Majora's is perfect in EVERY way. But whats a couple of things you would do to either games to make them more hard, or complex, or easy?
  33. GerudoDesert

    Ocarina of Time Enough is Enough!

    I am honestly, sick and tired of seeing the same posts over and over again. For example; The Water Temple. Yes, we all know the temple sucks big ones, and it's hard, and you used a key on the wrong door. But REALLY? It's SO unecessary. You need help?! Slide your mouse over the Ocarina on top...
  34. GerudoDesert

    The Person Above

    For the person above you, you HAVE to at least say a compliment. Ex; If someone was above me, I'd have to say something true about that person, but it has to be put into a form of a compliment. Go ahead!
  35. GerudoDesert

    The World of Harry Potter

    ** Just to get this off of my chest, this is an RP. You Role-Play as a Witch or a Wizard. The setting is in Hogwarts. Like I've stated above, you are role-playing as either a witch or a wizard, but as a student. Ex; Witch or Wizard Name: Adam Chestnut (?) Age: Fifteen Year: Fifth House...
  36. GerudoDesert

    Why Not Just Keep the Items?

    Why do they have to keep making such bizarre weapons? Why not just keep the ones that have actually been useful? Like, why not just have Bow & Arrow, Bombs, Hookshot, Boomerang.. etc.
  37. GerudoDesert

    Fierce Diety Technically Cheating?

    Too me, I think it is. The final boss is suppose to be a challange, and using that Mask just doesn't make it feel like you beat the game. Discussions?
  38. GerudoDesert

    Reoccuring Posts.

    Firstly, their seems to be a problem with people making posts that have already been made in the past. Make sure that when you make a post about a 'favorite temple', or 'your where you'd want to live', that someone hasn't already made it. Note: Look before you post.
  39. GerudoDesert

    2D Games Harder?

    Why is it that the 2D games are a lot harder then the 3D games?
  40. GerudoDesert

    Magic Sword?

    What ever happened to, when you have full hearts, your sword sends out a beam of magic that is way more effective then just any hit. That would've been perfect in Ocarina of Time. Your opinion?
  41. GerudoDesert

    Forest Temple..and Poes?

    I really do not see the relevance.. Enlighten me.
  42. GerudoDesert

    Same Old Story?

    Almost all of the Zelda games have the same storyline, " You have to save Princess Zelda ". It gets old. Even I got tired of it after Twilight Princess. These people really need to be more creative. And another thing is the temples. Theirs always a Forest Temple, a Fire Temple, a Water Temple...
  43. GerudoDesert


    Okay, so.. I continued with this game after I had previously given up. One thing that I am still in need to find is the Zora water fall. I heard that it'll give you an upgrade on your sheild and sword?
  44. GerudoDesert

    [Ocarina of Time Ending + Majoras Mask]

    This should really belong in the Ocarina of Time section, but whatever. At the very end of Ocarina of Time, way after the credits, it shows Link and Zelda in the courtyard. And then you hear a bell chime and then it says "The End" or whatever. If you even remember, doesn't the chime sound...
  45. GerudoDesert

    Forgetting the Other Zelda Games?

    Don't you think it'll just waste our time trying to figure out which games came first of half of them are not even part of the original story?! Think about it. Theirs three or four Legend of Zelda games that revolve around Ganondorf. And I just think that, people should focus on the story-line...
  46. GerudoDesert

    Increasing Train Hearts?

    It would make the game a lot easier, if maybe they allowed you to increase your train health. Like, each time you completed the tower of spirits, your train increases strength, or again, your train gains more health. Do any of you agree with me?
  47. GerudoDesert

    Lack of Hearts[ALttP]

    Is it just me.. or is it that EVERYTIME you are almost out of hearts, you can NEVER find them. But when you have full health, you find hearts everywhere. This mostly happens to me in temples. :suspicious:
  48. GerudoDesert

    Whats Your Favorite Temple in MM

    Choose out of the four that temples that you like. :rolleyes:
  49. GerudoDesert

    Wasnt This Hard?

    Whenever you thought about making a game..or making a book..was it hard to NOT think about the Legend of Zelda or any character?
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