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  1. ThePurpleKnight

    [SPOILER] Zelda Breath of the Wild Weapon Discussion

    So I assume that there is no way to take materials found to increase the maximum durability of weapons? Is it a viable strategy to run a full inventory of good weapons and then just get them repaired whenever they get low durability? It seems really dumb that one a kind swords can be so easily...
  2. ThePurpleKnight

    [SPOILER] Zelda Breath of the Wild Weapon Discussion

    So did you find anything that never breaks?
  3. ThePurpleKnight

    [SPOILER] Zelda Breath of the Wild Weapon Discussion

    I haven't got BOTW yet, but I've wanted to know about weapons for a while but the deeper I look the more questions I get and not finding many to answer them. So I figured I'd start a discussion here, so I can get some answered maybe, and watch others talk to gain even more information. Can you...
  4. ThePurpleKnight

    Sexiest Zelda Character

    Zelda is sexiest. Idk whether I'd say TP Zelda or Skyward Sword Zelda, but either way it's s till Zelda.
  5. ThePurpleKnight

    Pokemon Go

    What if you choose based of color or legendary birds? I mean Team Mystic is blue and likes Articuno, Instinct likes Zapdos (easily the best of the birds) but is unfortunately yellow which is weak. Valor likes Moltres and is just red. Surely as the Azure Sage you must see why Mystic is the best...
  6. ThePurpleKnight

    Terrible games that you enjoy anyway

    Sonic The Hedgehog for the Xbox 360, also referred to as Next Generation, I agree it's a pretty ****ty game, incomplete and filled with annoying bugs and way too much speed for such little control over it. Still there are a lot of things I like about it, such as shadows version of jump dash (I...
  7. ThePurpleKnight

    Can you make a costume out of the stuff in your house?

    Same, except I'd have to change the shoes.
  8. ThePurpleKnight

    Aounuma should be fired

    But WW and MM were my favorites. Maybe what they need to do isn't fire him but make him Director again.
  9. ThePurpleKnight

    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    You could run in twilight princess, a lot faster than you can in skyward sword. You just hold the button down and you run.
  10. ThePurpleKnight

    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    Skyward Sword had a meter that if it emptied, you couldn't run. With something that dumb added into the game, over world and combat go to TP by default.
  11. ThePurpleKnight

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    I was watching episode 105 of Inuyasha and new Pokemon announcement video before i came here. Kind of both at the same time.
  12. ThePurpleKnight

    The most insane Zelda character?

    Idr him that well but I think Yuga was pretty crazy wasn't he?
  13. ThePurpleKnight

    How would you describe your personality?

    Some people have just one face of their own and yet they wear many faces. I'm the complete opposite, I have many faces and can't make any of them for real, my real life personality is that of someone completely unamused, bored, serious, mad. I am some of those things but not often, I wear that...
  14. ThePurpleKnight

    Best 'mech' anime/manga

    Code Geass is the best anime and it has mechs in it. Also Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny are both good.
  15. ThePurpleKnight

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    I was watching Hyderdimension Neptunia, then I stopped half way through, I will probably finish it another time.
  16. ThePurpleKnight

    If You Could Have ONE Weapon From Any Video Game, What Would You Choose?

    Brave Lance from Fire Emblem, a Lance that will double my attacking speed. That or maybe the Bloodthirster from League of Legends, I like the idea of taking life from my enemy.
  17. ThePurpleKnight

    Your personal aesthetic

    People complain about hemp and how it feels like a burlap sack, I've never felt hemp but everytime I hear stuff bad about hemp I think of the closest thing I can think of to what I imagine it being like, Denim. It's so rough you could probably use it in place of sand paper. That suit looks...
  18. ThePurpleKnight

    Your personal aesthetic

    They're boring, ****ty material and one of the few options men have for pants. No need to wear something ugly, uncomfortable and manly when you have all these options. To top it off though, Jeans are the laziest thing you can wear as a girl, and people are lazy, if they don't care about their...
  19. ThePurpleKnight

    Your personal aesthetic

    I like Lolita stuff, especially pettiskirts, wedges, opaque pantyhose especially in black, girly boots, anything girly. I really hate jeans and hoodies, and manly shoes like converse.
  20. ThePurpleKnight

    Pokemon that just Suck

    Sunkern has evolution's and a cool concept, it's a grass type which means it holds an advantage over the largest type category (Or at least water is one of them) Sunkern isn't the worst thing ever. There is more to pokemon than just base stats.
  21. ThePurpleKnight

    Pokemon that just Suck

    + Spiderman is a superhero and they seem to resemble him. One is red and the other is blue, and they got the lines like him, bald looking head, like a mask.
  22. ThePurpleKnight

    Pokemon that just Suck

    Aww come on Dedenne is so much cuter, they are hamsters not a rats, and the fairy type addition is really cool. I hate Sawk and Throh, never in my life would I say "Hmm, I wonder what Spiderman would be like as a pokemon" I hate fighting types, I hate superheroes, and ugliness, and most of all...
  23. ThePurpleKnight

    Habits you picked up from fictional characters

    I have a ton of these but I can't remember any aside from the one in the quote below. I am actually currently trying to pick up a certain line on purpose, because I find it hilarious, I wanna pick up Happy's "She looooooves you" from Fairy Tail, it would be cool to just do that on my own when...
  24. ThePurpleKnight

    Who are you in Mario games?

    Peach, she is the cutest character.
  25. ThePurpleKnight

    Zelda games you've grown to love

    I disliked Twilight Princess, it's too dark, Wind Waker had bright colors and water looked delicious and it was like a world I wish I could live in but TP was just dark everywhere, and the people were ugly, it felt too real. I still ended up getting it and I liked it after playing it, but i...
  26. ThePurpleKnight

    Top 5 want-to-knows

    What Zelda looks like What type of arrows/bow upgrades are there What is the musical instrument or rather just what are the obtainable items. What kind of aesthetic changes can be made to Link (probably can't be a girl but I wish) is there a purple or blue tunic? How big of a role will Zelda...
  27. ThePurpleKnight

    Sonic: Is it too late to improve?

    At least they are gonna use more characters, the problem Sonic has is that it lost so many things that made it great but didn't get anything back, I watched a Pro Jared video about Sonic Adventure 2 Battle recently, and he talked about how we only remember the good parts of it but it was...
  28. ThePurpleKnight

    Obscure Anime

    DearS, MM and possibly DN Angel. Good anime I never hear anyone ever mention.
  29. ThePurpleKnight

    Favorite Companion Character

    Anyone who didn't say Zelda has no right to call themselves a Zelda fan Lol
  30. ThePurpleKnight

    What's Your Favourite YouTube Channel?

    Probably Game Theorists, though I do watch a lot of college humor and instantly rush to the new videos by Yuriofwind. Ah actually, if I go by all time, there is one that is either better or almost as good as Game Theorists. Adamwestslapdog. Unfortunately he is dead.
  31. ThePurpleKnight

    Petition to Remove Stupid Emotes

    I don't see what use Seizure has but it's small and not that bad, the eye rolling doesn't seem dumb just bad quality, and the throwing up one is on pretty much every emote collection ever, it's a little big and bad quality, but the idea isn't wrong. I like the quality of the star but it doesn't...
  32. ThePurpleKnight


  33. ThePurpleKnight

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Dammit - Blink 182
  34. ThePurpleKnight

    It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it's even harder to give...

    It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it's even harder to give up when you know it's everything you want.
  35. ThePurpleKnight

    Sexualization of Body Parts

    I think the parts look pretty gross, sexual or not. They're never what you expect them to be, they all look weird. it's best to keep it hidden. That said, if the reproductive organs are kept hidden, Idc as much if girls wear like a thong and only a thong showing off pretty much the rest of the...
  36. ThePurpleKnight

    Noooo! I am a anime screenshot taker, I find all the best pictures of all the best anime...

    Noooo! I am a anime screenshot taker, I find all the best pictures of all the best anime characters and save them in a folder, it is very sad now that for the second time in my life I had found a picture that I have already taken was also taken by someone else. You're profile picture, very...
  37. ThePurpleKnight

    Pokémon Gen VII - Discussion & Speculation Thread

    Higher base hps for everybody. Seriously pokemon has the lamest turn based RPG battling system ever, you get 4 moves, as opposed to final fantasy or some other turn based RPG where you get 20 + a basic attack. you get enough hp to tank about 1 hit, as opposed to the 9999 max hp from most turn...
  38. ThePurpleKnight

    Favourite Dorito Flavour

    Cheese Burger or the one where it's collisions, hot wings and some other kind on the blue side. Blue Cheese I think.
  39. ThePurpleKnight

    Anybody Have Tumblr Accounts?

    I do, I don't use it, but everytime I go on I find Vain without even trying despite not following him, I was sceptical on whether or not it was actually him until I saw this post though, thanks for confirming it I guess.
  40. ThePurpleKnight

    Hohoho the Positives of Christmas

    Christmas skins for League of Legends characters will probably be sold during Christmas, some of those are pretty cool.
  41. ThePurpleKnight

    Hardest Gym Leader?

    I agree with Whitney but a gym leaders difficulty can sometimes be trying to get to them in which case the gen 5 dark gym is annoying.
  42. ThePurpleKnight

    If You Had to Remove One Pokemon, What Would It Be?

    Sawk, looks mega stupid and has sturdy,
  43. ThePurpleKnight


    There are no bad words, just bad people. Okay maybe the N word just because of it's double standard, but stuff like *** and **** are not bad, at a certain age if you say poop or bum, you just look stupid and get weird looks from people. It doesn't feel right either, so if you think something...
  44. ThePurpleKnight

    Which Animal Do You Resemble Most?

    Maybe a lion, coming out of the shower my hair gets pretty big, not spikey due to it's length but still pretty big, my face is a pretty human face no matter how you look at it, so I guess I resemble a human.
  45. ThePurpleKnight

    Iwata: New Gamers Can't Beat Level 1 of Super Mario Bros.

    I can't complete the original Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill act 2, not enough patience for the platform jumping part. Maybe that Mario game has something like that? Who wants to jump on platforms the size of toothpicks with a character that runs off when he lands.
  46. ThePurpleKnight

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    The person I love most hates me and tells me never to speak to her again. Also people in League of Legends are too aggressive.
  47. ThePurpleKnight

    Favorite Pokemon Anime Episode

    Pokémon 7 Destiny Deoxys
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