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  1. Killjoy

    Wolf Link curiosity

    I know that I can get wolf link as a companion if I have the amiibo and Twilight Princess HD, and he’ll have the same amount of hearts saved. But, I also recently read that the health depends on how many hearts are left ‘after’ the trial of shadows. What I’m currently confused on is, is the...
  2. Killjoy

    Lerulin Village Gambling Easy

    I've seen on another site that aside from the save pick and win, reload on a loss, you can also tell which of the chests is the winner is by the gold rim of the chest. Only one of them will have the whole rim completely shiny while the other two will have a side, both being the exact same side...
  3. Killjoy

    Which of the Ganons Annoyed You the Most?

    I know, they're all not technically Ganon, just the one in Hyrule Castle, just using this since they all had Ganon in their name. Also, I wasn't paying attention for the actual name at the second half of the fight at Hyrule Castle. xD As for me, it was Thunder-blight Ganon that really drove me...
  4. Killjoy

    The tune in the mazes

    Did anyone else happen to find it both kinda eerie and strangely sattisfying? or is it just me?
  5. Killjoy

    The Five Letter Word Game

    I seen this on another forums that I'm a member of and thought I might add it here. Anyway all you have to do is change exactly one letter in the previous five letter word entry to make another five letter word. You can move the remaining letters around but you may not not add or delete...
  6. Killjoy

    Anime Characters That Creep You Out.

    All of up who enjoy watching anime have our "Most Favorite Characters" or "Least Favorite Characters" right? Right. Well, I had been watching Dragon Ball Z(episode 239) and got curious if there were any random character of any specific anime that you seem to 'get the shivers' from seeing(so to...
  7. Killjoy

    How Do You Like Your Eggs?

    I seen the "How Do You Like Your Toast" thread and seriously thought why no one posted this yet. Anyway, how do you personally enjoy your eggs? I personally enjoy mine set up as a sunny side up(Fried)
  8. Killjoy

    GameFAQs Character Battle

    I got to looking at the current poll: Ganondorf, Guybrush Threepwood, and Max Payne(My vote defenantly went for Ganondorf)and got to really wondering. Does anyone else here either take part in it or at least look at the polls for the sake of looking? For those of you who are wondering: "What...
  9. Killjoy

    Time Traveling

    First off I'd like to state that I am not referring to hopping into a machine typing in a specific date and warping to the date at hand. What I AM implying is grabbing something from your childhood/teen years and reading/watching/playing it. We all have had things in our lives(books, games...
  10. Killjoy

    Creepiest Pokemon

    I got to watching Pokemon a moment ago on an anime site when the question hit me, out of all of the Pokemon, which one of 'em do you personally find to be the creepiest? As for me, I choose Jynx. The way they made Jynx look makes my skin crawl
  11. Killjoy

    Your Favorite 3.14?

    Well as for the title, it was set up as a slight joke. 3.14 or Pi is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. What is your favorite type of pie? Do you even like pie to begin with? I personally have a liking towards pie. My least favorite is...
  12. Killjoy

    How Many Scars Do You Have?

    I got to thinking about the scars I had gained through out my life and just got curious as to how many scars a lot of you guys/girls have. I am also sure you guys are wondering why there in not "0" posted. The reason being because the belly button counts when the doctor cut the umbilical cord...
  13. Killjoy

    Two Teen Boys Arrested in Shooting Death of Georgia Infant in Stroller

    Two teen boys arrested in shooting death of Georgia infant in stroller | Fox News These are the kind of thing that are causing people to say things about Higher gun control. and why it should be done. What are your thoughts?
  14. Killjoy

    Favorite Movie Quotes

    We've all watched movies through out our lives, and heard many quotes that seem to stick in our heads either because they're funny or they seem a bit true to us in one way or another. What's your favorite movie quotes? To Whom it may consern, I'm sorry if there is a topic like this already...
  15. Killjoy

    Have You Ever Been Trolled or Trolled Someone?

    We all know that a "troll" is basically "someone who posts inflammatory extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."...
  16. Killjoy

    What Was the First Game That You Ever Played?

    As the title asks, What game got you started on the road to gaming? For me I remember it perfectly. It was The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Even though I lost the original cartridge(plus the DX cartridge a few years after) I had finally found another copy(of the DX version) on eBay and...
  17. Killjoy

    Never Ending Story

    The rules are simple. Each person is to make a post ranging from 3 - 7 words that goes along with what the previous poster typed to make a story with no end. (EG Post 1: Once upon a time... Post 2: There was a rat named...) Anyway, lets get started. In a land far, far away there...
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