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  1. mαrkαsscoρ

    Favourite April Fool pranks

    I loved that era, it was the best year for parody videos
  2. mαrkαsscoρ

    Whats your favourite painting?

    Abbey in the Oakwood by Caspar David Friedrich. He was a landscape painter and has plenty of other really good, scenic paintings, but something about this one just stands out to me. Just looking at the dead trees and grave stones makes the painting feel cold and foreboding, especially with the...
  3. mαrkαsscoρ

    Series' Attempts to "Save Face" that Backfired?

    I gotta say it, the sonic series, it just zig zags in quality so much for people that I'm sure you can make an argument for this for many of its installments and eras but lets go for the more recent game, sonic forces; prior to 2017, the series was in another rut, ho hum, what spurred people's...
  4. mαrkαsscoρ

    my friend kept on calling him cesar chavez when I first had it and I'm like dude they look...

    my friend kept on calling him cesar chavez when I first had it and I'm like dude they look NOTHING alike, ha
  5. mαrkαsscoρ

    How many core Super Mario games do you own?

    I have the Game Boy Color/Advance versions of all the classic Mario games (1, 2, 3, World) and of course they're all on NSO as well I have both Super Mario Land games; I also have Super Mario Land 3 and Super Mario World 2 advance version [most people, including myself, don't count these but I...
  6. mαrkαsscoρ

    I can't be alone here...

    I think I'll go w/ team green on this
  7. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    the FF7 remake is coming out in not too long, it's basically prime time for me to play through Crisis Core
  8. mαrkαsscoρ

    Are you going to give ARMS a second chance?

    heck I haven't even given it a first chance, heh I've always been lukewarm on arms honestly, it's basically a game that I'd be up for to play someday but I'm not on the look out for it, heck I still haven't even tried out splatoon if I can actually remember I'll give the free trial a shot
  9. mαrkαsscoρ

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    I agree, though it might be just me but the shooting felt a little shoddy in that I wasn't sure if I was hitting the target right sometimes, but it's still a great game and looks real nice, $25 might be a bit much for some people but it's a high recommend otherwise
  10. mαrkαsscoρ

    Ultimate Could This Be the First Time a Character with a Spirit Already in Game Becomes a Fighter?

    at the same time nothing says it doesn't, unless it's directly stated, saying spirits can't make it in smash makes as much sense as saying they can, we just don't know though w/ that being said, it'd be great if a smash spirit became a fighter, b/c that'd clear things up for sure for that topic
  11. mαrkαsscoρ

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    yeah I just went ahead and got the panzer dragoon remake too, the shadow drop definitely caught me by surprise
  12. mαrkαsscoρ

    Video Game Quotes

    "You were the one in the M1 tank? Must've been a tight fit for a big boy like you." -Snake, MGS1
  13. mαrkαsscoρ

    Best fishing in gaming history

    Twilight Princess has been the main game I think about when it comes to fishing in games, I mean heck the best area in the game is about fishing (teehee) I did kinda like the fishing bit in Okami, and Jak and Daxter had that fish catching mini game in the forbidden jungle....does that even...
  14. mαrkαsscoρ

    Name a Franchise that bounced back from the brink.

    I wanna say spyro and crash but there is something that's holding me back: there still technically hasn't been a new game yeah they both made a great comeback w/ their remake trilogies, but they're not "new" games, the last installments for them was still 12 years ago, of course that doesn't...
  15. mαrkαsscoρ

    Most Hurtful Franchise Downfall

    Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Odd Parents, I grew the heck up w/ these cartoons in their prime and they were some of my favorites ever....then they kept on going First 3 seasons of spongebob are legendary, yada yada, seasons 4 and 5 are a bit hit and miss but they were still overall not too...
  16. mαrkαsscoρ

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    *framedrop forest
  17. mαrkαsscoρ

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story wow this was a great game, I loved playing as Bowser and wish his sections lasted more than the bros, after Paper Mario 2 (and maybe 64?), this has to be among my favorite Mario RPGs
  18. mαrkαsscoρ

    Nintendo Do you want Nintendo to provide achievements and trophies?

    no, if nintendo hasn't done it by now I don't see them implementing it any time soon
  19. mαrkαsscoρ

    What is Your Favorite Location in Twilight Princess

    EASILY the fishing hole, for a few years during the 2010s I always had my save allocated to the upper zora river just so I can enter the fishing hole
  20. mαrkαsscoρ

    Which characters in the series have the best headwear?

    you know, I'm going w/ beedle's helmet that he wears at rock spire isle, there's just something intriguing I find about it, though its probably just that he wears it at this one spot and no where else in the game
  21. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Countries Have You Been To?

    just mexico so far, I'd love to travel out to other places at some point
  22. mαrkαsscoρ

    Do you want to see more multiplayer games in the Zelda series??

    maybe yeah, but like spirit said, I'd rather they quit the four swords format and rework a multplayer game to be non intrusive, b/c you had to go out of your way to play multiplayer in their previous attempts, or you're stuck w/ a lackluster single player game in FSA or tri force heroes
  23. mαrkαsscoρ

    Remade games you still prefer the original over

    I'm gonna chime in w/ Ape Escape On the Loose, the remake of the first game on PSP I didn't mind much that they took this game that required two control sticks and put it onto a system that barley had 1, it's jarring but it controls fine enough, but man I prefer the orignial's voice acting...
  24. mαrkαsscoρ

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 400!

    skyward sword had come out and I guess I was in a zelda fever during 2011 to 2012; the games, the theories, I even role played w/ some online friends as zelda villains at that time (I was Agahnim) I know I was definitely using the zelda dungeon guides, and I guess for whatever reason I hopped on...
  25. mαrkαsscoρ

    Gamecube controller ports on a Switch dock (hardware mod)

    so yours is unbranded and works fine?
  26. mαrkαsscoρ

    Are you an Extrovert or an Introvert??

    introverted, especially nowadays where I've noticed I begun to hang out w/ my friends less frequently, but that might be a somewhat unrelated thing but yeah, big crowds are a huge no for me, a lot of the time I'd rather be at home and do whatever than to be out a lot constantly, I even go a...
  27. mαrkαsscoρ

    Have you ever faced discrimination?

    I guess you can say I was "fortunate" enough in that the apartments thing was the worst that's happened that regarded my ethnicity in some way, the only other time I can think of was back in 3rd grade, I was playing four square w/ some guys I knew, then for zero reason a few black guys came by...
  28. mαrkαsscoρ

    Cats vs Dogs

    I've owned a cat for a bit of time recently for the first time ever, and you know what, I think I'm gonna change my answer to cats; they're light, don't make as much noise, can kinda be on their own for the most part, and coolest thing was this cat indicated to me that she wanted to go outside...
  29. mαrkαsscoρ

    Non-Nintendo Handhelds That You Like

    I don't know if this is a good example, but I tried my friend's vita out around last year, one of the only games he had was sonic all stars racing transformed, and I honestly would say that's a cut down version of that game, while it's cool to see how a game like that can run on a portable, at...
  30. mαrkαsscoρ

    Meme Extravaganza

  31. mαrkαsscoρ

    Assassin's Creed

    as much games as there are, I never played them, though 4 definitely caught my eye when it came out, I still wanna give that a go someday
  32. mαrkαsscoρ

    Series that went off the rails narratively

    the first kingdom hearts is the only one that has an easy to follow story for the most part, starting from chain of memories is when the rails start coming apart
  33. mαrkαsscoρ

    Non-Nintendo Handhelds That You Like

    the Game Gear did ok enough but yeah, Nintendo just had it w/ the game selection and price for the Game Boy, other companies hardly stood a chance though in the case of the Saturn and Vita, those failures were in part of the companies' own doing, so that's pretty annoying
  34. mαrkαsscoρ

    Non-Nintendo Handhelds That You Like

    Sega Game Gear or Nomad, Turbo Grafx Express, Neo Geo Pocket, there's options.....no matter how unlikely, ha
  35. mαrkαsscoρ

    Non-Nintendo Handhelds That You Like

    I knew that if I asked for a PSP, a DS would have been out of the question, but man I wanted to keep playing Liberty City Stories
  36. mαrkαsscoρ

    Non-Nintendo Handhelds That You Like

    It goes w/o saying that Nintendo practically owned the handheld market for the longest of time, and they still do today w/ the you know what. Of course that doesn't mean other companies didn't try to take a crack at it. So if you have some experience w/ handheld games or devices that aren't from...
  37. mαrkαsscoρ

    What’s Your Favorite Color?

    green, it's always been green as far as I can remember, I was also really drawn to camo pattern when I was younger
  38. mαrkαsscoρ

    What’s the best kind of chocolate?

    my friend got me into dark chocolate, but I'm good w/ any chocolate
  39. mαrkαsscoρ

    First Pokemon Stories!

    I'm kinda willing to play sun/moon at some point so maybe then? I ain't banking on it of course
  40. mαrkαsscoρ

    Do you prefer direct sequels or stand alone games?

    it can be a bit fuzzy when you think about it, in the same way how wind waker and twilight princess are technically sequels to ocarina of time, but of course it has a different link and such so I'm setting it up as it's a direct sequel if it has the same link, spirit tracks might be hazy b/c it...
  41. mαrkαsscoρ

    First Pokemon Stories!

    technically my first pokemon game was yellow around 2nd grade, but I hated it and barley played it more than a couple hours, I don't think I even made it to brock; after that I rented a game and for some reason was able to rent colosseum along w/ it, I played it for like 30 minutes before...
  42. mαrkαsscoρ

    Do you prefer direct sequels or stand alone games?

    There's been a good amount of direct sequels in the series, Zelda 2, Majora's Mask, so on so forth. But of course most games in the series are the stand alone ones, the typical Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, yada yada. So the question is, do you prefer it when we get direct...
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