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  1. Doc

    Doc's Art Bloc

    I finally have made a thread to show off the drawings I make a lot, normally made while sitting in one of my classes. I created a set of starter fakemon, the fire one is still a work in progress. (It's a bird and I lowkey only know how to draw birds one kind of way so all three look the exact...
  2. Doc

    Study Habits

    We've all gone to school, many of us still are in some form or another. What were/are your study habits like? Did you break things up and do a little work every night? Or were you a chronic procrastinator? I normally wait til the last reasonable minute for an assignment and pull an all nighter...
  3. Doc

    Fire Emblem Three Houses: Your House

    Fire Emblem Three Houses came out this past weekend and I can’t be the only one who has been having a blast with it. Obviously, in this game you get to select one of Three Houses to be a part of: the Golden Deer, Blue Lions, and Black Eagles. Which house did all of y’all choose/plan on...
  4. Doc

    Best Character?

    Hollow Knight has a lot of characters; some of them have an impact on plot, others don't. Regardless, I think a lot of the characters are given a significant amount of characterization with few amounts or no dialogue. Who was your favorite character to interact with or find out in Hallownest...
  5. Doc

    When Does the Christmas Season Start?

    It's that time of the year again where the heated debate arises. How early is too early for Christmas or the holidays? For some, its November 1st, others patiently wait until after Thanksgiving (or should I say, Pre-Christmas ;)). Every year this argument sparks again with no end in sight. My...
  6. Doc

    Doc Made A Signature

    I decided to make myself a genuine signature after making one for the Halloween competition before my Photoshop free trial expires. I am actually super happy with how this came out and wanted to show it off a little. I also wanted to give some credit to NinJa, who was a big inspiration for this...
  7. Doc

    Where Do You Keep Your Butter?

    So, I have recently become aware that certain people do not store butter in their fridge. They keep it out in butter dishes. I did not realize that this was a thing, and has caused many heated debates among me and my friends. I was just curious, because of this, how the good ol' chaps here in...
  8. Doc

    General Art The Mechanical People

    Hey, guys. So this is a thing that I've been working on somewhat for the past months. Originally, I did not plan on posting the story to ZD. I felt that some parts were a bit long and would be difficult to sit through. However, I realized that the site I was posting them to now...
  9. Doc

    General Art The Haunted Mansion

    So this is it. The most poorly written haunting story you have ever heard of. My boredom is being cured though, so it has served its purpose. It was fun using the submitted characters, and I am gladly writing more entries to add to this. Special Thanks to Archangel, Tatltails...
  10. Doc

    General Art Cheesy Horror SU

    Hey! I have grown incredibly bored, and recently stayed in a creepy cottage that is undoubtedly haunted. In a blog post, Archangel said that I should write a story about it (he may or may not have been kidding). But anyways, I decided to do just that. This will be a story about a group of...
  11. Doc

    General Zelda The Introduction of Another Timeline

    One of the many things that make Ocarina of Time so important to Zelda is that this is a point in the Zeldaverse where a time split occurred. While people had theorized that there were two timelines, Hyrule Historia came and introduced to the fans a third timeline, the defeated timeline. People...
  12. Doc

    A Link Between Worlds Thoughts on Yuga

    I realized that I can't really remember seeing any thread on this, and if so, I apologize. Anyways, Yuga was technically the main enemy of this game. Of course, Hilda may be given this title, but she was never really a villain more than she was just desperate. So what did you think of the...
  13. Doc

    Picture Sizes

    Whenever I go to the picture thread, I notice that others pictures are enormous while mine and a few others come out small. Is this something I can change on the site or what? I feel stupid for asking, but meh, its been a year.
  14. Doc

    General Art The Forgotten Powers

    Hey, guys! It is me again to write another story. The Newcomer completely crashed and burned and I have decided to a lot more with The Mechanical People, perhaps a full length book if I can remain dedicated. So, in the mean time I wanted to contribute to this part of the site, especially with...
  15. Doc

    The Existence of a Fourth Goddess

    We all are familiar with the three goddesses Nayru, Din, and Farore. They have been mentioned in several Zelda titles and are well known for being the creators of the triforce. This theory did arise from the tetraforce theory, however this will have little to do with the tetraforce. The three...
  16. Doc

    The Six Sages Are Dead

    This is a minor theory, one that has very little effect on the series as a whole, but I had noticed it in my last play through. In OoT, Link must awaken five sages, the first already was. This is of course after the seven years in tr adult era of the game. The five sages were all people Link...
  17. Doc

    General Art The Mechanical People

    Hello all, I recently got the urge to write a sci-fi story. For those of you reading my other story, The Newcomer, don't fret, I still intend to update that, just have this as a sort of side project that I am working on. I hope you enjoy this robot dystopian world. Please share any thoughts...
  18. Doc

    Born to Be Bad?

    In my English class, our main theme is currently "The evil of man's heart." To get this point across, our teacher had us watch a video. Now, this is where my question comes from. The video focused on whether or not we, as humans, are innately good. They experimented on young babies, testing...
  19. Doc

    Holding Back "Geekness"

    Inspired by the "Do you Withdraw from purchasing items" thread, I was just curious, does anyone not express things that they are fans of out of fear of what others think. Take the Zelda series for example. Do you avoid talking to your friends about it or bringing it up in conversation? Some...
  20. Doc

    The Sewers

    Okay! I was busy yesterday so I hadn't gotten this up, but here you go. NOTE: I want this to go slowly at the beginning. Too many RPs have died because people move to quickly before anyone gets into the action. Alexander wiped down the bar, giving the occasional drink to whoever came in...
  21. Doc


    Sorry if there is a similar thread. I looked but couldn't find one. So what kind of talents do you have? Extremely simple, I know.
  22. Doc

    The Sewers (SU)

    So, I am trying my post-apocalyptic thing again, kind of alternate history. Alright, the story is that the USA and Russia did go into war with each other. The results were catastrophic, causing a new Nuclear World War. Many places of the US were destroyed, and those that survived were forced...
  23. Doc

    General Art The Colors

    And here is my first short story. It is a genesis story about the origin of color. Enjoy. Hope you enjoyed it. Sorry if you think it is kind of long.
  24. Doc

    General Art The Newcomer

    Okay, I finally got the prologue through. If it seems confusing, don't worry. It will be explained later on. Hope you enjoy. Prologue The first lights of dawn shone as the children of dark were seen marching towards the small encampments. Soldiers scrambled to gather their spears and...
  25. Doc

    General Art "Newcomer" Character SUs

    Okay, I got this idea for a story. Its got a beginning to it, but not an end, so this may not work out, but oh well. So, a short synopsis, without revealing the entire plot, is that my main character goes to the town Laten. It is a small town, and very few people ever leave. It is a weird...
  26. Doc

    General Zelda Which Graphics Extreme Do You Prefer?

    While on this site, I read that people complain that the WW graphics were to cartoony. People also say they dislike the TP graphics saying that they were to gritty. If you had to use one, which would it be? Sorry if there is a similar thread.
  27. Doc

    General Zelda Which Extreme Do You Prefer?

    While on this site, I read that people complain that the WW graphics were to cartoony. People also say they dislike the TP graphics saying that they were to gritty. If you had to use one, which would it be? Sorry if there is a similar thread.
  28. Doc

    Things That Blow Your Mind

    Basically, if anything has made you think "What!" such as oranges being pre-sliced by nature A theory of Spongebob Squarepants blew my mind. The show was originally based off of nuclear testing! Bikini Bottom is a real place, where an atomic bomb was set off underwater. This explains why they...
  29. Doc

    Post-Apocalyptic Alternate History SU

    This RP is about a world after an apocalypse. It is set in the year we are in now, but it is completely different than what we have today. This is where the alternate history shows up. In this history, the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred, sending America to nuclear war against Russia. Keeping this...
  30. Doc

    Gun Control?

    The recent shooting has created the tipping point of this debate. With so many people changing their views on the matter, I was just curious what you all think needs to be done with gun control?
  31. Doc

    Land Above the Skies

    ((I forgot to mention this, but the kingdoms have been untrusting of each other since Her return, so things are close to anarchy.)) Outside in the courtyard, the young Christopher held out his wooden sword awkardly against his opponent. Within moments he was knocked down, his opponent...
  32. Doc

    Island Above the Skies (not LoZ RP) Sign-ups

    Sign up: Closed The story. In a world of gods and goddesses, heroes, and demons, a great threat has returned. A great being, the evil mother of the gods, Chaorus, is making some noise in her prison of Gehenna (the island). The land below, of which they have no idea exists is currently in the...
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