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  1. blue-eyes

    How Do I Add Photos To Albums?

    There doesn't seem to be any options in the album page, and I couldn't find any wheni crated one either. I hope that this is the right spot for this.
  2. blue-eyes

    General Art Fire And Ice (DC Superhero Story)

    OK guys it's finally here! (for the four who've been waiting). So you guys know, this is a DC superhero story, focusing on a group of younger superhero's organized by the Justice League of America. I don't know enough DC stuff to make everything work exactly to Canon, so basically, it's the...
  3. blue-eyes

    Game Help LittleBig Planet 2: Project "Better Together"

    (Is this the right place for this?) OK, I started a 2 player LittleBig Planet 2 project, where teamwork is required. I decided that I needed help, and ZD was my first idea. If you have a PS3 and LBP 2, friemd request Speedsterdad (my dad made the online account for my PS3) with the message...
  4. blue-eyes

    General Art Heroes Story Sign Ups

    So, after watching the show Heroes, I decided to make a story. Basically, it's modern day Earth, and there are humans with powers, such as Rapid Cellular Regeneration (Healing yourself), precognition (predicting the future) and many others. So, I need characters. And that's where you guys come...
  5. blue-eyes

    Super Smash Bros. Special Techniques

    I am a pretty big SSB Melee and Brawl fan, and after playing for a while, me and a frieend came up with our own combo move. He would be Kirby, and I would be Link. He would shoot me out of his mouth at an opponent, and after I hit them, I would start attacking them. We used this a lot. Have any...
  6. blue-eyes

    X-Men RP (RP Thread)

    OK so here is the RP thread! Click this link ---------> link <---------to sign up if you haven't. Here are the rules: 1.No controlling other people's characters 2.Keep swearing to a minimum. 3.Have fun! And here are the characters: So, let the freak show begin: Elliot sat in a...
  7. blue-eyes

    Tech Help How to Upload a Photo from the 3DS

    Just as the title says, I need to know how to upload photos from my 3DS. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. blue-eyes

    X-Men RP

    X-Men RP Sign Ups OK, so, I just watched X-Men First Class and decided it would be fun to make an X-Men RP. Note: I have never read the comics, and this will not be accurate most of the time. You don't need to know much about X-Men to join, as I sure as heck don't. If anyone who knows anything...
  9. blue-eyes

    General Art Gems Of Emorth Sign Ups

    OK, so Go_Skyward inspired me to write a canon story, and I started, but I need characters for it, so... yeah. Anyway, I need a few roles: Innkeeper: Arch-Mage: Wizards (2 or 3): Damera's Guild Members: Thieves Guild Leader/Members: Assassin's Guild Leader/Members: Here is the sign up sheet...
  10. blue-eyes

    General Art Eternal Ice (Sign Ups)

    This is the sign ups for my story, Eternal Ice. It is the sequel to Phoenix Flames, which I am finishing this summer. You cannot use your old character, as only a few are carrying over, and they are the MAIN characters. Likely, you'll be a minor character Name: Gender: Age: Appearance...
  11. blue-eyes

    Please Help!

    I logged on today, and I tried to get on my profile, but it brings me to a different blue-eyed-beast's profile. I can't et to my profile, and I have no idea what has happened or what to do! Please help! (I didn't know where to post this, so I posted it here)
  12. blue-eyes

    A New Story Sign Ups.

    So, here is the sign ups for ,once again, a story I have thought of. It will have modern and medieval parts. The story starts with modern, and most modern characters will not be in the medieval section. I have the most of the main characters made already. Name: Gender: Age(10-70): Race(Elf...
  13. blue-eyes

    General Art Harley's Story.

    So, here it is! (I could not think of a name.) Chapter 1 Harley threw a knife, impaling it only millimeters from the spot she had been aiming for. She was standing in the middle of a clearing, practicing her aim. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. Her dull green tunic had many leather...
  14. blue-eyes

    Harley's Story Sign Up

    OK, so I am writing a story for a friend, and I need characters. I already have the main 2, I need one main girl (needs to be around 14) and otherwise just minor characters. Name: Gender: Age: Weapons (Be as creative as possible): Appearance: Personality: Other: Thanks in advance! I...
  15. blue-eyes

    General Art Gatekeepers

    I just finished chapter 1, and I decided to post it. It has 6 gatekeepers instead of 5 now. Chapter 1 Ryli was standing on a pillar in the middle of the ocean. It was neither day nor night, and it would stay like that. She looked at the shore in the distance, and saw 4 boys and a girl who...
  16. blue-eyes

    Gatekeeper Story Sign Ups

    OK, I have been inspired. I just recently re-read the Power of the 5 series (Ravens Gate, Evil Star, Nightrise, Necropolis, and the unnamed 5th book) The story takes place in the present. The sign ups have restrictions. I can only have 5 gatekeepers, and they are the only ones who can have...
  17. blue-eyes

    Dragon Rider's

    IT HAS BEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No godmodding unless you have autherization. Elliot got on his dragon, and he flew up. He and Elliot had telepathic communication, so they knew what the other one thought. He saw Tahsha by the river, and he flew toward her. Iscarius landed and let...
  18. blue-eyes

    Dragon Rider RP Sign Up's

    Ok, so I decided to make an RP. I'll start it after a little bit of time. Name: Weapons: Magic type: (Your dragon has same ability) Appearance: Age: (13-25) Personality: Karma: Dragon Appearance: Dragon Name: Other: Here's mine :D Name: Elliot Katiler Weapons: Bow, short sword...
  19. blue-eyes

    General Art Phoenix Flames

    Here it is, my new story. If you signed up in Another Story Sign Ups, this is it. More action and stuff will happen later in, like 1-2 chapters from now or something Chapter 1: The Beginning Elliot woke up and walked to his closet, and grabbed his red tunic. He heard a loud Kaw, and he...
  20. blue-eyes

    Another Story Sign Ups

    OK, this is a story that I will put up soon. Basically, there are certain people who have powers that the main villain, which is also needed, wants to kill with a certain weapon (which ill decide based on how someone makes the character) to absorb their power so he can rule the world. Name...
  21. blue-eyes

    Fan Fic Sign Ups

    Hey! I'm going to do a Hunger Games Like story, and I need people to kill eachother :) I'll need around 20 combatants, if i can't get that many, ill make other characters. you can have up to 2 characters, you select weapons, because you start with them Name: Gender: Age: 12-20 Weapons...
  22. blue-eyes

    Zelda Art Adventure Of Shad

    This is my new story, Adventure Of Shad. If you want to sign up, go to Adventure Of Shad Sign Ups. Heres Chapter 1 (Im making this part up as I go, im not at my house where I can store for a week, so lets see how this goes:D Chapter 1:The Journey Begins Shad awoke, remembering that...
  23. blue-eyes

    The Adventure Of Shad Sign Ups

    Im staring a story called The Adventure Of Shad, So im getting sign ups. Here is how I want sign ups. Name:First name is required Last is optinal Race: All the normal races, and there is the new race, Shadow Tribe Age: 14-30 Good or Bad Backstory: Personality: Weapons and/or Magic...
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