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    Sex before marriage/ what is love

    i want to know what everyone thinks about sex before marriage and what they really think love is? (this is my last thread) Salute to the TUBA MAN!
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    library in minish cap

    i really need to get in there but ther is some stupid guard and wont let me how do u get past this
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    Tri force choice poll

    k so if u could have just one piece of the tri force and i know everyone wants the whole thing but if u could only have one what would it be. mine would be power i think like with power well u have power lol then i have to say courage cuz it means your not afraid plus u get the master sword and...
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    Return of the hero of time

    i think that the next game should countinue the hero of time story he is the best link and most interesting
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    Hardest Dungeon/temple

    i saw the list for easy dungens now lets see the hardest for me its the water temple oot(its not that hard really it just is very confusing) also majoras mask water and tp water PS i really hate the water temples Moved to Zelda Favorites //Mehplep
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