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  1. MartDiamond

    Headphones on WiiU

    We all know that games from the Big N feature some of the best music in games. I've been thinking about getting headphones for my WiiU to get some better sound than the normal TV sound. I've been looking around, reading a bunch of old topics and am left feeling a bit confused to what's what...
  2. MartDiamond

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors Friendly Network Links

    We kind of hijacked another topic on this, so thought it would be a good idea to create a new one fore exchanging friend names. Network Links that are on your friend list give better rewards, and if your own link is helped by a friend you get a bonus! Unfortunately ost of us won't have many...
  3. MartDiamond

    Hyrule Warriors Update Plus DLC Discussion

    So both the first DLC pack and the update launched today for Hyrule Warriors. The Update contains three new playable characters (Cia, Volga and Wizzro). While the DLC adds an Adventure Mode Map (with unlockable costumes and 8-Bit Weapons for several characters), the Epona weapon for Link and 5...
  4. MartDiamond

    Hyrule Warriors Favourite Characters

    I'm about 10 hours in to the game at the moment and have had a blast so far, if you are on the fence on buying it I'd definitely would recommend it. I did notice I have far more fun playing like certain characters than others hence the favourite character ranking. I'll provide some detail on why...
  5. MartDiamond

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors Soundtrack

    What do you guys think about the soundtrack so far? What are your favorite numbers so far? I for one love it, I've always been a sucker for Zelda tunes that are played in a non traditional manner and these songs are spot on. The techno parts aren't really my cup of tea, but the rock and metal...
  6. MartDiamond

    Hyrule Warriors Pre Order DLC/Special Editions Netherlands

    Hello everyone, Pretty stoked for the release of Hyrule Warriors in Europe. The pre order a DLC and the special editions looked pretty interesting and their Europe release has been confirmed. I have however been unable to find a store/site that's been offering the special editions for pre...
  7. MartDiamond

    Skyward Sword Goddess Walls

    Gorko says that the goddess Walls recharges over time. How long does this take?
  8. MartDiamond

    Skyward Sword Upgrade Items and Treasure Chest

    I just finished the first temple and went back to Skyloft to look at the possible upgrades, although I got a few, mainly those Amber things, I'm haven't collected nearly enough to upgrade for instance my slingshot. I know it isn't necessary but I'd like to get my hand on some of those upgrades...
  9. MartDiamond

    Zelda in SS

    We havent seen anything about Zelda in any trailers as of yet. Odds are that at the beginning of SS there is no royal family (correct me if I'm wrong), I think Axle also mentioned this in his latest article. How do you guys think we'll see Zelda in SS and what will her role be. Like Tetra in WW...
  10. MartDiamond

    Twilight Princess Gerudo Valley Hyrule Flag

    In TP you have the big desert where the Gerudos used to live. They have vanished however from the desert and it is now inhabited by the bulbos and such creatures. In their fort if I can call it a fort, you see a flag hanging carrying the same symbol as the hylian shield. Why is this flag there...
  11. MartDiamond

    Twilight Princess Triforce Banner

    In TP's opening missions you enter link's house on several occasions. I just noticed that above his door a banner with a triforce piece is hanging. Am I the first to notice this and does it have any meaning?
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