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  1. DuelMark

    What will Ganondorf sound like if he talks?

    For all we know, Ganondorf will just make the cliche zombie groans. However, because Breath of the Wild introduced voice acting, and Ganondorf looks to be making a resurrection, I got to thinking what would he sound like. Granted, we've only heard him talk in non-canon material. First is the...
  2. DuelMark

    What will they do differently?

    I like that this game is being re-introduced. But there are some things I don't like from Link's Awakening. For example, I don't like the Anglerfish boss. Then again, no one likes it. My only hope is either they make it better or replace it with something better. So, for those who played Link's...
  3. DuelMark

    What past title would you like the game to take inspiration from?

    Breath of the Wild's main inspiration was the original title for the NES: Being free to go wherever the player wants to go and handle whatever situation in your own way. However, the original title isn't the only game I think people enjoy. So let's imagine if one of us were in the development...
  4. DuelMark

    Traveling between the timelines

    So, a thing I noticed when Breath of the Wild came out was theories about a convergence between the timelines. While I'm not fond of this idea (you can thank DC doing that), it got me thinking of something else. As the title implies, traveling between the worlds. I liked this idea in...
  5. DuelMark

    Does atheism exist in Hyrule?

    So, we know there are deities and parallels to heaven and hell in the world of Hyrule. But something I've noticed is that a lot of citizens don't seem to have that much interest or knowledge on the Golden Goddesses or the Triforce. Sure, they aren't seeking immortality or become rulers of the...
  6. DuelMark

    Can Link fight unarmed?

    So one day I was thinking about Samurai Jack, because why not, when I remembered something. While Jack had a sword, and was proficient with any weapon, he was also skilled with hand-to-hand combat. Whenever Link is unarmed, he just plain can't fight. This always gives me the feeling that Link...
  7. DuelMark

    What animal would you want as a pet?

    So I asked before if Link had a dog, now I feel life expanding that idea. We've seen Hyrule have all kinds of animals, even made up ones like the Remlits. If you were Link and could have one as a pet, even the kind that normally act as enemies like the rope snakes, what animal would you like...
  8. DuelMark

    Bringing non-canon characters into canon

    Lemme start with asking what do you think of Broly. Do you think he's cool? Or do you think he's overrated? Doesn't matter, since he's going to be the Big Bad in the upcoming Dragonball Super Movie, written by Akira Toriyama himself, giving him a new backstory and making him canon. This isn't...
  9. DuelMark

    If Link had a canine companion?

    Pretty self explanatory We've seen Link have fairies, a boat, an imp and even the princess's spirit travel with him, but what about something more mundane yet also more likely to get belly rubs? I admit, this is because I myself like dogs and want Link to have one travel with him across...
  10. DuelMark

    What happened to rethinking "play by yourself"?

    So, here's something I don't anyone recalls about what we were promised for what we know today as "Breath of the Wild". One of the conventions Aonuma wanted to rethink was playing by ourselves. Obviously, that didn't happen, since we're still playing by ourselves in the game. Admittedly, with...
  11. DuelMark

    An open world with linear dungeons?

    One of the Breath of the Wild's only complaints is the dungeons. Here are some of the major complaints I've seen: There's so few of them. They're all puzzle based, which isn't necessarily bad but that's all there is to them. They look too similar and the aesthetic isn't very appealing to look...
  12. DuelMark

    Link's Family Having Relevance

    The last time we saw Link having any blood relative was The Minish Cap, with his grandfather. However, after Link goes on his quest, that's all there is to him unless you find the right Kinstone. Now, it's find with me that Link's parents are unnamed and never appear since that seems to be the...
  13. DuelMark

    Sympathetic Villains

    So, a brief look shows me there are few villains in the series who are sympathetic or have redeeming qualities. Hilda wanted to save her world, but she got pushed to the side by Yuga. Byrne does pull a heel face turn, but he dies. Ganondorf in The Wind Waker does display some depth. Those are...
  14. DuelMark

    Amiibo Usage in Switch

    So, how would you think the game could use Amiibo functionality? Finding important collectibles: Like in Super Mario Odyssey when you use them to find Moons. Costumes: Like, well, Super Mario Odyssey. I actually wished this was a thing in Breath of the Wild for more than just the Zelda Amiibo...
  15. DuelMark

    Will we get a "Zelda Mania"?

    Anyone here know of Sonic Mania? Long story short, it's the most recent 2D Sonic game, made by longtime fans who have a love of classic Sonic the Hedgehog title. Also, it's in sprites, unlike Sonic 4. After seeing the long resurrected Axle bring up sprites in the most recent Curiosity Shop, I...
  16. DuelMark

    Having the entire game set in Hyrule Castle

    So, the other day I was watching a review of Super Mario 64 and remembered how one of the original concepts with Ocarina of Time was setting the game in Ganon's castle. Now, after some thinking, I began to think maybe this concept can still work. In-game, the reasoning being a kidnapping and a...
  17. DuelMark

    Should Nintendo let a different developer have a try?

    (Quick note, Hyrule Warriors is a non-canon title and was a Warriors game with Zelda characters than a traditional title in the series. Also, the Tingle titles are ambiguous in their canon.) The last game in the series to be developed by a different developer was The Minish Cap by Capcom. That...
  18. DuelMark

    Zelda's "Rogue One" Ideas

    So, this is something I've wanted to talk about some time ago, especially when a podcast talked about it. Namely, the idea of spin-off titles set in the world of Zelda and being part of its continuity. (Before anyone says Tingle games, those are never stated whether or not they're canon) Do you...
  19. DuelMark

    How Many Bosses Do You Want?

    So... I've made it kind of clear my only disappointment with Breath of the Wild is the dungeons, namely the bosses. Only four and they're too samey. In comparison, Majora's Mask had four dungeon bosses before the last boss, but that game was made in one year reusing another's assets. Personally...
  20. DuelMark

    Old Rito or New Rito?

    So, now that it's been a while, I'm curious to ask. Which version of the Rito do you prefer? The semi-human looking ones that evolved from the Zora? The more bird-like race we've just seen? Why? Which version do you want to see again?
  21. DuelMark

    Zelda Video I did for Storyboarding Class

    This past fall I took a storyboarding class and our assignment was to do a storyboard based on a fairy tale. After some consideration, I decided to take Jack and the Beanstalk and mix it with The Legend of Zelda. Everyone loved it. You can find it on my artist page on facebook here...
  22. DuelMark

    Friend Code for Wartortle

    Been a while since I went looking, but currently I'm looking for a Friend Code to help me get a Wartortle, as I have Blastoisite but it's the only Kanto Starter I haven't caught. I know there's trading but I like the idea of actually catching it in my game. My friend code is at the bottom, and...
  23. DuelMark

    What engines does the series use?

    I'm learning more on game design, and I'm curious about this. Of all things I learn about the series, I hear very little about the engines? Are they something people use like Unity or is it a custom engine Nintendo uses?
  24. DuelMark

    Rename a Game

    Some names are iconic, others aren't, but then there's a name that you don't understand the reasoning behind and think you could make a better one. Any you all have in mind? Rules: 1) Don't pick a name because you hate it, there has to be an actual reason for why, like that the name doesn't fit...
  25. DuelMark

    Zelda Amiibos

    So, who here likes Amiibos? Two of mine are Link and Zelda. I was looking at potential Amiibos to buy when I remembered the Mario series has their own Amiibos that are different from the Smash Bros Amiibos but function just the same. There's even a Toad Amiibo. With the Wolf Link Amiibo coming...
  26. DuelMark

    Who would replace Aonuma?

    It's funny, 5 years ago I asked what would Zelda's 30th anniversary would be like. Here we are. Those of you who watch Doctor Who know that showrunner Steven Moffat is stepping down. So, with this happening, I look to Eiji Aonuma. We all know someday he's going to be stepping away from being...
  27. DuelMark

    Female Villains

    So, I think it's been a while since someone brought it up, but after Tri Force Heroes, I think I should bring it up now. There are very few female villains in the series. Not counting Cia since Hyrule Warriors is a spin-off, we have the following: Veran and Twinrova in the Oracle series, but...
  28. DuelMark

    Reverse Grip

    Would you like to see Link use his sword with a reverse grip?
  29. DuelMark

    Creepy Areas?

    We got a large Hyrule to roam around and one of the most popular locales in Zelda are pretty creepy areas like graveyards. Are going to get one? I'd like to see a dark empty part of a forest where passerbys brings up legends of a ghost/creature roaming the area.
  30. DuelMark

    Does Hyrule even have a prison?

    I'm curious, since we never see anyone attack Hyrule without dying in the end. Arbiter's Grounds may have served that role, but by the time we finally see it, it looks abandoned. Not to mention, I could see someone like Ganondorf getting sent there, maybe even possible assassins, but not, say, a...
  31. DuelMark


    So far we haven't seen any of the towns in Zelda for Wii U. It's mostly been a brief glimpse of what might be Link's village from the E3 trailer. One of the few things I like about games like Skyrim was the many different towns and villages that could be visited. But so far we haven't even seen...
  32. DuelMark

    General Zelda How Would the Master Cycle Fit into the Games?

    So, Mario Kart 8 had Link drive a motorcycle called the Master Cycle and Aonuma said he'd like to actually have it show up in an actual Zelda game. So, I'm curious, how and where can we actually see a motorcycle be used in the world of Zelda? (I know I should have brought this up when the game...
  33. DuelMark

    General Zelda Having a Companion Be the Villain

    So, almost a year has passed since A Link Between Worlds. By now, must of us now of the big plot twist involving a certain someone, right? If you don't, stop now and don't continue reading. Go play the game or watch someone's playthrough of it of it and come back. Okay, ready? Here we go...
  34. DuelMark

    General Zelda A Ganondorf Origin Story

    So, Dracula Untold is out. An origin story for Dracula, something I don't think has happened before. So, it made me think about an origin story for Ganondorf. Do you think we could have a game where we can see what Ganondorf was like before he became the villain we know today? His path to...
  35. DuelMark

    The Name

    When do you all think we'll learn the name of this game? Before or after the end of the year?
  36. DuelMark

    General Zelda Will We Ever Meet a Male Gerudo Who ISN'T Ganondorf?

    When I think of stuff fans want to see in future games, aside from the usually voice acting, is stuff like the Dark Tribe and seeing Link's parents. Although one aspect I never hear that I'm surprised no one else does... you've seen the title. It's really odd how we keep hearing this tidbit...
  37. DuelMark

    Hyrule Warriors Cia of Hyrule Warriors

    I'm curious, what do you all think of Cia? Personally, I like her. There's the obvious being that she's the first main villain since Veran to be a female. (Ignoring a certain character due to them being a well-intentioned extremist and being someone's pawn) Plus, I like her backstory, being...
  38. DuelMark

    General Zelda How Evil Should Villains Be?

    There are two terms on TV tropes when it comes to villains. Both qualify as "ymmv" your mileage may vary. Meaning it all depends on how the viewer sees the villain. Complete Monster: A villain who has no redeeming qualities at all, all of his actions are treated seriously and are unable to...
  39. DuelMark

    General Zelda Can Zelda Work in Other Mediums?

    So, in case you weren't aware, over the years, thanks to the DIC cartoons like Super Mario Bros Super Show and Captain N, along with the Super Mario Bros movie (RIP Bob Hoskins), Nintendo has been extremely iffy, by that I mean near reluctant to "no way Jose" about adaptations of their works...
  40. DuelMark

    General Zelda Bosses That Depend Only on the Sword to Beat

    One thing I loved about Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds is the bosses that don't require a specific item to use, just the sword. I've always felt that since Link is a swordsman, taking an opponent down with just his signature weapon is a real sign at how skilled he is, plus it makes...
  41. DuelMark

    General Zelda Future Locations Based on Real Ones

    Has there ever been a real world place that you think could fit the world of Hyrule if done right? Personally, I'd like to see a version of Aokigahara, Japan's forest of death with no wildlife, particularly at night. It'd be perfect for late night venturing with the sounds of odd creatures...
  42. DuelMark

    General Zelda How Would Werewolves Fit into the World of Hyrule?

    Lately I've been interested in werewolves and thought about how they could fit in the world of Zelda. (Link's wolf form from Twilight Princess doesn't count before anyone says something because it's turning into a wolf, not a wolf humanoid) How do you think they'd work or come to exist? A...
  43. DuelMark

    General Zelda Fantasy Cliches Zelda Must Avoid

    So, we'll be learning the name of Zelda Wii U at E3 (hopefully). Until then, I see people come up with ideas for what could happen, but sometimes I see an idea that's been done to death, a cliche. I for one am not against cliches, only how poorly they could be used. I say this because, really...
  44. DuelMark

    Skyward Swors-esque Show Mentioned in 2011

    I'm hoping that title caught someone's attention. Anyway, this topic is me asking a question that I have no better way of asking. Around the time of 2011, during the hype for Skyward Sword, one article on Zelda Dungeon showed the opening credits to a show, I think it's Brazilian but part of the...
  45. DuelMark

    A Link Between Worlds What Do You Think of the Princess Zelda Rumor?

    OK, so, for those who don't know, there's a character called the Rumor Guy near where you obtain the Master Sword. He tells you about gossip on three different characters, Gramps and the witch being the other two. The one in particular, as you probably guessed, is Princess Zelda herself. I'm...
  46. DuelMark

    General Zelda Is It Time for New Reoccurring Villains?

    http://www.zeldainformer.com/articles/its-time-for-the-zelda-series-to-stop-the-one-time-villains This little article at Zelda Informer is a fascinating read. And yeah, this is a topic that's brought up once every... 6-8 months on these forums, but it's still something I think Nintendo should...
  47. DuelMark

    What else Will This Game Need?

    What we do know is that it will re-think two conventions: 1) Playing the game alone (Given The Wind Waker HD and its usage of Tingle bottles, it seems this is what Aonuma meant) 2) Linearity (A Link Between Worlds shows us non-linearity could work) We also know some ideas used in The Wind...
  48. DuelMark

    General Zelda Adding a Sense of Mystery to the Villain

    We all love plot twists in the series (Except when it's something we find kind of messed up) I think that it's because we like twists, kind of like mysteries. And that's what I'm here for. I actually like mysteries, I'm not good enough to solve a real one, but I like the idea of figuring out...
  49. DuelMark

    General Zelda Are the Alternate Dimensions Affected by the Time Split?

    So, here's a question that's been on my mind for a while. Back when people were talking about A Link Between Worlds, some theorized that the "other world" might be the Twilight Realm and we'd see this world's version of Midna. This actually made me question something: are the alternate worlds...
  50. DuelMark

    Are You a Big Eater?

    TV Tropes likes to call that one character who has an appetite that could match an entire family as the "big eater". Goku, Luffy, Naruto, Chowder, basically any character that loves to eat and eats more than they should. Are you someone who likes to eat a lot for a meal?
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