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  1. GerudoDesert


    Agreed. That's a another discussion for another time. Please refrain from bashing any religion. This is a topic about expressing your feelings of homosexual.
  2. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    First of all, don't tell me to calm down over something I posted several days ago. You don't repeated curse words nor do you see obvious aggression. I was a little upset, but I calmed down after it was posted. It's called venting. (I don't mean for this to be spam, but I felt like I needed to...
  3. GerudoDesert

    Why, thank you! I found it years and years ago. :)

    Why, thank you! I found it years and years ago. :)
  4. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    Like the video states, others causes of homosexuality is growing up in a feminine environment, the body "feminizing" the male fetus, etc. There really isn't a solid answer to what causes homosexuality, but we have solid ANSWERS to what might be the cause.
  5. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    I don't believe that all homosexuals act the same. Others are very athletic and you can't even tell that they are gay, while some gays are very sensitive about there sexuality and some-what hint it. Others are flamboyant and you can easily tell that they are gay. Should it matter? No of course...
  6. GerudoDesert

    True. I don't hate heterosexuals. I just get very.. into these type of discussions. A little too...

    True. I don't hate heterosexuals. I just get very.. into these type of discussions. A little too into them.
  7. GerudoDesert

    LOL. Well.. I just received an infraction and a warning.. So.. That's what I get for playing too...

    LOL. Well.. I just received an infraction and a warning.. So.. That's what I get for playing too hard.
  8. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI1_jzPEcwU Homosexuality, as indeed, been proven by many universities that homosexuality isn't a choice, but, you're born with it. It DOES have to do with genetics. The link to the video I posted above will tell you so. I recommend watching the entire video when...
  9. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    ANYWAY, Yes I am gay. It's not fair that you should call me biased when I'm simply defending homosexuals. Homosexuality is an extremely sensitive subject and always has been for decades. In the 50's, scientists actually believed that homosexuality was a sickness! But NOW, it's been proven to be...
  10. GerudoDesert

    Moldorm, Like Him or Hate Him?

    Any 2D boss, regardless of the game, is actually pretty tough, IMO. Moldorm............ I've wasted a lot of time just beating him..
  11. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    ............... I'm not afraid. I'm showing emotion because plenty of the closeted gays are the ones being bullied. They are the ones that fear those words. I care about them because I feel bad about them. I love being gay because it makes me unique. It makes me special and that's why a lot of...
  12. GerudoDesert

    New Zelda Game?

    I want to see more sophisticated dungeons! Games likes Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks didn't have difficult dungeons.
  13. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    You just asked me "If a child can understand the concept, why can't we?" I can't speak for "WE", meaning everyone else. And that quote is obviously not true. There will always be people that will say anything to make you feel horrible about yourself. Kids are constantly being told, "treat others...
  14. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    I can't speak for the millions of kids that are bullied. So....
  15. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    Then again, it takes time for those harsh words to become empty words. And if someone were to call me those words, I wouldn't care. And it's not that I "grew a backbone", it's that, "over-time" I realized those words didn't hurt me anymore. However, others would say differently.
  16. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    I wasn't implying that he said it was "okay". It's just the fact that he said we needed to grow a back-bone because we shouldn't find those words offensive. It's easier said than done. It's called "sensitivity". Others might find insults more offensive than others.
  17. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    Okay, whoa. It's so easy for you to say that. Are you gay? Are you in fear of being bullied because you are gay? Straight guys think it's so easy to just forget about an insult, but in reality, it hurts. And are you black? If someone called you a ni**er what would you do? A lot of the black...
  18. GerudoDesert

    Some Major EShop Title Release Dates Announced

    But this looks like a "copy-and-pasted" type of game.
  19. GerudoDesert

    OoT-3DS OOT 3D Master Quest

    To answer your operation moonfall question, they said that it's a possibility. They want to continue on the next Zelda before they do another remake. IMO, they won't make Majora's Mask. People are becoming way to demanding and are actually being extremely rude to Nintendo. It really angers me...
  20. GerudoDesert

    Some Major EShop Title Release Dates Announced

    Mutant Mudds is an obvious rip-off of multiple games. Mario, Kirby, Zelda, etc. Why can't they be original. Fgs.
  21. GerudoDesert


    I find it hard to believe that such "grim reaper" exists. I also find it hard to believe that death has a specific design for you and for everyone else. Deaths are natural and it's a good thing that they do. It leaves room for other people on this earth.
  22. GerudoDesert

    Homophobic Slurs

    A good example of homophobic slurs are: ***, Gay, Queer, Homo, etc. The real definition of these words: *** - a bundle of sticks Gay - full of life, happy Queer - strange, out of the ordinary Homo - short for homosexual, homozygous Why do kids feel the need to continue saying...
  23. GerudoDesert

    Skyward Sword Soundtrack??

    You can try finding the different tracks on youtube, then downloading them using an mp3 converter.
  24. GerudoDesert

    How Link Carries All of His Stuff

    That post is a good example of spam. Anyway, it's a game. It's not suppose to be taken seriously.
  25. GerudoDesert

    Groose: Beginning or Later?

    I find that he grew more mature as the game progressed. You find out, that really, he's a nice guy with a good heart. He's all grown up!! *sniff sniff*
  26. GerudoDesert

    Legend of Zelda Series Coming to an End?

    You know it's going to happen, eventually. All good things must come to an end. Be happy that this series was even made, don't whine because it's over.
  27. GerudoDesert

    Zelda Jokes

    Would you like to put that sword into my pedestal? ;)
  28. GerudoDesert

    Twilight Princess Opening the Gate with the 4 Fans

    Which gate are you talking about? There are several gates through-out Twilight Princess.
  29. GerudoDesert

    Legend of Zelda Series Coming to an End?

    What would you do if this series finally came to a successful end?
  30. GerudoDesert

    Modern Media

    Technology will continue to grow & grow. Besides, we need it to survive. Hospitals are starting to find cures for diseases we didn't even knew existed in the early 1900's. We find these cures because of the amazing technology we have. And hopefully, technology also finds a cure for cancer.
  31. GerudoDesert

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    - Banjo and Kazooie - Might start on Resident Evil 4
  32. GerudoDesert

    Twilight Princess Easiest Final Dungeon.

    I don't think Hyrule Castle is even considered a dungeon. We've seen many dungeons through out the Legend of Zelda series. If it doesn't have a lot of puzzles, a mini-boss AND a final boss, sorry, but it's not a dungeon.
  33. GerudoDesert

    Which Antagonist Would You Like To Return?

    Well, we haven't actually fought Ganondorf since 2006 when Twilight Princess came out. He is the whole point of the series.
  34. GerudoDesert

    Banjo & Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie?

    Which would you prefer playing and why?
  35. GerudoDesert

    Spoiler If Fi Could Fight...

    She'd probably have the exact same weapon.
  36. GerudoDesert

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    No way are you straight. LOOOOOOOL!
  37. GerudoDesert

    Twilight Princess "Twilight Princess is a Good Game, but It's Not a Good Zelda Game"

    It was different. It wasn't my favorite, but I'd rather play it than the 2D ones.
  38. GerudoDesert

    Kids and Their Opinions

    Well of course all opinions are valid. But hell, I did go over-board on this post.
  39. GerudoDesert

    Kids and Their Opinions

    Oh, so basically, everyone's arguments are invalid. Thank you for clearing that up!
  40. GerudoDesert

    What You Like About The Person Above

    [Pardon me if a similar post has been made] Whether you know this person, or whether you just see him/her around the forums, write something you like about them.
  41. GerudoDesert

    Kids and Their Opinions

    LOL What? I turn 18 in April. Did you expect a Senior in College? Sorry, hun, but by then, I'll be long gone from this website. You all failed to see my point. The post is being left open for others to state their opinion. That's all. Oh, and, I suggest that, whether you have been frequently...
  42. GerudoDesert

    Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda Elaborating on the Ocarina?

    I was actually thinking whether the flute in A link to the past was the Ocarina or just a flute that inspired the Ocarina of Time..
  43. GerudoDesert

    Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda Elaborating on the Ocarina?

    No. No. & No. I wouldn't have made this post if I knew why the Ocarina of Time was made. Opening the door of time is what Zelda asked Link to do as he achieved the Ocarina.
  44. GerudoDesert

    Majora's Mask Get MM a Third Time As a Club Nintendo Free Download?

    Use the coins for other zelda-related merchandise!!
  45. GerudoDesert

    SOPA and PIPA Acts

    Exactly. If virus' and Trojans were created by very smart people, those very smart people can make those damn things worse and can make them a lot more dangerous.
  46. GerudoDesert

    Ocarina of Time Legend of Zelda Elaborating on the Ocarina?

    ..... What? The Ocarina of Time was used in three games. In a link to the past, you barely even use it. You don't really KNOW where it came from, so what are you even talking about? Zelda already had it and she gave it to Link. You can only speculate that the God's created the Ocarina of Time...
  47. GerudoDesert

    If You Were a Pokemon, Which Type Would You Be?

    I'd most likely be a water/flying type. I'd be extremely convenient because I could help my trainer cross water and I could also fly!!
  48. GerudoDesert

    SOPA and PIPA Acts

    Do you really think that one little bill is going to stop piracy? People will always find a way to upload movies, tv shows, etc.
  49. GerudoDesert

    Hottest Guy in Skyward Sword? (BESIDES LINK)

    Where in God's name is Gaepora?! I find him, however, very attractive for an older man.
  50. GerudoDesert

    I FOUND A TYPO - Wind Waker Walkthrough

    Now, I'm just assuming, but I think that we are all old enough to understand what the word is suppose to be, regardless. I'm sure in the near future that the editors will fix them. They are just silly mistakes. Nothing to serious.
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