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  1. sigurd

    Favorite Sword and Shield

    Srry if theres a thread like this Whats your favorite sword and sheild from the zelda series master sword from TP and hylian sheild from TP
  2. sigurd

    Upgrade System

    Is the new upgrade system in skyward sword a great idea or a bad one and do you think you will upgrade weapons whats your opinion
  3. sigurd

    WW-Wii U What Would Make WW Better

    What would make The Wind Waker better in your opinion shorter sailing, more teleport spots, etc.
  4. sigurd


    why does link have a red earing then zelda falls then he has blue? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe05KHGp7fk&feature=related
  5. sigurd

    General Art A Link To the Future

    this vids funny skip 20 seconds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHCbp5LTgbU
  6. sigurd

    Austin TX

    anybody live in Austin TX or anywere around austin
  7. sigurd

    New to Digital Art

    hi everyone im new to digital art and was wondering what good free programs there are thx
  8. sigurd

    Where Would You Live

    were would you live in the zelda series what game what place Id live in skyloft from skyward sword wbu
  9. sigurd


    post your homemade cosplay stuff show pics and tell us how long it took and a little about it
  10. sigurd

    Ocarina of Time How Fast Can You Beat Ocarina of Time

    My record is 10 hours whats yours was it 100%, 3 heart run or just play
  11. sigurd

    Most Fun Item from Zelda

    What item do you think is the funest to use or mess around with when your bored
  12. sigurd

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Post your favorite zelda character and boss from any game. BESIDES LINK Mine's vaati from Minish Cap Dondongo from Ocarina Of Time
  13. sigurd

    3DS Freind Codes

    Sorry if theres a thread like this, Just post your 3DS FC and message yours to anybody you add.
  14. sigurd


    :) dont forget to rep people for no reason :)
  15. sigurd

    Kingdom Hearts Sigs

    If you have some cool KH sigs post them
  16. sigurd

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts Game and Person

    What is your favorite kingdom of hearts game, person and key blade and if you have a pic than share it. Mine is KH 365, Roxas and the oblivion blade.
  17. sigurd

    Would you date zelda?

    Would you date zelda? simple as that, since shes in trouble all the time and gets kidnapped on a daily bases.
  18. sigurd


    What are some funny zelda jokes or comics. here's one Why is ganondorf afraid of the internet Because there is tomany LINKS:lol:!
  19. sigurd

    Easiest First Boss from Any Zelda Game

    What is the easiest first boss from any zelda game I think big green chuchu (from minish cap) he pretty easy
  20. sigurd

    Majora's Mask Favorite Mask

    deku goron zora fierce deity and i fogot the poll just great
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