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  1. ShaneOMac713

    Friend or Foe

    This tread is going to be a game where the person infront of you says a character or person from games, ZD, or anime/manga then you say if they are a friend or foe if you know who it is. I will start I have no one infront of my so no answer Neer from the anime Death Note
  2. ShaneOMac713

    What is Your Favorite Sage in Each LoZ Game

    I have to say mine is sage of darkness in every single game. Darkness just seems to be the right sage for me. How about you what sage do you like.http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/images/smilies/link_smile.gif)
  3. ShaneOMac713

    " ^<V" Failers

    This game is like the ^<V for liars but a bit different. This game foes like this ^ how the person above fails < how you fair V how the person below you fails Now that you understand the rules I will start the game ^no one above me < I fail at life v never does anything so fails at...
  4. ShaneOMac713

    Hardest LoZ Game Ever Played

    Mine would have to be Adventures of Link. I can't even get to the first dungeon without dying three times and having to start the game over I have played it 30 times and I have died about over one hundred times. I don't like that game one bit so what is the hardest Legend of Zelda game you have...
  5. ShaneOMac713

    Minish Cap Short, Normal, Long Length

    I have heard that LoZ MC is a short game but the person that told me may be wrong so I am asking you guys that have played the game if it is a short game, a normal lengthen game, or a long game.
  6. ShaneOMac713

    The Better Game

    I am going to buy a Legend of Zelda for my DS and my chooses are Phantom Hourglass, Minsh Cap, and Spirit Tracks so I made this forum so all of the people of ZD can help me. The reason I made this if anyone is wondering is I am asking all the people of ZD which of the three games are the best if...
  7. ShaneOMac713

    Rate the Game

    This is a forum game I decided to make after seeing the other. How this game works 1.First you name any popular video game out there for any system 2.The next person says how they feel about it and posts another game for the next person to do. Here I will start No one is above me so no answer...
  8. ShaneOMac713

    Who Wants a Special 3DS Like a LoZ One with the OoT 3DS

    I know I am hoping that they will make a Legend of Zelda edition 3DS with the new 3D OoT game coming out. I want to know who else what's Nintendo to make a Legend of Zelda 3DS.
  9. ShaneOMac713

    Talk About Your Self and Your Life Forum

    My name is Shane. I was born July 13 1999. I am a huge fan of Street Fighter, Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, Super Mario, Sonic, ect. I am some what new to Zelda Dungeon but I am pretty known here. Now I want to hear about you and your life so leave a post.
  10. ShaneOMac713

    What is Your Favorite Band.

    My favorite band has to be Three Days Grace. The band makes songs that talk about feelings and every feeling they talk about each person has at least felt once in their life. The band is awesome now I want to know what bands are you guys favorites.
  11. ShaneOMac713

    Redeads Good or Bad?

    I am making a tread to ask people and to see reasons how redeads can be bad, annoying, or hard or if the are fun, easy and not a bother. I personally now think(after beating OoT) that redeads are very easy,simple to fight, and not a bother since they can be easily defeated.
  12. ShaneOMac713

    Anime Shows Ex:Naruto, Inuyasha, Zatch Bell

    I watch a bunch of anime shows but the one thing I don't get us that like no one else watchs them and it upsets menso I am making a forum to see who watchs anime shows and what they are leave a post if you do.
  13. ShaneOMac713

    What Legend of Zelda Games Have You Beaten

    Me personally have only beaten two with out help and with help all together I have beaten 4 and I am about to beat two other games Oot and classic LoZ. The games I have beaten help or without help are TP, WW,LttP and LA
  14. ShaneOMac713

    Ocarina of Time OoT

    Hey where are you in OoT if you are playing if not have you beat it by the way I am in the Fire Temple.
  15. ShaneOMac713

    How Many People Watch Inuyasha

    I want to know how many people watch Inuyasha because I seem like I am the only one also this is my first forum since I just figured it out Also how many have ever seen Death Note if you have did you like it, did you love it, or did you hate it.
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