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  1. General Onox

    Overclocked Zelda Music

    (I'M SO SORRY AGAIN! I PUT OF TWILIGHT AND REDEMPTION INSTEAD OF TRIFORCE MAJEURE SO IS TRIFORCE MAJEURE IS YOUR FAVORITE VOTE FOR TWIGHLIGHT OF REDEMTION!!!) After many tries I got it up :D I found a bunch of awesome zelda remixes by overclocked. For those who don't know overclocked takes...
  2. General Onox

    What Items Do You Equip when You Don't Need One at the Moment?

    So which ones do you equip when you're just roaming around without anything to do? Here's all of mine. PS: Please forgive me if this thread has been made before I searched EVERYWHERE and I just couldn't find it. LoZ: The wand. I keep the wand equiped because it is about as strong as the bow...
  3. General Onox

    A Link to the Past What is Your Favorite Medalion?

    In ALttP there are three medalions you get, the bombos medalion which sets all the enemies on the screen on fire and kills them, the ether medalion which freezes all the enemies on the screen, and the quake medalion which kills all enemies near you and opens turtle rock. So out of the three...
  4. General Onox

    What Item is the Most Useless to You?

    Out of any items Link gets in any game for any purpose which one has proved to be the most useless to you? For me it's bombs. I never use bombs unless I have to like opening secret walls or killing stalfos in ST other than that nothing. So what about you? What item out of all the items Link gets...
  5. General Onox

    What Game System Has Your Favorite Zelda Games on It?

    What game system has your favorite games on it? This does not include remakes of the games like ALttP on gba but the games for their original system like ALttP for the SNES (include the GB and GBC games as on the same system). Mine is the GC because I love TWW and FSA.
  6. General Onox

    If You Lost All Your Zelda Games but Could Only Keep Three.

    OK so what if suddenly you had to get rid of all your Zelda games and couldn't get them back ever or buy different copies of themD: but you got to pick 3 of them to keep what three games would you keep? Out of all my games I would keep OoT for obvious reasons it's really awesome it's a legend...
  7. General Onox

    How Long Did It Take You to Beat Each of Your Zelda Games?

    I've been thinking of making this for a while now but never got around to it. So how long did it take you to finish each of your Zelda games? Here's how long it took me. TLoZ Not beat yet I've been playing it for about 7 months though and i'm still stuck on level six I try to beat that like...
  8. General Onox

    If You Got a Hold of One of Link's Weapons He Gets Throughout the Games

    If You Got a Hold of One of Link's Items He Gets Throughout the Games If you got to pick one of Links items he gets throughout the games what item would you pick and what would you do with it. I would pick the gust jar from TMC first of all it would be REALLY fun, being able to have it suck...
  9. General Onox

    What Systems Do You Play Your Zelda Games On?

    Here are the systems I play Zelda games on I'll start from the beginning. TLoZ Virtual Console OoT N64 MM Virtual Console OoS GBC TWW GC TMC GBA PH DS ST DS So what do you use to play your Zelda games?
  10. General Onox

    Money Making Minigames

    What's the best minigame in the Zelda series you can think of right now money wise? There are three types that you can post or you can post all three. 1) The fastest way to make rupees. 2) The most fun way to make rupees. 3) The easiest way to make rupees. Here are mine 1) The boat course...
  11. General Onox

    Did You Ever Realize What Happens with the Decorations on Windfall Island in TWW?

    So I'm playing the Wind Waker and I finish the trading sequence and decide to decorate the town (I was bored and had a TON of rupees on me) and i decorated everything and when I talked to the guy next to the bridge he noticed how I put flags on it and gave me money! I looked around and talked to...
  12. General Onox

    Minish Cap Best Handheld Game?

    I haven't actualy played it yet but from the information it looks like it's one of the best if not the best handheld Zelda game cuz there's tons of things to do like kinstones and tons of heart pieces and it has really good graphics as far as being bright colored and what not AND lots of cool...
  13. General Onox

    Toon Link Overused?

    Maybe it's just me but I think Toon Link is used in too many games like TWW TMC ST PH and FSA (at least i think that's Toon Link) which is like, a third of the games I still like Toon Link but I'm kind of getting tired of him being in every other game. So what are your thoughts, do you think...
  14. General Onox

    Stone Tower or Water Temple

    Both are extremely evil and hated by Zelda fans all around the world (Well, not the stone tower temple as seen by the posts) but, which dungeon do you think is worse the Stone Tower or the Water Temple? Mine is the Stone Tower because the bosses mainly and a few of the puzzles like Twinmold and...
  15. General Onox

    Did Anyone else Not Have to Fight Dead Hand?

    I've heard alot about dead hand being really creepy and stuff but, I don't remember ever having to fight Dead Hand what dungeon is he in and was anyone else able to skip this boss?
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