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    Did You Like Revisiting the Locations Again in Skyward Sword?

    Did you honestly like revisiting the places you have been before again? (Like for example: Going back to Lanayru Desert and then discover Lanayru Sand Sea) I thought it was a great concept and I hope they put it in again in a future Zelda game. So, what do you think? :)
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    Do You Any of You Don't Do Master Quest?

    I don't do master quest! I don't do it because (I have the 3DS version) I hate how it's mirrored! And I'm not really a person who really likes the different enemy placement! Do any of you people don't do Master Quest? Please tell me! :)
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    Make Your Own Zelda Item

    If you could make your own Zelda item, what would it be? And also you can combine present day Zelda items together also. Mine would be the Spinner and it can shoot any type of arrow, and also when the arrow hits the enemy, a bomb sprouts from the arrow and falls to the ground and...BOOM! The...
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    Ocarina of Time What Do You Think Was the Easiest Kid Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    I think it would have to be "Inside the Deku Tree" because that place was super easy! (In my opinion it was.) You get the Slingshot in like the first two minutes, those Deku Shrub mini bosses were really easy, and Gohma was so easy! I could defeat her in like thirty seconds. So, what do you...
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    WW-Wii U Do You Think Saria Could be One of the Koroks?

    (I am sorry I messed up the thread name, so don't tell me that! It was supposed to be "Do you think Saria could be one of the Koroks?")I think Saria could possibly be one of the Koroks. It doesn't tell if she isn't or is and you can't even really tell any of the Korok's Gender. (Well, except...
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    Which Ganondorf is Your Favorite?

    My favorite one is the one from Wind Waker, because he looked cool, he has dual swords, and I love his laugh. So, which Ganondorf is your favorite? :)
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    Anyone Got a Skype?

    Does anyone here got a Skype? I have one and my Skype name is malik.brown70 So, will any of you friend request me and tell me if you have a Skype? :)
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    Four Swords How Do I Unlock Hero's Trail?

    For some reason I don't know how to unlock Hero's Trial in the Four Swords Anniversary Edition! Can you help me with this? :(
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    Four Swords Are You Getting Four Sword for Dsi/Dsi XL/ 3DS?

    I am! It comes out tomorrow and I am really excited! But I heard single player isn't really good, but I think that there is wifi enabled in the game also. But anyway, are you getting this game? :hmm:
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    Twilight Princess Gamecube Version or Wii Version.

    I have the Wii version of Twilight Princess, but I have never played the Gamecube version so I can't really say which version I like better. The Wii version is mirrored, so that means everything in the game is flipped. (And yes, to me the gamecube is mirrored, but the Wii version is actually...
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    General Modern Do You Think the Ghost Ship from WW is the Same Ghost Ship in PH?

    Is the Ghost ship in wind waker the same Ghost Ship in Phantom hourglass? It could be possible, but then again, it's probably not. In Wind Waker you have to get one of the Triforce charts in the Ghost ship, but when you go inside it the ship is really small and the Diabolical Cubus sisters...
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    What Was the Scariest Zelda Cutscene You Have Seen?

    The scariest zelda cutscene I have seen was in Twilight Princess when it showed Link with no pupils in his eyes! That cutscene was scary to me! So, what was the scariest zelda cutscene you have scene? :)
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    Navi Vs. Tatl Vs. Ciela.

    Which fairy do you like better? I say Ciela, because she wasn't that annoying. (Sorry, that's the only reason I could of.) So, which fairy do like the best? :)
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    Ocarina of Time What Sage Was Your Favorite from Ocarina of Time?

    My favorite sage was Darunia, because I just thought he was cool and stuff. So, who is your favorite sage? :)
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    Another Split Timeline?

    Do you think that maybe in the future the zelda timeline will split again? I think probably not, but I was wondering, what do you guys think? :)
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    Ocarina of Time Vs. Wind Waker Vs. Twilight Princess

    This is my first thread, so sorry if somebody did a thread like this or if this is in the wrong category. So Which game do you guys think is better, Ocarina of time, Wind Waker, or Twilight Princess? I personally think Wind waker is the best. The characters showed more emotion, it had some fun...
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