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  1. McBlizzy

    Link's Tunic

    Over the games Link has warn a few tunics, I was just wondering... Which tunic do you like the best on him? I like the Purple Tunic best from FSA, purple is my favorite colour, and REAL men wear purple! :puppy:
  2. McBlizzy

    Instrument in Skyward Sword

    We know in the past the Ocarina has been a frequently used instrument in the Zelda series. There's also been a Flute, Wind Waker and a Panpipe (If I'm missing some other instruments tell me) What are the chances of Link playing an instrument in Skyward Sword? There was no instrument in...
  3. McBlizzy

    Ikana Canyon War?

    So as we all know the residents of Ikana Canyon were in a war... I believe it was the Garo vs. the Skeleton Stalchild things. I was trying to write some lyrics for the Stone Tower theme about the war in Ikana but... I don't have enough info... Does anyone have an theories as to why it happened...
  4. McBlizzy

    Warping System in Skyward Sword

    I apologize if a thread like this has already been posted, I just quickly skimmed the posts on this page. As you all know, most of the Zelda games have a certain warping system they use. In OOT and MM it was the Ocarina, in WW it was the Wind Waker, and in TP Midna warped Link around...
  5. McBlizzy

    Four Swords Vs. Four Swords Adventures?

    Alright, we're all aware the the Four Swords is for the Gameboy Advanced, But I have the Four Swords Adventures for the Gamecube... Anyone want to give me a rundown on which is better? What the differences are? (It was a gamecube remake right?)
  6. McBlizzy

    General Classic Temples Vs. Sidequests

    When comparing the Ocarina of Time; a heavy temple based game to the Majora's Mask; which has only four temples, but several sidequests we notice that exact difference... Temples vs. Sidequests. (I hope this doesn't turn into an OOT vs. MM) But that's something Indiglogo noticed when we were...
  7. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask What's Your Favorite Region?

    So, which region in MM was your favorite and why? I'd love to hear =D Also I meant to type Snowhead into the poll... whoops! ^^' Mine is 1. Ikana Canyon 2. Great Bay 3. Clock Town 4. Woodfall 5. Snowpeak
  8. McBlizzy

    Ocarina of Time Master Quest

    I played the Master Quest and loved it! I found that the Water Temple was more easy and that the Fire Temple was the hardest temple, what are your thoughts on it? :)
  9. McBlizzy

    Majora's Mask Well Ways

    Which way do you go when you enter The Well in Ikana Canyon? Straight or Left? And why? Do you stick with the same way or change every time?
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