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  1. HyruleLove

    Xenoblade to Be Re-stocked at Gamestop

    http://gengame.net/2013/08/gamestop-has-restocked-xenoblade-chronicles-selling-copies-for-90/ For a whopping $90! What?? Why?? I get that its a Gamestop exclusive, but this is just insane. I own this game, and have not played it D: Ive heard a lot of people say its an amazing game, but is...
  2. HyruleLove

    Majoras Mask, Skyward Sword Poster Prizes!

    Im sure all of you are aware of Club Nintendo. This year, members who reach platinum status had 7 prizes to choose from, one of them being a set of 3 posters, Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus, Skyward Sword posters! Also, platinum or gold members can choose from a selection of different games, one...
  3. HyruleLove

    Ideas Taken from Twilight Princess?

    Howdy! If theres a thread like this I must have missed it, but I looked , I promise : D If its in the wrong spot as well, I apologize... Anyhoo, I am playing through Twilight Princess again, and Ive been looking at every small detail in the game. I wonder if Nintendo adopted the idea of flying...
  4. HyruleLove

    LoZ-Dungeon 5-tips, Preferred Methods?

    I didnt see a thread like this around, so I apologize if there was and I missed it :$ Anyways, I seem to be stuck at the 5th dungeon in The Legend of Zelda. I find myself dying right when I get to the room next to the dodongos , the one with a ton of blue dark nuts -___- Is there a tip...
  5. HyruleLove

    Why is Your Favorite Zelda Game, Your Favorite??

    There is something about a certain Zelda game that won your heart for it. What is it about your favorite game, that makes it your favorite? My favorite game is Twilight Princess s <3 I love how there were villages, and an old-school castle town. Im not sure of the adjective to describe...
  6. HyruleLove

    Zelda Art Clay Master Sword and Hylian Shield.

    This holiday season I was given some oven bake clay, and decided to try making something "Zelda"-ish. Dont look too closely >.< you`ll find flaws,but I thought id just share xD Btw-I did not have any silver or gray acrylic paint...so I used silver nail polish for the metallic parts xD
  7. HyruleLove

    Skyward Sword Boulder in Lanayru Gorge?

    (If this was previously ask, I apologize for posting double:$) In Lanayru Gorge, when you look to the left, where theres a door and a ramp going down, theres a big round rock/boulder. This may seem like a stupid question, but what is it for? I just dont understand why theres a big rock there...
  8. HyruleLove

    Skyward Sword Gliding >.>...

    Gliding. We have to do it in some parts of the game at one time or another. Is anyone finding it difficult like I am? I keep trying to land on the windmill in Skyloft (yes, by jumping off the waterfall) and I never make it far enough. Also, in Eldin volcano, theres a place where you have to...
  9. HyruleLove

    Twilight Princess Ganon and Zants Demise.

    I just finished my second time playing through Twilight Princess.(Its my favorite game,and to the haters,shut it xD) Anyways, I was curious about the part right after you beat Ganondorf for the last time,they show Zant,and he creepily cracks his neck,and at the same time Ganondorf dies. I was...
  10. HyruleLove

    Majora's Mask Majora`s Mask...seriously?

    I found MM to be the most obnoxious game I have ever played.I hate feeling rushed!I did use the walkthrough provided by this site,and boy I wish they had a video walkthrough.Thank God I finished that sucker,but now I see they`re working on a video walkthrough for it! D: gaaah! Seriously?! xD...
  11. HyruleLove

    Ocarina of Time Bought the Game,but No 3DS?

    So,anyone here other than me,who bought OoT 3D,but still doesnt own a 3DS? If so,when do you plan on getting one? I just HAD to have this game,the thought of it not being available...just kills me xD I hope to have a 3DS buy the end of the summer....I reaaally hope so! BTW,Nintendo cleaned up...
  12. HyruleLove

    Ocarina of Time Puerto Rico Gamestop SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    What a damn misfortune.In Puerto Rico,ALL stores close on holidays.I was SURE Gamestop would be open today,since its a freaken RELEASE DATE of a game! And just my luck,it was CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(>:(>:(>:(>:(>:(>:(>:(>:( Not only is it frustrating that they were closed,I think its totally...
  13. HyruleLove

    Twilight Princess Ingredients in Yettos Soup??

    I really wouldnt know where to post this,forgive me if it is in the wrong sub forum :$ Id like to know if anyone knows the exact ingredients in Yettos soup.Yeah,Im going to try and make it xD so lets see! :) Help will be appreciated!
  14. HyruleLove

    Zelda Action Figures...

    y u no cheap!? xD Im DYING for any kind of Zelda action figures,I look all over and all I see are figures for 100$s of dollars.Does anyone here own any *_*?
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