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  1. Locke

    Zonai = Kokiri?

    I don't think they look similar. Swirls like that are a very common pattern. I've specifically noted many examples across the series after seeing this subject come up in a youtube theory.
  2. Locke

    Emotional interactions in the Zelda series

    In SS when you finally catch up to Zelda and you say "Am I late?" and Impa replies "...No, you're right on time." I (as Link) had always felt inadequate until then, and that moment served to validate my entire journey. In TP when Colin learns about inner strength. He had always looked up to...
  3. Locke

    My guide to beating Lynel (minor spoilers)

    couple things about using bows... I've actually found it more difficult to get stuns using 3x bows than 1x bows. It seems like one of the shots is hitting him first off-target, giving him brief immunity to stuns from any on-target shot. Or maybe I'm just not aiming well enough. I haven't tried...
  4. Locke

    Timeline placement?

    Is there? Enlighten me.
  5. Locke

    Treasure Chest That I Can't Seem To Get...

    I think the bug is consistent. The person who opened the chest used hacks. It's also discoverable through data mining.
  6. Locke

    Zelda's Blessing and WW's missing hero

    Yes this is true. They're specifically expecting the same Hero of Time, and WW-Link is also specifically rejected as being the Hero of Time. I don't know if they expected him to travel through time or if they were referring to the spirit of the hero as Demise and Zelda do.
  7. Locke

    Interactive Map Save Question

    For anyone using Safari, can you please try locating the "cookies and website data" setting and changing it to "Never" (i.e. allow all cookies/data, never block), then click this link to see if the completion data is restored? You can change the setting back afterward.
  8. Locke

    Interactive Map Save Question

    Yeah, reports are coming in that the solution did not work for ios. I've reverted it for now. For anyone not on ios still missing your completion data, go here. I'll try to work on an ios solution.
  9. Locke

    Interactive map saving question.

    I don't think so. It uses Google Maps API which doesn't support offline mode, and a bunch of its data is fetched dynamically from the wiki.
  10. Locke

    Interactive Map Save Question

    Try now.
  11. Locke

    Interactive Map Save Question

    We just moved to https and that might have caused this issue. Your completion data is probably still stored in LocalStorage for http://www.zeldadungeon.net, but the https page can't read that entry. I'll work on a solution tomorrow.
  12. Locke

    Zelda's Blessing and WW's missing hero

    -Zelda, BotW (translation source: myself with help from a few others) With this bond between the hero and the sword in mind, let's re-examine a few quotes from WW: -Laruto, WW (translation source) -WW intro (translation source) I believe we finally have a definitive reason why the hero never...
  13. Locke

    Staff and User Rankings

    Jimmy.F27 has been promoted to Administrator, as I am stepping down.
  14. Locke

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Looking like an on-forum private conversation would be best. I should have plenty of free time this weekend. I'll try to keep it limited to a few people at first and only add others if necessary.
  15. Locke

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I like that this discussion is happening. I don't think anything's going to change if all we do is keep saying "just drop the drama". People have specific problems with other people that are difficult to articulate in this particular environment. Would it help to hold a skype chat with all those...
  16. Locke

    Official Suggestions Thread

    "Top Posters" is gone.
  17. Locke

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Let's keep the chatter out of here please. You're making me regret subscribing to this thread, which I gather is exactly what you don't want to happen.
  18. Locke

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Can we please stop dealing in "groups"? If this community is to improve then it's up to individual people to stop spreading hate.
  19. Locke

    Official Suggestions Thread

    There was a bug in taigachat. Should be fixed now.
  20. Locke

    Remove my perms

  21. Locke

    Staff and User Rankings

    Updated due to Seth's resignation.
  22. Locke

    Many atheists are too optimistic

    This is a matter of Truth vs Ideals. I think it's silly to base one's beliefs on what is more ideal; to reject one possible truth simply because it is undesirable. Truth is truth and you just have to accept it, even if it's painful. That said, I believe atheism is not truth for other reasons...
  23. Locke

    wow hate god?

    What kind of discussion are you trying to start here? I just see song lyrics and I have no idea what this thread is supposed to be about. When you start a thread, please include something in the OP to initiate and direct discussion. Also, especially in this case with a creative work, you should...
  24. Locke

    Pokemon Go - Pokemon in real life

    Yeah. I expect it'll just be a GPS and give you messages like "Pokemon XYZ is nearby!" with a normal UI for catching them, trading, viewing your list, etc. that's not tied to the camera.
  25. Locke

    Pokemon Go - Pokemon in real life

    I also doubt it's going to even be AR. probably just geofencing.
  26. Locke

    Pokemon Go - Pokemon in real life

    just hope I don't have to fly to new york to catch mewtwo. also why do we need that extra peripheral? what is there that can't be accomplished on the phone itself?
  27. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors Legends Famitsu Scans

    nintendoeverything might be blocking them or something. I added links.
  28. Locke

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors Legends Famitsu Scans

    was this Lana scene in HW (Wii U) originally? Looks like they're adding a whole WW storyline to HW (Wii U)? (like the Cia story)
  29. Locke

    TFH Tri Force Heroes Japanese Trailer

    32 stages. Collect materials (e.g. Tektite Shell) to order costumes from Madame Tailor. You're given an item at the beginning of each stage. There's a 3-player FFA mode. So far the puzzles seem really basic and they give you the required items for free. From what a Nintendo rep told me at PAX I...
  30. Locke

    Which way does gravity point?

    If you just want to know where it points, then treat it like an int. If you want to know what it actually points to (i.e. the vector itself), you have to dereference it like so: "*gravity"
  31. Locke

    Worst titled Zelda

    Nobody's said Tri Force Heroes yet? That title is utterly disrespectful to canon.
  32. Locke

    Windows 10 Privacy

    Microsoft posted a Privacy FAQ. It seems pretty detailed. There's a section on Wi-Fi Sense.
  33. Locke

    Aounuma should be fired

    Good thing he hasn't been director since WW.
  34. Locke

    Rate your top 10 Anime's

    I think several people here have seen it. ...unless they're all really wolves.
  35. Locke

    Windows 10 Privacy

    I'm surprised we don't have a thread for this yet. Several concerns have risen around the internet regarding some of Windows 10's new privacy policies and features. Might as well just lump them into one thread. First off, we have this little claim in the services agreement (covering use of...
  36. Locke

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    On repeat. All day.
  37. Locke

    Rate your top 10 Anime's

    According to MAL... 1. Wolf's Rain 2. Howl's Moving Castle (film) 3. Summer Wars (film) 4. Code Geass 5. Last Exile 6. Trigun 7. Planetes 8. Princess Mononoke (film) 9. Whisper of the Heart (film) 10. Mushishi In case we're not counting films... 11. Attack on Titan 12. Serial Experiments Lain...
  38. Locke

    Tabula Rasa

    Gisey (Last Exile - Fam the Silver Wing) as an inkling: Lana as an inkling: And some of my older stuff for good measure: Pretty simple, really. Hitomi, obviously. Quote's from Wolf's Rain. Tap on it on your 3DS to see it in 3D! (or go to the following url...
  39. Locke

    My theory that could help find a cure for depression

    It sounds to me like you're suggesting drugs. Also, I don't believe that "moral good" is entirely separate from "scientific good". Doesn't living your life according to your values trigger pleasant emotions?
  40. Locke

    Someone actually thinks LoZ is racist

    "zeldainformer.com" don't even have to read the article. "Link is a tree" was better.
  41. Locke

    Gamepad worries

    I actually thought PH's (or ST's?) little "Close the DS to copy this mark onto your map" 'puzzle' was really clever and enjoyable. I had exactly that "aha!" satisfaction that the developers want us to have when we solve puzzles. At the moment I can't even think of any puzzles in the series that...
  42. Locke

    Legend of Zelda MMORPG

    Is there any precedent for exploration&puzzle-based MMORPGs? The closest thing I can think of is Myst Online: Uru Live and that didn't fare too well, albeit mostly for external reasons.
  43. Locke

    Windows 10 Mascot: Touko

    Clippy* Keep in mind that this is basically only for the Akihabara market.
  44. Locke

    Windows 10 Mascot: Touko

    https://dspwindows-10charanaming.azurewebsites.net/ From Microsoft partner in Japan, Windows Navi+ Windows 7 also had a mascot (Nanami) and Windows 8 had a pair of mascots (Yuu and Ai).
  45. Locke

    What Is The Last Video You Viewed?

    Japan Expo in Paris! Wish I was there!
  46. Locke

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Check your browser's flash plugin too.
  47. Locke

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    Sarai-ya Goyou (House of Five Leaves). Quite relaxing and interesting at the same time. Very easy to relate to the protagonist, even though he's an edo-era ronin. It has an unusual art style and a great OP. It's only 12 episodes, so it's worth checking out. (how did this even get on my watch...
  48. Locke

    Best 'mech' anime/manga

    Most "mech anime" are anime that just happen to have mechs. It's not really a genre. I won't break the Code Geass recommendation combo. By far the best mech series, and one of the best anime in general. Stay away from Gurren Lagann unless you enjoy really stupid humor, and a lot of it. Be...
  49. Locke

    What would it take for you to purchase an NX?

    I might buy NX if Nexon ever releases MapleStory 2 globally.
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