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  1. zeldafan123

    A Link to the Past What the Heck Just Happened?!

    I just finished ALTTP just a few minutes ago and now I am so confused. I tried to do a 100% run of the game but I didn't manage it, but one thing I did manage was get all of the sword upgrades. I got the two sword upgrades into the Golden Sword and it made most of the enemies in the game really...
  2. zeldafan123

    A Link to the Past Grammar Mistake in ALTTP!!!

    As I was playing ALTTP after I had just drawn the Master Sword from the pedestal of time I was contacted by the priest and what he said to me went unnoticed for a second. He said "Link help, the soldiers are attacking Sanctuary" I didn't notice it at first by after a few seconds I realized the...
  3. zeldafan123

    Hylian Shield in 2D Zelda?

    I've come to notice that none of the 2D zelda games have the hylian shield. I don't know why this is exactly but I have two ideas. The first one is that the graphics in the 2D zelda games weren't good enough to show the detail of the Hylian shield and that's why they went with simple colours. My...
  4. zeldafan123

    Companion or Not?

    Many people on this site have complained about how terrible it was to have Navi shoving information down you throat, or how Fi told you things you already knew. Many people have also complained about how annoying a compainion can be, especially when they tell you things you know, even if it is...
  5. zeldafan123

    A Link To The Past: Your Experiences.

    Hello everyone. Today I'm going to talk about ALTTP, or what I'm actually hoping for is for[I]you[I] to talk about ALTTP. I haven't played the game myself and have no possible way to play it so I would like to know about your experiences with the game. What you did and didn't like, the parts you...
  6. zeldafan123

    Spoiler The Master Sword

    In WW you get the Master Sword in the middle of the game, but the sword is not at its full power. You go through more temples to power the Blade of Evil's Bane and get it to full strength. What I don't understand is this 'power' the Master Sword is said to hold. In SS when the Master Sword is...
  7. zeldafan123

    Hylian Bone Structure

    Well hello everyone, I want to talk to you about a topic which has been with me for a long time. as you've all played the 3D Zelda titles (I hope) and you all know of the ridiculous heights Link can fall from. Now I know that femurs (Your shin bones) are stronger than steel and they can stand a...
  8. zeldafan123

    Is There Another Portal?

    At the end of TP Midna shattered the mirror (I nearly cried when I saw that :cry:) saying that it was the only way to stop the two realms causing problems for each other (Because giving a piece to Link and Zelda wouldn't have helped at all:dry:) and thus ending the story. But I've heard that...
  9. zeldafan123


    At E3 we were told that Link was born and raised in a place called Skyloft, and that it was a city in the sky. I know that there are many more threads contemplating the fact that the City in the sky in TP could be Skyloft but a little bit different. This thread is an arguement against those...
  10. zeldafan123

    Injuries in Zelda

    As we all know The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy game and is in no way real (Or is it???) and anything seen in that game should never be attempted in real life. But some things in the games look like they could work in real life. Take the rolling after jumping from high places, it looks like it...
  11. zeldafan123

    Twilight Princess Hyrule Castle TP

    I'm stick in the entrance hall after you step on the switch that lowers the chandelier and I really don't know what to do. If anyone can help a confused noob it would be greatly appreciated thabks very much. In a Bizzle Bras.:cool:
  12. zeldafan123


    In LA you were able to steal things from the guy's shop. That got me thinking, "Should we be able to steal things in upcoming games?". Because if we could it would make getting items a lot less tedious and time consuming. If we were able to steal in upcoming games I know I definitely would. If...
  13. zeldafan123

    Deku Babas

    We all know that Deku Babas are one of the first and easiest enemies to fight, but in OoT we had giant Deku Babas. But in SS the Deku Babas look the same size as they were in TP, so are there going to be any more giant ones. Also I've been wondering about the fact that besides Diababa there...
  14. zeldafan123

    Ocarina of Time The Temple of Time

    as everyone saw in OOT the Temple of Time was in the middle of Hyrule market, but in TP it was in the Sacred Grove, so does this mean that the Sacred Grove is what used to be Hyrule market and that the castle has moved to the middle of Hyrule from where it once stood. Leave your suggestions in...
  15. zeldafan123

    Eyeball Bosses

    So as everyone knows eyeball bosses have been used as the main kind of boss ever since the LoZ started, and in TP and every other game they did this and we've seen the scorpion in SS (probably another Gohma) its generally overused big time. so what i'm saying is in TP in the temple of time the...
  16. zeldafan123

    Ocarina of Time Stalfos

    OK who here thinks that the Stalfos in this game are way to hard in the forest temple. Their attacks seem too powerful and over-exagerated. They're so annoying to defeat and I bet I wouldn't die so much if there wasn't a time limit to killing them all in one go. The time limit makes you risky...
  17. zeldafan123

    Skyward Sword = Master Sword

    there's been a lot of ranting about how the Skyward Sword is going to turn into the Master Sword, like you have to collect the power of the sages or have to collect certain items or something like that. my theory is that when you defeat a boss or complete a temple the sword drains some power off...
  18. zeldafan123

    Enemies in TP

    ive heard axle say that twilight princess was dark and disturbing with creepy looking enemies. to be honest i thought they just looked hilarious, no seriously all dead sword or whatever the mini boss was in arbiters grounds just annoyed me cause he just wouldn't stay still and he was a real pain...
  19. zeldafan123

    Potion Drinking

    in twilight princess the enemies and everything froze and you could drink the potion without fear of being hurt. well since drinking potions wont make the gameplay freeze i think a few people will die before their hearts have a chance to fill or before they could drink the potion. so id like for...
  20. zeldafan123

    Over the Top

    ive heard many people say that nintendo have just over complicated the control scheme in skyward sword what do you guys think???:)
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