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  1. disturbed42

    Slender Man

    So my friend showed me these videos on YouTube about some guy called Slender Man. He's some super tall, skinny white guy with no face (?) and his arms are very lanky. The videos are obviously fake and I don't believe that he's real, but I'm honestly very paranoid (scary movies/videos do this to...
  2. disturbed42

    SS: Dark Tribe Main Enemies?

    Well I read PhantomTriforce's post in my "Dark Link?" thread and he mentioned how there are predictions about the Dark Tribe being the main enemies of Skyward Sword. I have no idea how I haven't heard of these speculations (ignorance is not bliss), but if anybody would like to make a post and...
  3. disturbed42

    Dark Link?

    I personally hope that we get to see Dark Link in Skyward Sword :) I don't particularly know much about his character (seeing as I only saw him once, and that was in OoT), except that he's Link's dark side....obviously. However, when it comes down to the realistic possibility of seeing him in...
  4. disturbed42

    Skyloft Is Multiple Islands?

    Aonuma: "Now Link resides in Skyloft. He's, again, just your average kid. He doesn't think there's anything unusual about living on these floating islands." Wait a minute....islands? Plural? As in there is more than one land mass in floating in the sky?? Does this mean that Skyloft is more...
  5. disturbed42

    Skyward Sword Difficulty

    My apologies if anyone has already created a thread on this. Well I just read the article on the main page of Zelda Dungeon, and it talked about how Eiji Aonuma mentioned that the gameplay in SS would be more challenging when fighting enemies and solving puzzles. Personally, I think this...
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