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  1. Fierce

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    Mod edit: Please use this thread for all discussion of the Hyrule Historia's 3-split timeline that involves time travel. If everyone posts their own explanation as a thread, we'd have several redundant locations of the same discussion. ~Locke Hello everyone, I'm Fierce... I've been on quite...
  2. Fierce

    Ocarina of Time Fierce's Boss Gauntlet Guide: The Ultimate Fight!

    The Boss Gauntlet Guide The Ultimate Fight! Version 1.0 -This Guide was made for Zelda Dungeon, please don't steal it :( - Introduction Hello fellow Zelda enthusiasts! I'm Fierce. No, that's not an adjective-- that's my name-- but it does describe the ferocious challenges that await you in...
  3. Fierce

    Ocarina of Time Awesome New Detail on Dark Link Battle.

    When you are walking to the hut in the distance (Yes the wall section is now a Japanese style hut), you will see Dark Link reflected in the water below you. However when you walk onto the Island in the center and continue to the hunt... the shadow is gone. After you walk past the island you...
  4. Fierce

    General Classic What if You See Legend of Zelda 3D Classic, when the Eshop Launches?

    If LEGEND OF ZELDA 3D classic was on the eshop, I'm pretty sure I'd buy it within seconds. I think Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past 3D and ZELDA II: ADVENTURE OF LINK 3D would also instantly drain my wallet as well. What 3D-ified Zelda game is on your most wanted list for the Eshop? To me...
  5. Fierce

    Ocarina of Time OOT Bosses: Easy or Hard? -First Battles-

    When you first played Ocarina of Time, did you struggle with any of the bosses? Thing is, I always see mixed reactions for practically every boss. The only Boss I struggled on as a kid was really Ganon... I thought he was impossible. I even glitched my entire Kid inventory to be bottles of...
  6. Fierce

    The Shiekah: Telepaths, and the "man" in the Well?

    Edit: Yes, sorry the title is mispelled. :( After watching a video on the new "visions" from OOT3D... I really think the Shiekah race had telepathic powers. The first time I had this theory was after I saw the Sheikah psychic (In my opinion and many others) in Twilight Princess, aka Madame...
  7. Fierce

    ZELDA MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online)

    Zelda needs an MMO. I really think it is time for Nintendo to get out of their comfort zone and make this happen. I think this game would have MASS appeal, and would have such an amazing following. The universe of Zelda is just begging for an MMO too, what with all the races, locations, and...
  8. Fierce

    Do You Think the Motion Controls Might Hurt Skyward Sword?

    The Topic: Do you think the Motion controls might hurt Skyward Sword? Now Twilight Princess was well executed with its motion controls, but I'm a bit skeptical going into Skyward Sword. I know this is Miyamoto's dream... but we all know how some of those can turn out... (I'm looking at you Wii...
  9. Fierce

    The Legend of Zelda Favorite Nintendo Cameo in a Zelda Game

    We all know Nintendo loves to throw in references to their other franchises in Zelda games, like the Mario Paintings in Hyrule castle. What's your favorite cameo, or the one you were most excited about finding on your own? My favorite is the fact that there's Starfox Cameos in both 64 Zelda...
  10. Fierce

    Race Theory: A Study on Gorons and Goron Reproduction

    Reading Axle's wonderful article on races, I was inspired to start this topic about the lovable Gorons. Zoras have male and female counterparts, as do Hylians, Deku Scrub, Kokiri, etc... and yet the Gorons are always mysteriously male. Patriarch is the term used for the Goron leader in Twilight...
  11. Fierce

    Who Knows Japanese?

    I just recently bought the Japanese Rosetta stone to finetune and solidify the Japanese I've learned on my own. I think its a beautiful langauge really. Everything is much more understated. Who else knows, or is learning Japanese? Any tips for a native English speaker?
  12. Fierce

    Ocarina of Time How Many of You Plan on Doing a Minimalist/ 3HC/Complete Run 4 Ur 1st Run in OoT 3D?

    Since most of us have already beaten this game senselessly, how many of you plan on doing your first run in another way then just beating the game? For those of you that don't know, many Zelda-fans chose to complete the game by also challenging themselves: Completionist Run This method...
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