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  1. LinkLover

    Zelda Art Wrong

    Impa decided, that she did indeed have many faults. She hid away, very seldom helped people, and was not a cheerful person. However, it was a pain to explain this to the young girl before her. Princess Zelda sat for her lessons, only because the Sheikah woman had asked her too. Her teacher...
  2. LinkLover

    Zelda Art Destiny

    They hated it. The word tasted like acid in their mouths, burning their throats even after it was uttered. Destiny. Zelda hated it because it forced her to stay away, submit. Drop to her knees or flee, in hopes of survival. She despised the way it made her so aware of the painful truth...
  3. LinkLover

    Zelda Art Blessed with a Curse

    "I hate you." The words were spit from his lips. He stared at his muddy boots, trying to swallow the bile in his throat. "I know." She murmured. His fists clenched, nails digging into them. Drops of blood hit the stone beneath his feet. "Why must we be forced to do everything? What...
  4. LinkLover

    Well, Want to Be in a Story?

    I happen to be writing a little book. :wave: Not a fanfic, I am doing that next. It is a fiction book called Soul Sky. But, I wondered if you wanted to be in the book I am writing? Heres how: Name: Gender: Personality: Appearance: Creature: ( You can be a Demon, Human, or evil Dragon)...
  5. LinkLover

    Your Favorite Anime (With Suggestions) :)

    (If this is already a thread, I am sorry!) Anyways, I would like to know what you're favorite anime shows are. And, what suggestions do you have? Watched: Spice and Wolf (Season One) Death Note Fruits Basket Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Season One) Working On: Mushi-Shi Full Metal...
  6. LinkLover

    General Modern Spirit Tracks: Bosses

    I am replaying ST, and I am on the second boss. I know how to defeat it, but it keeps hitting me, dragging my health down to zero. Any suggestions?:thinking:
  7. LinkLover

    New Hero?

    Lately, I have been wondering more about Link himself lately. He is in every Zelda game and is always the main hero. What would happen if he was replaced? I wondered about if Nintendo, for the final game in the series, they replaced Link. A new hero arose, to save Hyrule. Link would not be dead...
  8. LinkLover

    3DS- Your Thoughts

    I got my own 3DS yesterday. Yet, I am a little dissapointed. When looking and turning on the system, it reminded me of a potable Wii. I was hoping for something new, but at least it still holds its charm for me. When playing, the 3D of the screen may take some time to get used to. But, it is not...
  9. LinkLover

    Midna's Hair

    The other day, I was playing my old copy of Twilight Princess when I noticed something. Midna's hair is electric! When you are in wolf form, if you look at the back of her her, it looks like electrical currents are running down it. Not only is it shaped like a hand, it can shock you! (jk) I...
  10. LinkLover

    Zelda Parody

    Well, me and Linknerd09 were talking about pardoy stuff. And we came up with some Zelda ones. Like McHylians for McDonalds. Or HylianStop for GameStop. Or even TinglesR'Us for ToysR'Us. So what can you come up with? Please make sure it relates to Zelda and that most people know what you are...
  11. LinkLover

    Twilight Series.....Who Are Fans?

    I am a giant fan of the Twilight series. Bella and Edward make a cute couple. Then again, it might just be his golden eyes talking........ Anyway I love the series and the drama. My favorite book is Eclipse, and that is my favorite movie to. Of course, Zelda still takes up more of my quality...
  12. LinkLover

    The Godesses of the Triforce: What is Your Opinion?

    I think we all know the creation of Hyrule story. Din, Faroe, and Nayru descened upon the land bringing order and justice into the world. They left behind the Triforce, which was the essence of their powers. Three chosen ones held the essence of that power. Ganon held power, Zelda got wisdom...
  13. LinkLover

    Twilight Princess What Do You Think About Zelda In This Game?

    Zelda is reclusive and not seen very often throughout the game. What are your opinions about this? Good, or bad?:dry:
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