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  1. bspurka

    Why Aren't Temples Places For Worship?

    The temple of time seems like a place for worship.
  2. bspurka

    Timeshift Stone Theories?

    When Rauru built the ToT it says in the HH that he used timeshift zones. maybe he was using the robots to mine them for the ToT for Hylia. Just my theory
  3. bspurka

    Zelda Boss Ideas for Zelda Wii U

    A cool concept would be if you had to go off the screen with the wii u controller and look around for a certain armored arachnid, and once you hit it then you can melee. But Nintendo needs to use the off screen capability to their advantage.
  4. bspurka

    What Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

    I would like to see an how well Nintendo could make an economic change. You should be able to manage the kinds of rupees you carry in your wallet instead of one blue rupee counting as 5 spots it will only count as one.
  5. bspurka

    Are You Afraid Of Death?

    Not scared of death. I am more scared of life. Not just living life, but even creating life. I don't think I will ever have children mainly because why would I want to raise someone or bring a child into a world as cruel as our own.
  6. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Im wearing a spiderman suit
  7. bspurka

    NASA Budget?

    NASA doesnt have a budget anymore JFK only signed the bill to give them money for 50-60 years I cant remember. But that is why a lot of scientist from nasa are going to virgin mobile and amazon.(both started up space programs) Right now it is basically a race to space!
  8. bspurka

    Connection Between Hyrule and Termina: Lost Woods and Fairies

    At the opening scene in MM link is actually passing out or dying. And thats the Tatl comes along (his new fairy escort). Plus he had Epona so traveling through the lost woods would have made it a quicker journey.
  9. bspurka

    How Can Zelda Wii U Improve The "Rupee System"?

    I came up with this col idea last fall about how they can improve the rupee system. Say your wallet can only carry 200 rupees (Rupees of different colors have different values) You can fill your Wallet with not just 200$ of a total amount, you can carry 200 actual rupees. So lets pretend I have...
  10. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Im officially 21!
  11. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I got asked by 2 girls to DJ some shows with them.
  12. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Got laid off today.
  13. bspurka

    What Time Do You Go To Bed And Wake Up

    I go to bed at 2am and wake up at 7am :) weekends are 5am wake up at 2pm
  14. bspurka

    Skyward Sword What Would You Have Focused On?

    I would have been focused on the game. They should have put more time into the motion control to make sure people wouldn't complain and say that it was faulty.
  15. bspurka

    Which Game Was Your First?

    Pokemon Red was my first. I played when I was very young. I have this weird attachment to Pokemon silver though, its strange, I just really love that game.
  16. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Because I turn 21 in less than a month!! :party:
  17. bspurka

    MM-3DS What Mask Would You Like to Own?

    The stone mask would be pretty cool. I would be a private investigator and make so much money.
  18. bspurka

    Ducks Are Secretly Keatons.

  19. bspurka

    Before You Die/ While You're Still Alive

    I wan't to make a name for myself.
  20. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Half an hour left of work@!!
  21. bspurka

    Majora's Mask and How Link is Portrayed As a Messiah/etc.

    Nice thread! I feel like Link being a god to those people is far-fetched but the idea that they worship him in different forms is very much accurate. It is such a cool concept that all of the regions are worshiping the same "god" and have no idea that they are the same. well done, I like this...
  22. bspurka

    Would You Rather

    Chronic dancing!!1 WYR poop yourself in a Walmart or hang out with a dead body.
  23. bspurka

    Speculation on a Topic That's Been Speculated to Death...

    A speculation is just a guess with no information provided with it. I am not saying that your speculation is wrong, I am mainly stating that a good theory has a good source of evidence to prove it right. With no evidence to provide it it makes this theory seem more to me like a fan fic.
  24. bspurka

    Speculation on a Topic That's Been Speculated to Death...

    I think you mixed up the theory section with fan-fic. There is no evidence supporting your claim. We know nothing about why it happens or what caused it, a curse is most likely the reason but to make a bold statement with no evidence just proves faulty.
  25. bspurka

    My Theory on What Termina REALLY Is.

    This thread is so old, who dug this up?
  26. bspurka

    Do You Want ZeldaU to Be a Light-Hearted Game or Dark?

    I would love to see the new Zelda U as a dark Zelda game, based on the downfall timeline just to add more of a depressing feel. All the games on the downfall timeline are all 2d I would like to see how Hyrule looks in 3D HD. I would also like to see the art style they chose for Ganondorf's take...
  27. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I havent got out of bed all day and I love it.
  28. bspurka

    Is Hunting For Sport Wrong?

    Unless you are actually going to use the animal for its food and fur then it is ok, same thing with fishing. If you are just going to kill a fish and take it to the taxidermy, then we have some problems. I always catch fish and take them home because my grand mom makes really good stripped bass...
  29. bspurka

    Phantom Ganon, Termina, and the Gap Between Dimensions

    I don't necessarily believe that Phantom Ganon can travel through the ether, but that Ganon has the "power" to control Phantom ganon. He is just a puppet, which means Ganondorf can actually control him and fight Link without actually haing to get his hands dirty. Think of the Gap as more of a...
  30. bspurka

    Are You In Love?

    No, I don't think I ever will be, I don't wan't to be, **** hurts too much.
  31. bspurka

    Zelda's Humour

    The dry humor that Scrapper's hate for Link is quite amusing XD It is just little things that make you laugh, they don't try their hardest and that is why its funny, dry humor is great.
  32. bspurka

    Phantom Ganon, Termina, and the Gap Between Dimensions

    Hmm, when the term "gap between dimensions" was said doesn't necessarily mean "Termina" for we know in our reality out universe is know to 11 dimensions, big dimensions and smaller dimensions. There are multiple dimensions, think of the "gap" like the "ether" it is the space in between space, it...
  33. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Cant wait to go home and play the new super mario bros game
  34. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Christmas EVE c:<
  35. bspurka


  36. bspurka

    How Judgmental Are You Of Others?

    Honestly, I don't care what you do, say, or act upon as long as you aren't doing them in spite or are just trying to offend others.
  37. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

  38. bspurka

    Theory on Why We Don't Ever See a Partner Twice

    Yes, every single link has the spirit of the hero.
  39. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    "69" likes ;)
  40. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Me and my friend went to this secret spot on the river, we started to smoke out of my bowl and I saw a cop driving toward the spot far from down the road. So I tossed my weed and my bowl. the cop pulls up on my passenger side, my friend says "hey whats up?" the cop: "what are you doing back...
  41. bspurka

    What is Twinmold's Boss Room?

    This is kinda relevant http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f31/majoras-mask-hollow-earth-theory-concept-32566.html
  42. bspurka

    Time Theory Split

    I am just having a hard time grasping "present is wherever you want it to be".
  43. bspurka


  44. bspurka

    Time Theory Split

    As all of you know, the split timeline is a very tricky thing, it is more than confusing at times. Here is a theory that I came up with. It is going to be quite difficult to follow what I am saying so I will be sure to explain things in a way as to where you can comprehend. What is "time"...
  45. bspurka

    Am I Reading the Timeline Right?

    The answer that you seek lies here > GlitterBerri's Game Translations » Pg. 92 Hyrule
  46. bspurka

    Awesome article my friend :D I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    Awesome article my friend :D I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
  47. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    First day back at work, didn't get paid for one day last week :(
  48. bspurka

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Finally over being sick!
  49. bspurka

    Zelda Wii U Release Date Speculation Thread.

    Honestly, I have no idea and can not even make a prediction as of when Zelda for the Wii U will be released. But one thing is for sure, I don't care if it takes ten years to make the game, it better be beautiful.
  50. bspurka

    Huge Open Exploration. "Lost Woods"

    Everyone just disregard the Skyrim comment lol.
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