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  1. bspurka

    Ducks Are Secretly Keatons.

  2. bspurka

    Time Theory Split

    As all of you know, the split timeline is a very tricky thing, it is more than confusing at times. Here is a theory that I came up with. It is going to be quite difficult to follow what I am saying so I will be sure to explain things in a way as to where you can comprehend. What is "time"...
  3. bspurka

    Huge Open Exploration. "Lost Woods"

    For all of those who own a Wii U, we know that it is pretty advanced and the console itself can out perform that of an Xbox 360. Would most of you like to see the same zelda you have been seeing but more of an overworld of Skyrim/fallout, not the same graphics per say but a more advanced...
  4. bspurka

    The Puppy Game!

    Post a picture of a cute puppy, you cannot double post! Enjoy the cuteness that is Puppy WORLD!!!
  5. bspurka

    Zelda Canon

    I hear the word "Canon" thrown around a lot here on Zelda Dungeon and I am having a hard time actually understanding the definition and how it relates to Zelda and how some Zelda games are actually "Canon" can someone please just sum up the whole canon thing for me. I am sure that there are non...
  6. bspurka


    Where does Link obtain all of these sheaths and scabbards for his mastersword. This isn't a very serious threat, I would just like to hear the communities opinions.:embarrassed:
  7. bspurka

    Kotake and Koume (Oot)

    How is it that Link defeats K&K during Oot and they come back in the Oracle games? I understand that the oracles are located under the hero is defeated split. But according to the Hyrule Hystoria The hero is defeated by Ganondorf, during the final battle. Link defeats K&K before he fights...
  8. bspurka

    Link's Item Inventory.

    Would you like it if Nintendo decided to take a more realistic path on the amount of items link can carry? Kind of like in SS with the item storage, but actually factor in the size of the item, the weight, the amount. I feel like this would make the game more difficult having to choose which...
  9. bspurka

    Another MM Thread...

    So this is not what you think it is. Yes I dont have a theory on it but im sure plenty of us can come together and think of one, I was looking at some of the original artwork of Majora's Mask and I found this. I understand that Majora's mask is a pretty dark game but why is someone...
  10. bspurka

    Throwback Thread

    Here is where you post a picture of something you remember growing up or even if you have a picture of your own that you would like to post. It doesn't nessisarily have to be a picture it could even be a memory that you have from the good o'l days. I'll start. please don't ask me why my...
  11. bspurka

    Majoras Mask

    Well I was thinking about this, I don't remember there being a thread about it. But who thought it was a good idea to put Majoras soul into a mask? I mean you think about it and someone at one point was like wow the evil majora finally died, I better play the song of healing for him to secure...
  12. bspurka

    Oracle of Secrets

    I had this on my mind for a while now, do you guys think that they should make another oracle game? Because I thoroughly enjoyed OOS, OOA. I would like to see an oracle of secrets game for the Wii U. Not necessarily a 3d game but just an HD game that could test out different ways to play and...
  13. bspurka

    Spoiler The Legend of Link's decedents

    Like my previous thread for the "hero of time bloodline" I had a misuse of many words. But I will be sure to clarify in detail of my evidence to prove that each Link in any Zelda game are connected. The Legend of Zelda (NES): Now the Hyrule Historia doesn't clarify that he is...
  14. bspurka

    What Item.

    If you could posses any item in any Zelda game what would it be? You can only choose one.
  15. bspurka

    Would You Rather.

    Which would you rather do.
  16. bspurka

    Hero of Time Bloodline

    I don't remember where I heard this, but I read it on a forum. Somebody stated that Link goes on and settles down, has a few kids, so his bloodline keeps going. According to the timeline his bloodline would have to be thousands of years old, starting with Skyward sword. But correct me if I'm...
  17. bspurka

    Lake Hylia Mystery

    Has anyone ever came to the conclusion of what made the huge scratch mark on the tree in lake Hylia. It is there when the hero of time is a child and as an adult.
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