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  1. Retro Ganon

    The One Eye

    This is my fist major theory. I decided to track down the various eye symbols throughout the Zelda Universe and find some kind of correlations. I was inspired to look further into this topic after reading a few articles and theory threads over at Zelda Informer. I also did some research into...
  2. Retro Ganon

    What Happens to One World Happens to the Other?

    SAHASRAHLA, IN SWAMP PALACE: Link, it is I, Sahasrahla. Objects in the Light and Dark Worlds mimic one another. If the form of a thing changes in one world, it will change the shape of its twin in the other. I was thinking about this when playing through TWW recently. The game does note the...
  3. Retro Ganon

    Why is Zelda Theorizing All About the Timeline?

    Hi, I'm Retro Ganon. I'm new to these boards as you can tell and I came here to theorize because this website doesn't seem to be wrapped up their anuses about the timeline and how they measure one's theory by the size of anothers E-Penis. I think its especially smart that Zelda Dungeons...
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