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  1. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Death of the Author

    I didn't realize someone had already made practically this exact same thread before. Sorry all, feel free to delete if a mod is viewing this :) Death of the Author is a term used to refer to the idea that the creator of a piece of media is entirely separate from their creations. Quite simply it...
  2. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Is Your Mobile Phone Replacing Your Brainpower?

    There have been studies conducted that suggest that even the presence of a mobile device on or around your person can reduct your ability to perform tasks. I'll link one below that I was able to find an online article about, however this particular study seemed to measure concentration whilst...
  3. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Do You Enjoy a Film More if You Don't Know the Actors?

    A few years ago I went to watch Storks with my little cousin. Although it's a kids film I did enjoy it, however, about 20 minutes in I recognised the voice of the main character as Andy Sandberg. It definitely changed my experience with the film as this character was initially his own isolated...
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