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  1. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker discussion (Spoilers)

    The most frustrating thing about this, for me, is that they seemed to be setting up the idea that Snoke wasn't actually killed in TLJ. It's demonstrated that Snoke can use the force despite not being physically present, Snoke's appearance seems altered from Force Awakens and the force connection...
  2. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Most Creative Pokemon Nicknames

    I called my Coallossal "Rock'n'Roll". I'm so white it hurts.
  3. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker discussion (Spoilers)

    This is my main problem with the Star Wars franchise. Something happens in the film and the fans go away and make more sense of it than the filmmakers themselves because even casual fans give more of a damn about the story than the actual storytellers. Palpatine's original attempts at seducing...
  4. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Star Wars Episode 9. It doesn't deserve my words. 1/10
  5. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Does your opinions on Zelda games change over time?

    This certainly happens with me. Some games like OoT and LA get pushed further down the chain as time goes on whilst others like TP have climbed. I can't really pinpoint what this was other than perhaps expectation and evolution. Some games had little promise to me, so my first playthrough was...
  6. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Mini-games You Spent A Lot of Time With

    I can remember spending far too long on the letter sorting minigame in Wind Waker. To the detriment of actually completing the game for a long time. There was some gaming magazine I used to buy at the time that was holding a contest to see who could get the high score and I was determined to get...
  7. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Rewatched Shrek for the first time in a few years. I'm always surprised with how well it holds up. The things it was making fun of in the film industry then can still be made fun of now on the whole. Some of the references are outdated now, but not so many that it's impossible to watch by any...
  8. CraftyLuminaryObject

    A Historical Analysis of the Practicality of the Weapons in Zelda: Part XV: The Flameblades.

    Absolutely, but there's your answer for why these swords are terribly designed from a realistic viewpoint. Sometimes it's through ignorance, sometimes it's because the philosophy of game design itself necessitates taking liberties with design in order to convey information efficiently.
  9. CraftyLuminaryObject

    A Historical Analysis of the Practicality of the Weapons in Zelda: Part XV: The Flameblades.

    Good write-up man. I don't know enough about weapons to refute any of the points you've made, you've got a much better grasp on this historical stuff than I have. That being said, I would like to address these closing points. You're right in that form follows function, absolutely, however I'm...
  10. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Post a Video Game Tune That Has You Feeling Nostalgic

    I'm sorry dude, didn't mean to shatter the mirror :'(
  11. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Post a Video Game Tune That Has You Feeling Nostalgic

    I know it isn't, but my brain for some reason perceives that salt shaker sound effect as out of time with the beat and I can't get past it.
  12. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Is there any way to increase the blood moon appearing rate?

    For the blood moon shrine I just waited for the red floaty things to alert me to the next blood moon coming, then teleported to the nearest shrine and had enough time to get to it before the blood moon effects wore off. You don't need to be there right when the blood moon appears, there's a bit...
  13. CraftyLuminaryObject

    New anti aging clinical trial

    I'm not concerned about the process of anti-aging, I'm concerned about the legitimacy of this particular organisations claims to have found a means of achieving it. I would have no qualms with such a treatment being used. Admittedly things would need to change in terms of how we manage...
  14. CraftyLuminaryObject

    New anti aging clinical trial

    I don't know much about the science, but I'd say you're right here. I seem to recall reading up about the aging process up to 25 and the body itself completes the same processes that this organisation is claiming to be capable of now. It makes sense that such a procedure would only ever de-age...
  15. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Champions Ballad Tips?

    As far as dealing with groups of multiple enemies, my advice is not too. Getting outnumbered was responsible for practically all of my gameovers during this section. Make use of ranged weapons and the environment to separate enemies or pick them off one by one. Only engage with the obliterator...
  16. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Do you often feel accepted?

    I don't particularly think about it. If I enjoy being around a person I try to stay in the moment, but if a person is making me feel uncomfortable I have to question why. If I believe the answer is because I'm being sensitive then I'll persist but otherwise I disconnect as I don't feel it...
  17. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Xbox Series X

    I actually like the design. I've long been a fan of the idea of consoles being taller than they are wide because I find the typical wide designs quite space consuming. Either due to shape or ventilation concerns I can never put things on top of consoles, so they need practically their own shelf...
  18. CraftyLuminaryObject

    New anti aging clinical trial

    This certainly looks promising, but I would be wary of pinning my hopes on it yet. Anti-aging is one of those buzzphrases like "cancer cure" whereby it hits the scientific community and immediately it gets blown out of proportion by everybody involved. There's a few red flags being thrown up by...
  19. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Every announcement at the Game Awards 2019

    What I did see seemed ok. I ducked out after a while because there wasn't much that interested me and the attitude was growing increasingly negative. There's still nothing here that truly interests me but it's nice to see that there are still announcements to be made with MS and Sony entering...
  20. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Claw setup

    Looks like PUBG or some similar PC game that never should have been ported to mobile for precisely this reason but they did anyway because cash.
  21. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Claw setup

    Knowing that some people will go to these lengths to be good at mobile games makes me not quite as sad about losing to them. Not that it makes much difference, I'm still garbage at competitive multiplayer, but now I can at least pretend it's because I wasn't willing to stoop to toe control levels ;)
  22. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Is there any way to increase the blood moon appearing rate?

    According to this website: https://zelda.gamepedia.com/Blood_Moon Blood moons are an in-game way of having the system clear it's cache of long term memory relating to the overworld. Long term memory is responsible for remembering which items you've picked up, which enemies you've defeated...
  23. CraftyLuminaryObject

    What kind of a person are you?

    I took this a few months ago and it came back as Logician, but I can't remember the letters assigned to it. I do wonder about the actual science behind these kind of things but everyone I've spoken to says their results did seem accurate in the way it described them. I'd like, at some point...
  24. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Open World or Linear, Which Do You Prefer?

    Open world is usually the direction I'll go when given the choice between two games. I recognise that a bad open world game is usually much worse than a bad linear one, but by the same token if I have a phenomenal experience with an open world it usually blows anything linear out of the water...
  25. CraftyLuminaryObject


    You're right, and the process of cloning is only as artificial as things like IVF and such other fertility treatments. The difference in my head, however, is that by being born a clone you are being born as a sort of secondary being. At least in the minds of those who wish to reason that way...
  26. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Right handed Link: Do you care?

    For entirely selfish reasons I prefer him being right handed. Weirdly it helps my immersion if the character is right handed. In third person shooters I always do better if the view is set over my right shoulder as well as I feel disoriented if it's the other way around. When Link is right...
  27. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    I finally watched Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse after having everyone I know recommend it to me. I wasn't expecting much from it as at the time of it's release I was a little wary of the sheer amount of hype and how often that correlates to an underwhelming experience, however I was...
  28. CraftyLuminaryObject


    I am for the cloning of individual structures within the body, but remain opposed to the idea of cloning entire human bodies even if the intent is to allow them to live normal lives. Cloning organs and vessels within the body could provide fantastic medical treatment in the future for ailments...
  29. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Will Breath of the Wild 2 be Darker?

    Nothing bad at all with what you've described, I'd be all for greater emphasis on things like character content and development. Just so long as I'm not forced into pulling that atmosphere with me wherever I go, should they be adopting the BotW philosophy with free roam and open experimentation...
  30. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Will Breath of the Wild 2 be Darker?

    AHH well that I would be fine with. Just so long as they didn't try to mix the Majora's Mask style of gameplay atmosphere with BotW's environment.
  31. CraftyLuminaryObject

    What Would You Do If...?

    Hope and pray that I got as lucky as the Jumanji guys and got stuck in there with Karen Gillan... wwydi the main character from your favourite game came to life?
  32. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Did you enjoy The Champion's Ballad's story more than the main story?

    I probably did, yeah. There was levels of subtlety and an acknowledgement of the tragedy that wasn't quite as prevalent in the main story. I appreciated the extra insight into Link's relationships with the champions and it made me appreciate the main story more which is exactly how a DLC pack...
  33. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Will Breath of the Wild 2 be Darker?

    I sort of flip flop on this one. On the one hand I'd be interested to see what a modern Nintendo could do with a darker brief. However, I'm not entirely convinced Zelda is the right place for it any more. If they're sticking with the BotW design philosophy then it seems a little at odds with...
  34. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Cats vs Dogs

    While I like both, I've always felt that dogs are capable of a deeper level of relationship with their owners. Cats are certainly capable of displaying and maintaining a love for their owners but dogs seem to take it one step further from what I've seen. I would never agree that cats are...
  35. CraftyLuminaryObject

    New runes that you want to see it BotW 2

    I really like this idea. Adding new methods of interacting with things environmentally would certainly add to the capabilities of BotW's design. I'd be happy if they added this or something like it.
  36. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Do you avoid politics online?

    I'm not well informed on political matters so generally I will stay away from them for that reason. I have nothing of interest to add and most of the time won't fully understand the issues that are being discussed. That being said, it is interesting to see what insights people can bring to the...
  37. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Sword and Shield Discussion Thread

    Kind of a halfy-half game for me. I haven't played too many Pokemon games and didn't intend on playing this one either, so I wasn't particularly invested in any of the drama surrounding it. I was pleasantly surprised in that it's a well-made, competent game but there were a number of weird...
  38. CraftyLuminaryObject

    A new Fierce Deity/Oni Link in BotW2?

    I'm usually put off by super transformations such as the fierce deity to be honest. In all-out action games I understand them, but in adventure games such as Zelda it cheapens the journey for me. As I progress deeper into the game I derive much greater satisfaction from completing progressively...
  39. CraftyLuminaryObject

    How many series do you like more than Zelda?

    I tend to get attached to individual games rather series as a whole, so it's difficult to say really. I do find myself having consistently great times with the Smash Bros series and away from Nintendo I often viewed a new Metal Gear game as a bigger event personally than a new Zelda one. I guess...
  40. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Your Fuuu.. moments while gaming.

    I have had plenty of these moments playing through Getting Over It the last couple of weeks. Spent hours trying desperately to clamber up the next obstacle only to make a mistake and fall all the way down to the start of the game. My reaction was almost exactly this:
  41. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Most satisfying gaming mechanics

    For the me the most satisfying of all time was the web swinging in Spider-Man 2. It had it's flaws and the biggest was how long it took to really master it. However, once you'd put the time in, the result was a stylish and exciting way of traversing the city that relied entirely upon the...
  42. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Should we be able to beat BotW2 in thirty-five minutes or less?

    The fact that the final boss could be approached from the get go didn't change my experience with the game. I still completed all the divine beasts and never felt any less threatened by what lay within the castle as a result. In fact I felt an extra level of tension as I never really knew if I...
  43. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Parallel Universe!

    I haven't read much of the article, I'll give it a full read over later. However I'm usually dubious of articles like this. Generally I avoid any scientific articles like this as they're highly speculative. "Here's this scientific event followed by a pretty unscientific analysis of what it might...
  44. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Will You Be Subscribing to Disney+?

    Personally I'm quite against the idea of individual companies offering exclusive subscription services for their own products. As such, I won't. Whilst there will certainly be some shows and films on there I'd enjoy watching I don't like the forecast for this growing commercial appetite of...
  45. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Recommend me a new laptop.

    My honest suggestion would be to not get any laptop. That's one hefty price tag to be playing a single game, so if you're not going to get any further use from it than you would any other $300 budget laptop then why bother? Here's one at your price point that should manage it. I don't have much...
  46. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Do You Ever Put Challenges On Yourself when Playing the Games You Love?

    My general rule is that if I'm having some sort of important or epic battle in a game, I have to end it on a cool finish. I find it very anti-climatic when a find ends on a simply little sword thrust or something, I'd rather take Gohma down with a jump slash or end a Smash Bros match with a...
  47. CraftyLuminaryObject

    How could The Legend of Zelda be oversaturated?

    There's been some good points brought up about fatigue from an audiences perspective, and I certainly agree with them. A bigger problem for me though when it comes to over-saturation is the inevitable loss of touch with what makes the games good. A game takes a while to make and the main home...
  48. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Stamina vs Magic

    I've never been particularly fond of magic bars in the way they've been implemented in the series thus far and most of that is down to how I perceive items and their uses. If I obtain an item in the game I expect to be able to use it, however the addition of some universal magic meter that...
  49. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Least favorite Chore?

    I'm quite a messy person in terms of putting things were they shouldn't be as if I get distracted I'll just put whatever is in my hands down wherever I am. That usually means a good gutting out of all my drawers and such every few weeks and it's incredibly tedious. That said, a good YouTube...
  50. CraftyLuminaryObject

    Make a Clickbait Title out of the above user's name

    Zelda Dungeon Member Makes an UnGIRIevably Racist Joke at the Expense of Chinese Who Struggle with the English Language
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