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    MM-3DS Majora's Mask Explained!

    Hello everyone! We all agree that Majora's Mask is a unique game in many ways, being dark, bizarre and time-looping like non other. And as I see it, is the game that leaves most unanswered questions in the whole Zelda series. From What happened to Epona to What the hell is Termina?, Majora's...
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    General Modern TPHD or SSHD?

    It's too early for any of them to be HD rereleased. I'd love to see TP in HD, specialy if they arrange it's minor flaws, but I still think they should focus on new games and let them be a bit more classic before they upgrade them. That would rock.
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    General Zelda How It Should Have Ended!

    Hello everyone! In most (if not all) the Zelda games, we see little to nothing about the events after the game itself. We usually see the people rejoycing and celebrating peace, but we never get to see how they solve the problems created by the villain (for example, rebuilding Hyrule in OOT)...
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    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Twilight Princess, closely followed by Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. I prefer TP because it has a proper story to follow (the Groundhog system was fun the first time, but tiring at the end) and in many ways it's an improved version of OOT. Point goes to hardcore Zelda!
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    Spoiler Termina Is The Equivalent to Heaven?!!

    I find this theory quite wild, but very interesting! Let's see if I can discuss some of it's flaws, though: Not necessarily; we are told of many wars throughout the series, but non is depicted in a game. This doesn't mean they didn't happen. The last thing we know about OOT is that Zelda will...
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    General Zelda What "wacky" Beliefs Did You Use to Have in the Zelda Games?

    I used to think that you could really cross the Gerudo gorge in OOT with the cucco, and I would keep trying even though it took me ages to get back up there. The first time I saw OOT Ganondorf asking Link where the white horse with the Princess had gone, I honestly thought he'd give him some...
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    What If?

    It would be called -Crossbow Trial: Sh*t Gets Serious- and it would be a survival game: with the whole overworld for you to cross; plenty of bokoblin (camps, trenches, all you like), which would run in dozens at you if the sentinels spot you; limited ammunition you should have to spend carefully...
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    Twilight Princess Fixing Twilight Princess Via a Remake

    Make the cuccos dangerous again! I was so disappointed when I kept hitting one in Kakariko to make a great exit on Epona chased by a bunch of bloodthirsty birds, and all I got was becoming a cucco for five seconds flat. How is that an improvement? Give us more occasions to use the Spinner...
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    General Zelda Favorite Version of Hyrule Kingdom?

    I'm a great fan of Twilight Princess, and next to its story, the scenary is one of the most outstanding features in the game. The style, the beauty of it, the chance to see its "twilight version", the continuous discovery of new little areas as the game progress, all of that makes it a very...
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    Majora's Mask Majora As A Villain

    Majora's Mask appears to me like the One Ring: it is linked to an ancient and powerful entity, it has some of this evil entity's mind, it gives badass power to its bearer, it poisons his mind and turn all its previous bearers into addicts who want it back quite desperately. See: Sudden...
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    Cool theory! You have some valid points there. I'll be reading with interest whatever answer someone with more knowledge of this game have for you.
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    General Zelda Roller Coaster Hyrule

    You lot posted here some great ideas! I'm particulary fond of mazes, so the ones designed after Lost Woods and Snowpeak would be truly glorious -although Snowpeak should be a bit eerie, kind of scary place. At least it was in the game, like a King novel. Someone once mentioned that it resembled...
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    General Zelda Roller Coaster Hyrule

    Hello people. It's holidays! Finally, out and away from the daily routine, into wildness and adventure... However, as much as I like to go up and about, my mind is always half stalked by the legend of Zelda, and if you can't cure it, embrace it. So, I was in a theme park some days ago...
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    Twilight Princess Why Was Link Captured As a Wolf? Why Was Ordon Even Raided?

    The attack on Ordon village and the Wolf sneaking in the night looking for a sword and shield are one of my favourite parts of TP plot, so I did give it a thought while I played. That's what I think: Link transforms from hylian to wolf in the very hands of a Shadow Beast, having the triforce...
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    Twilight Princess Resistance - Agains What?

    Indeed, but Link knows perfectly who the enemy is (well, he doesn't know about Gannondorf until the end). The question is: do the so-called resistance know about Zant's invasion? do they know there is an invasion of some kind? Or do they just notice there are strange/evil things going on (more...
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    General Classic Zelda Food Chain

    Good topic, makes one thing a bit. I agree about the dragons, as in they even imply they eat someone, but I think the top of the chain food is the homicidal maniac Cucco Invictus. I mean, you can find cuccos everywhere because there is no other wild animal (or hyrulean knight, for that matter)...
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    Twilight Princess Resistance - Agains What?

    Hi there! I was just answering the thread about your favorite TP resistance character, and as I wrote I kept thinking that, judging solely in what they tell us in the game, the resistance people have no idea of what's really going on in Hyrule. They are organized, but against what? All...
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    Twilight Princess Favourite Resistance Member?

    How come anyone chooses Auru? I think he's the leader of the band, as in that everyone respects him and listens to what he has to say. Right, maybe he doesn't do much in the game, but he's very mysterious, and the little we get to know about him and his past give us the shadow of a very...
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    General Zelda Small Gods - Which Game Has It Best?

    I love Lord Jabu-Jabu. The whole character is strange and very funny: he looks like a fish that got too fat to get out of the river fountain, and the Zora started worshiping as a deity protector, but he doesn't do anything. In fact, he swallows the Zora Princess, and won't let you get in until...
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    General Zelda Oh Perilous Place

    Arbeiter's Ground on my first time. It was the best dungeon so far in the game, plus getting inside after sneaking past the bublin guards was great. So, I was in the temple/prison, trying to get good sights of all the walls and stuff, and next thing I know is that there are deadly quick sands...
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    General Zelda Is the Damsel in Distress Angle Truly Suited to Zelda Narratives?

    Not any more. Traditionally, the games were villain kiddnaps princess, hero defeats villain, hero saves princess. that's the fricking Triforce, and everything else is just fillers -perfect example, the Mario vs donkey kong in the barrel platfrom game. But LoZ has evolved a lot, we have much...
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    General Zelda Small Gods - Which Game Has It Best?

    Forget about Hylia, the golden goddesses and such and such. Leave aside all this posh deities, it's time for the Small Gods! So, small gods are all those powerfull spirits that protect one piece of land, a region, a race or whatever. They may be less magnificent that the upper gods, but they...
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    General Zelda The Stupid-looking Characters of Zelda

    I don't usually mind strange-looking characters, they are quite enjoyable - unless they are plain stupid and I'm forced to talk to them repeatedly: Tingle, the cannon man from TP and his associate cucco fruitcake. Also, it's not right that there are so many odd male characters, and not so many...
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    Midna and Zant's Relationship

    In the cutscene before fighting Zant, he says he had served the royal Family for long, feeling humiliated by that (by which I understand he sees this position denigrating, as a nobleman would do, instead of seeing it as an honour, as a commoner would do), and that he only endured it because he...
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    Skyward Sword About the Sheikah

    See? That's how little about them I know about :D
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    Skyward Sword About the Sheikah

    First of all, I admit my knowledge about the Sheikah is about the minimum required to play a Zelda game -both because of this race's mystery, and because I never cared one bit about the sheikah characters that appeared in the games (in fact, I held a particular hatred against Sheik until I found...
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    Midna and Zant's Relationship

    Maaah... I didn't see this bit in HH... Thanks, Justac00l, I'll look better next time. all right, the siblings bit of my theory is out, but I still there is something between them (or at least from him towards her). Even if he's not royalty himself he had to be close to the royal family...
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    General Zelda What Do You Name Link When You Start The Game?

    I only get one file per game (the thing about having siblings as crazy for Zelda as me) so I never repeat a name. Some of them are Richie (Epona was A horse!), Gerard, Ludwig, a fool! and Incognito. I'm going through Link's Awakening for the first time, and the thief thing got me by surprise...
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    General Zelda Consequences for Our Actions

    Now, THAT I would like to see. It would obviously be a nightmare to program for Nintendo, but a game with, say, 8 important missions and another 8 sidequests, all of them where you could either success or fail, and this would change the ending of the game (from YOU HAVE DEFEATED EVIL - EVERYONE...
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    Midna and Zant's Relationship

    Nowhere at all. As I said before, what suggests that Zant may have a crush on Midna is some scenes of the game itself (Lanayru Spring, mainly), while it is made quite clear that Midna doesn't feel the same at all towards him. The Hyrule Historia quote suggests that Midna and Zant could be...
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    General Zelda Consequences for Our Actions

    I'd love to see that in a modern game, specially in something like Ocarina of time. I used to go tho the sidechamber in CastleTown, break all the jars, step out and back in, and break them again -and the guard kept encouraging me! i would have been very poor in that game if they made me pay...
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    Game Help TP Can Link Go to Snow Peak Before Arbeiters Ground?

    Someone commented it, and I was curious: When you have the master sword and are able to change freely from Link to Wolf, the game directs you to the desert -but the path to Snow peak is already free, the ice is gone. Once there you can't go up that mountain because of the snowstorm, only...
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    Midna and Zant's Relationship

    From what we see in Twilight Princess, it is clear that Zant and Midna had a long story together, and there's plenty to talk and speculate about. That's what I think about it: I always assumed that Zant loved Midna since long before his rebellion, feelings that she didn't notice or...
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    Game Help Classic Zelda Games: Which Would You Recommend?

    You won't believe it, but just now I realized how old OoT and MM really are... I didn't think so because I didn't play any other Zelda games between MM and TP (this is what happens when you've got old cousins who give you their old games -N64- and then you forget about ideo games untill the Wii...
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    Game Help Classic Zelda Games: Which Would You Recommend?

    already have OoT and MM, and I loved them -by classic I meant before Oot, sorry for not having said so... Link to the Past... sounds interesting. Thanks. Still, waiting for more answers! :)
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    Game Help Classic Zelda Games: Which Would You Recommend?

    Hi there! I'm sick and tired to see you all talk about the classic LoZ and having no idea what they are about. Enough! It's about time I played them! Sooo... Where do I start? I know the timeline won't help me one bit (SS is supposed to be the first, after all :dry:), and I'm not sure if...
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    Spoiler Which LoZ Game is the Most Bloodthirsty?

    Hi guys! I haven't played all Zelda games, so I can't answer this question myself: ---Which Zelda Game Features More Deaths?--- It's a simple question, although highly subjective: there are different kind of deaths, sort of speaking, and all the LoZ games have a bit of everything -wars...
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    Carpenters in OoT and MM -The Same Guys?

    Hello everyone! Someone mentioned in another thread, and aI was curious to know what you think about: ---Could it be that the carpenters we rescue in OoT are the same ones that we see in MM's Clocktown?--- Guive it a thought: it has been proved that there is a conection of some kind...
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    General Zelda LoZ Characters You Want To Know More About

    SPOILER AHEAD Actually, after seeing the Lanayru scene when they are talking (their only scene "alone," I think), I really thought Zant had a crush on Midna...
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    Zelda Art The Shadow Within

    5. Lieutenant Shyk stared a half written paper, deeply concentrated. He checked his notes and kept on writing the report, which was giving him a headache. It was his new twilit body’ fault, he was positive; he hadn’t got used to it yet. It felt strange to see such dark hands belonged to him...
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    General Zelda Naming Link...

    Right, sorry. I usually give them common names, although never names of people I know -I'd just feel weird to shout "Kill him! Kill that damn boss!" at someone called like my best friend. Once I called him "Richy" and her "A horse!" (because "My kingdom for a horse!" was too lengthy...)
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    General Zelda Naming Link...

    Hello! A thread out of sheer curiosity: What names do you give the chosen hero and his noble stallion? Are you conservative and name them Link and Epona? Do you give him your own name (and the horse your pet's)? Or do you give him other made up names? Do you name them the same in every...
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    TP Theory -Arbiter's Grounds

    This may be pulling the theory too far, but that high features may still be a show of Hylian's power: they look pretty much like roman war banners. They could have been brought by the soldiers during the war, or maybe later when they changed the building into a prison. I believe they didn't...
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    General Zelda Should the Triforce Be Featured More Often?

    I believe the problem with the triforce is the whole legend it has behind; in all the games we have been told what a powerful relic it is, so that if the evil get it the whole world is at stake. It has supreme and almost divine powers, and therefore it isn't something we can toy with like the...
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    TP Theory -Arbiter's Grounds

    Yes, there are a lot of symbols of the Hylians, but notice they are only on the outside; the details in the inside suggest the building was the Gerudo's doing (sand goddess' statues, whole Gerudo-like architecture...), and that the Hylians, once defeating them, conquered it and added their own...
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    General Zelda LoZ Characters You Want To Know More About

    I know what his agenda is: stalk Link and scare the hell out of him when he least expects it.
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    General Zelda Music You Associate to Zelda Games

    Another one: En Miquel i l'Olga tornen, by els Manel That's the song of the victors, it'd fit perfectly to any of the end sequences, when we see all the happy people of Hyrule celebrating the end of evil and welcoming peace.
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    TP Theory -Arbiter's Grounds

    You all have a point: let me sum up: - Firstly, given the great respect all deities, spirits and guardians get in Hyrule, probably the Royal family wouldn't dare to turn a Temple into a prison, even if it's the temple of the goddess worshiped by their enemies. Arbiter's Grounds has some similar...
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    TP Theory -Arbiter's Grounds

    I am looking a lot on Twilight Princess these days, looking for references and anything that may come handy to write my fanfic; and so I keep noticing things. Just now I was running through Arbeiter's Grounds, and into the Mirror Chamber. the first time we go there, there is a statue of a...
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